I'm Back (yet again...)

Hye to all fellow blogger. Glad to be back again… sorry for the “No Update” situation that had occurred during this past few weeks! I was at KL, attending my convocation day. Had no time to find a cc, to update all my blog. It’s been a VERY bored week in KL. Although the convocation was brilliant… The convocation was held at the Universiti Islam Antarabangsa at Jalan Gombak. Had to get there before 7 Am yesterday although the covo only started at 9:15. Dunno Why? Maybe memang cara dia tu. Whatever it is, I would like to congratulate all my college-mate who manage to go to UIA to received their Diploma’s. That goes to The IT, Multimedia, Graphic Design and E-Sec courses at Cosmopoint KK. Sebutlah sikit… Azean, Dahlia, Mil, Abby, Martah, Erna, Joes, Lester, Arno, Leobryan, Dyce, Albert, Zabrin, Rosli, Rohani, Alford, Adrian (Badus), Donna, Aldysia, Zura, Nina, Sharpina (Ika), Ros, Daisy, Mohd. Shah, Bobby dan banyak lai yang sia nda ingat! Next To All Cosmopoint Student… CONGRATULATION! Last to my Friend, The Late Mohd Saidi a.k.a Papu, Although your not with us on that day, your spirit remains with us at the convocation hall… WE Miss You Papu…
Lupakan tentang konvo… UPDATE>>> okay… next project, Pusakag 3 Album Review at KaDuS Music, and many more… For this page… as usual more bluff and adalah tu… Tunggu… Trima kasih kerana sentiasa melawat web nie dan memberi sokongan… Cool!

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