C.S.I: Crime Scene Investigation Season 7: Asia Premier

This post should come out yesterday, but dunno what was in my mind, so i just forgot to uload it. ahaks... so just read lah. You can also participate in a contest by ASTRO by visiting www.astro.com.my. Be sure to get the password on AXN CH17 everytime CSI aired. You could win yourself a Weekly Price of CSI Board Game and some Limited Edition of CSI Goodies Pack. You could even get a chance t fly to the US to visit the CSI Set in Las Vegas!!!
Note: Image Credited To Astro Website at www.astro.com.my

The 7th season of CSI is back and every fans of this series wont miss a chance to see the premier of this show. I am. This is my favorite shows (apart from CSI: NY and Miami lah…) Would I trade this show for anything else? It’s a BIG NO!!! Hahahahaha… I’ve been watching this show since…? Can’t rememberlah. But if I’m not mistaken… way back when CSI was screen on NTV7… the OLD NTV7, even before Media Prima Sdn Bhd took over… Still remember one time, when I can’t watch any NTV7’s show because of… I don’t really know why… some people says, the tower, the one that used to transmitted NTV7 signal was broken or whatever. Maybe it was hit by a helicopter or plane... ahaks… but its turn out that the old company went ,maybe bankrupt or whatever!
Back to CSI story. As I say before, I am eagerly awaited for the premier. Although maybe people in some part of the world might have seen it, USA, Europe etc, I don’t really care lah. So, for those of you, residing in and around Malaysia (or maybe Indonesia and Brunei) or whoever that have an AXN channel, legal or illegally, don’t forget the season premier. You wou;dn’t want to miss it. I Won’t, Definitely!!! What thus the crew of CSI (or some people say it’s CSI: Las Vegas) has in store? Has Nick Stokes finally overcome his phobia? Does Nick abduction case was really settle or there is some new lead??? Let see it together! To All ASTRO Subcriber, Don't Forget For CSI 7: Asian Premier Tonight (21/02/2007) on AXN Channel 17. A 2 HOURS! Special start at 10pm.

Hope for the new season? Well, if only Gil Grissom would team up with Mac Taylor (CSI: NY) and Horatio Caine (CSI: Miami) in a episode, to solve a much bigger case. The only episode that I saw that involves two CSI head was one episode where Horatio Caine, seeks help from Mac Taylor, to settle a murder case involving a young girl in a nursing house. That was a very COOL Story! Maybe one day, Mr. Herry Bruckheimer would make a movie about CSI. CSI The Movie!!! Sounds good.

KaDuS Bilang:
Berbelit lidah sia, bepusing jari sia mo taip ni english word. Bila baca balik, masi juga HANGKANG. The main purpose… tu nah yang banner di atas tu… Atleast adalah keluar. Bah, kalau kamu rajin, click-click lah di atas tu, or mana-mana iklan yang ada. Tulung-tulung lah urang susah. Kalau kamu pun pasang, nanti sia pun rajin juga pigi click tpt kamu tu… wekekekekeke… Bah jan Lupa CSI season 7!!!

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