Do You Believe In This

Misti kamurang pernah dapat satu emel dari urang africa... mengatakan yang ada relative derang mati (plane crash) then derang meninggalkan sejumlah besar duit. Then derang tidak dapat ambil, then derang bilang mo transfer tu duit pigi acc kamu, then dia akan bagi percent hasil dari pengeluaran itu... Sometime dia punya amount buli mencecah USD15 Juta or lebih... Well this is the latest that i get... kalau rajin bacalah...



I am Zadiq Mahamed, personal Assistant to the Branch Manager of Bank Of
(BOA)Ouagadougou Burkina Faso I want to inquire from you if you can
this transactionfor mutual benefits/life opportunity for you and me.

The transaction is about seeking your consent to present you as the
next of
kin/ beneficiary of the US$15 million dollars, and who is a customer
to the
bank where i work.

He died in a Kenya plane crash2003. with his family during their
The Fund is currently in a suspense account awaiting claim, the bank
made a
public notice that they are ready to release this fund to any of his
relatives abroad.

In that regard, i decided to seek your consent for this prospective

Have it at the back of your mind, that the transaction does not involve
risk and does not need much engagement from you, since i am familiar
this kind of transaction being an insider.

Necessary modalities will be worked out to enable us carry out the fund
claim under a legitimate arrangement.

I have resolved to offer you 30% of the total fund, 10% for sundry
that maybe incurred during the process of executing this transaction
and 60%
percent for me.
I will give you more details about the transaction when I receive your
via my email address.

Thanks and God bless.


KaDuS Bilang...
Tempting kan... kalau urang yang desperate tu dia pasti akan ikut cakap... Cuma yang buat sia betul² heran dan tidak picaya... Kalau betul ni urang² Africa nie loaded² sampai ada assets begitu banyak, napa kebanyakan negara² africa masih mundur...? Why does Africa Nation countries still fighting Poverty, sampaikan negara len yang bantu derang...
USD15Mil is a big amount of money, yet in one month sia buli dapat 3 atau empat emel macam nie.. kalau setiap orang tu betul² ada USD15Mil, then let's say 4 orang antar emel macam tu sama sia, its a whooping USD60Mil!!! Begitu banyak! Duit banyak macam tu sia rasa cukup untuk memperbaiki infrastruktur di negara² Afrika. Derang claim derang millionaire, yet kampung derang sindri pun derang nda buli bantu, but ada hati lagi mo kasi urang percent...
Sia punya advice, Never believe in this thing. Jan cuba² reply emel derang dan bagi acc no. Mana tau kita sangka kita pintar, derang lagi pintar. Skali 1 weeks later, check tu bank, tinggal poh 10sen... well, berjaga² sebelum terkena...

Itu jak!

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