Giggs' Controversial Goal. Valid or Not?

Ask any of Man Utd supporters, does Ryan Giggs goal against Lille in the 2nd Round !st Leeg meeting beteween the two team was valid or not, most of them would say YES!!! I would. rom what i know, the refferee would ask the freekick taker, if he want a whistle (to be blown before the freekick was taken) or not. Giggs might says NO so he took the kick at the time when the Lille defender still organizing their defend. The goalie, Tony Slyva was totally caught by suprise with that brilliant goal by Ryan Giggs (who happen to be my Idol... ehekekekekeke...)

Above is how Giggs Score the goal. As you can see, Giggs and Rooney was in contact with the refferee about taking the freekick. It is VALID!

Post Match analysis by ITV, including the attempted wakout by Lille player. Comment by Giggs and Sir Alex Ferguson.

I do remember one even when Thierry Henry (Arsenal) took a freekick in similar style and caught the opposition kepper unaware. I can't seem to remember who was the opponent was. Either it was Chelsea or Liverpool. Just cant remember it.

Whatever it is, Man Utd won the game, and for me, FAIR AND SQUARE!!! The goal was valid and the action by Lille player (try to walkedout the game) and fans (caught by camera throwing bottles onto the pitch) was unsporting behaviour! Lille should be impose a fine in my opinion.

KaDuS Bilang:
It happen once di Sabah kalau sia nda silap. Bila pemain Sabah (pemain import) Robert Gaspar pinya goa tidak kana allowed by the ref. Kekeliruan samada indirect or direct freekick. Wkakakakakaka.

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