To My Fellow Friends And Blogger!

Hi... First of All, i would like to announce that i will not be able to update this Blog and KaDuS Entertainment Blog For quite sometime. It is all because of The Holidays Season and few personal and bussiness matter that i had to attend. The estimate time i wont be able to do this updating job is about Two Weeks. If everything going well, i will be back as soon as possible.
For KaDuS Page, You will be listening to Kelly Clarkson Song - Because Of You (With Lyrics) at the bottom of this post. If You're Visiting KaDuS Entertainment Page, You will be listening to a very Good Local Sabahan Song, Norubat Piginawaan (Wasted Love) by Ateng. It Is A Song that manage to be at the top of Sabah Dusun Top Ten Show for 7 Weeks In A Row! You can also read my review about this album and other album. Don't Forget To Comment on Those page. You can also Say What You Think At the Shoutbox on the Right of your screen for both site! I Hope you will enjoy your stay!
For The Fans of KaDuS Music, i would like to encourage you all to buy our local product as it is us who can help our music industry to grow! TQ for supporting my page and i wish your support will continue. A Big TQ To My 873 Page viewers Fo October! TQ Very Much!

Last But Not Least, i would like to take this oppurtinity to wish Every Malaysian Who Are Celebrating Hari Raya, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, MAAD ZAHIR BATIN. Happy Holidays... Enjoy Ur Day!

P/S: For Those Who Know My phone number, you may call, or SMS if you want to find me. TQ Very Much!


(Lintang pukang inggris sia... silaka... tulah lama nda beurang putih!)

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2 Responses to To My Fellow Friends And Blogger!

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