Kadazandusun Music Article at The Star Newspaper

There will be an article done by our local lad, Philip Golingai, about the Kadazandusun music & entertainment industry in Sabah and it will be publish on The Star, Malaysia Leading English Newspaper. The publication will be in 2 parts, where the first part is will be on paper Tomorrow, Sunday 19th March 2006. The second part will be made available maybe on next Sunday, the 26th March 2006. The article will cover the story of the Kadazandusun Entertainment, with some well known figure featured in it. This article is Highly Supported by KaDuS Entertainment™. Do get you copy starting at 10 am tomorrow at your nearest news stand. You may also get it Online as early as 6.00 am tomorrow by visiting The Star Online web site.

The article can also be read at KE website. Thank You!

Don't Forget Your Copy!
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KaDuS Bilang:
Si phillip, call sia yang ari lima untuk minta confirmation sama few of the article. Then dia bagi tau sia yang tu article ada 2 part. Today (19 March 2006) and next Sunday (26 March 2006). Si philip balik² minta sorry ni, sal menyusahkan dia blang. ahaks. Phillip, No big deal bah... okay bah kalo ko!
Kepada derang yang yang nda berkesempatan beli the star ni ari, please visit The STAR ONLINE untuk baca crita dia... and DON'T FORGET TO GET YOUR COPY NEXT WEEK!!! Jan lupa....

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