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My Celebrities Look-Alike??? wakakakakakaka

This is what happen when i scan my own monkey face using My face recognition. It's fun and see for yourself which celebrities look like you, according to them. Registration needed but it is free. Try it, put it in your MySpace or Friendster Profile or even at your website or blog... Try it, and let me know if you have try it.

For a mean time, have a look at who am i look like... its funny though!

See what was i mean when i say funny...? according to them (My Heritage), 70% of my face looks like Orlando Bloom (Pirate Of The Caribbean's Trilogy, Kingdom Of The Word, Troy and many more). The list includes Jay Chou and Malaysia Diva, (Dat0') Siti Nurhaliza and Kiera Knightley (Bend It Like Beckham, Pirate Of The Caribbean's Trilogy, King Athur and many more).

Its Funny!!! Try it!

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Rare Goal From Spurs Goalkepper

The last time i saw a goalkepper score was by Peter Schmeichel, the former Manchester United goalie, dubbed as "The Great Dane". Not to forget the freekick brilliant of Jose Luis Chilavert, the former Paraguayan number 1 goalkepper and of course, Jorge Campos, the Mexican former goalie who can play as a striker and keep on using the number 1 jersey.

Recently, in an English Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspurs and Watford, another goalie score from about 75 yards of a freekick. I thought that the kepper, Paul Robinson was trying to aim to his attacking line, but the ball went on passed the attack and Watford defend, bounce on the ground and went directly into Watford net. Quite an embarassing moment for Ben Foster, the number 3 choice goalkepper of England National team, and on-loan from Manchester United. You may see the goal below. By the way, Paul Robinson is the current number one goalkepper for England National Team and due to represent his country in the next European Championship Qualifying match against Israel and Andorra.

What do you think? how many time does you see a goalkepper score a goal, off a freekick, from 75 yards? Its was far better than Jose Luis Chilavert normal goal, but as good as David Beckham's wonder goal against Wimbledon, way back in 1996. I do adore this goal as one of the great goal in EPL and one of the worst blunder made by a goalkepper! Hahahahaha, Pity for Ben Foster.

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AKADEMI FANTASIA NUDE PICTURE CONTROVERSY - Zana’s keeping it close to her chest

by Joe Lee (of Malay Mail)

EMBROILED in a ‘nudity’ controversy, former Akademi Fantasia Season Five contestant, Wan Nurul Zhana Wan Mohd Hanizan, prefers to keep mum for now.The 23-year-old, who has denied that several ‘revealing’ pictures are that of hers, told The Malay Mail last night that she would instead “get in touch if (there’s) anything (I want to comment on).”“Hi there.Sorry, didn’t mean to offend anybody (for not answering the calls).I didn’t like the idea of you getting my number without my permission.Will get in touch if anything ... thanks for the concern,” was her text reply to this reporter who tried talking to her without success yesterday.Her three cell phone lines were switched off, and attempts to reach her home were unsuccessful.She only responded when The Malay Mail texted her twice to seek her comments on several pictures posted on the Internet.Akademi Fantasia executive producer Bob Azrai, commenting on the sudden withdrawal of the deejay and part-time emcee and singer from the first weekly concert last Saturday night, said the matter was “out of our hands”.“It’s now a police case, and it’s out of our hands.She asked to be allowed to leave the show, citing stress and personal problems.Fans of the programme can tell from the daily Diari Akademi Fantasia that she’s been under a lot pressure of late, and has been crying since Wednesday.”When asked if it had anything to do with the circulation of nude pictures on the Internet, supposedly of hers, Bob initially said he did not know.However, when pointed out that the pictures had surfaced about the same time Wan Nurul started showing signs of stress, Bob admitted that the pictures had an impact on her.“We did tell her what was happening outside (the academy),” he said, adding that he did not know if the pictures had infl uenced Wan Nurul’s decision.Bob said Wan Nurul, or better known as Zana, had lodged a police report after her exit from the programme.“We had notified her of what was happening because we wanted to get the truth.She denied being the one in those pictures.”On the possible legal action that would be taken against Zana for breaching the contract she had signed with the academy, he said Astro had handed the matter over to their legal department.“I can’t say anymore, but she has written an appeal, asking to be allowed to terminate her contract with Akademi Fantasia.”

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The Controversy Never End… (In AF)

I went to check on the net yesterday, the day after the AF5 Weekly Concert ends, to check my mail and news as well as moneymaking opportunity. While surfing, I stumble upon one of the famous Malaysian Blogger that blog about general Malaysia entertainment industry, focusing on AF. In the last concert, there have been two big issues that surround the AF this time around. One is the condition of two sick contestants, namely ASWAD and FATIN. Aswad is down with measles while Fatin was treated with a skin problem. Both of them were quarantined outside the Academy to prevent infection to the other student. This issues caused controversy among the fan, the management and the media, should they perform or not or just send them home.
The other issues was about Zana who pulled off from the competition in the very last minute (before the weekly concert). She claimed that she were so stress out during her 1-week spell at the Academy. The voting code for Zana had been closed during the beginning of the concert. This is the first time such thing happens in AF. It happen in American Idol before when one of the contestants pulled-off from the competitions due to the reason that not known to me.
While reading the blogger comment, I saw a link to another website that stated Zana Exposed in his (the blogger) chatbox. So following my instinct, I click on the link, and saw some naked photo of a girl that some people claimed to be Zana. I could not see who was really on the picture, because of the size. Some people say that maybe that was the main reason why Zana pulled off from the competitions. Is it true??? Again same case with the American Idol competition this year where Antonella Barba's nude picture was spread on the Internet. Surprisingly she manages to control the situation and give her best during her performance.

Back to Zana case, I can’t say whether it was really her in the picture or other people who look like her. Id saw the photo (really) but I wont post it here. Same goes to the website that host those photo. I will never put the link here. So anybody out there who wish to asked me the URL or the copy of the photo, JUST FORGET IT. I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE & WHERE YOUR FROM, I WONT TRADE ANYTHING TO GIVE YOU EVEN THE LINK. This is to avoid any misunderstanding, because I really can’t confirm whether the picture was her or not. Well, I’ve deleted the photo and I forgot the link to the website as it is too long.

KaDuS Say:
I didn’t mean to offend anyone by posting this issue in my blog. The main thing is that I NEVER confirm that the picture was Zana’s. So please don’t say that I know everything and you can ask anything to me. Because I know nothing. Hehehehehe

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Akademi Fantasia: OK Ke...

Balik uda lai AF ni tahun, and off course, ramai yang mimang uda gila. Well, for some people lah. Okay this is the fifth season AF bersiaran, and frankly speaking, I am not really eager to see the show. Actually sia start macam ni since AF3 final concert were my favourite contestant didn’t manage to win it. So, tu keinginan mo tinguk pun mimang kurang sikit sudah. Well, as many people know, AF nie originated from a Mexico talent search program called La Academica. I really wanna see the program actually… AF ni sudah lama bersiaran di Malaysia and since 2003, there have been 4 different champion yang sekarang ni memang top di Malaysia.
Flashback, the Top Three
AF1 = 1st Vince (KL)
2nd Tidak Tau (belum ada ASTRO)
3rd Tidak Tau (belum ada ASTRO)

AF2 = 1st Zahid (KL)
2nd Linda (Sabah)
3rd Adam (Sabah)

AF3 = 1st Mawi (Johor)
2nd Felix (Sabah)
3rd Amylea (Kedah)

AF4 = 1st Faizal (Terengganu)
2nd Lotter (Sabah)
3rd Farhan (not sure)

AF5 = 1st ?? (??)
2nd ?? (??)
3rd ?? (??)

So, who do you think will win this year AF? From AF1, juara dia semua lelaki. Well, for those yang tidak tau or pretending to not knowing it, AF give the voter a 100% decision to pick who will win the competition. No judge what so ever!!! Then, belum pernah lai ada wanita yang menang AF ni. And as a proud Sabahan, sia masih belum nampak sepa yang buli menang ni program dari Sabah, and I really wish a Sabahan would win this year. (Although I will not take part in the voting this year, after… tidak payah cakaplah). This year alone, banyak betul perubahan or KEZUTAN yang dibuat oleh pihak ASTRO untuk menjadikan program ni lebih umph!. And I have to admit yang they (ASTRO) did it. Bermula dengan pengumuman Roslan Aziz sebagai pengetua AF5 sampai lah kepada 16 peserta yang akan masuk terus di dalam Akademi. Tidak cukup lai tu, AF akan terus tamat After 10 WEEK, meaning to say, dalam satu-satu concert pasti ada 2 or 3 yang akan kana singkir!
16 peserta yang sia maksudkan tu ialah, HELIZA, ZANA, MILA, DIYA, DEKNA, FATIN, ASWAD, AFIQ, AIZAT, RIZAL, SHAWAL, DAFI dan 4 wakil dari Sabah,
Last Saturday was the first concert that being held at MBPJ Auditorium. Awal-awal lagi sudah ada kejutan, bila mana Aznil mengumumkan 3 nama pengkritik yang akan menjadi pengkritik tetap selama 10 minggu AF nie. Derang ialah, Fauziah Latiff, Hattan & Fauziah Ahamad Daud @ OGY. Bila sebut ja nama Ogy nie, sia rasa len sudah, sebab sia tau dia mimang strict kalau buat kerja. And memang betul, sepanjang concert tu, Habis smua peserta “kana hantam” oleh Ogy. Tapi sia agree apa yang dia cakap. Sia nda banyak komen pasal pengkritik lah.
Sepatutnya, sia nda mo komen apa-apa pasal AF tahun ni seperti yang sia buat masa AF3. Sia mimang nda berminat mo cakap apa-apa pasal AF ni tahun. Tapi sia tertarik sama something semalam. It’s not about the performance of the participant, but the quality of the music arrangement.
Sorry pada siapa yang mungkin terasa, but sia berani cakap, yang walaupun sia nie tidak tau apa-apa pasal music, music arrangement pada malam tu WORST!!! Mula-mula time si Aizat perform, I thought he set the chord low, buat dia teda tenaga and semangat mo nyanyi. Then its go on with the other participant. Dalam hati sia, “takan begini teruk??” Sia cuba cari apa silap, and bila sia dengar betul-betul tu music dia, sana lah macam ada yang kureng. Macam tidak bermaya. Yang paling sia notice is tu bunyi drum. Macam ketara betul pakai software. Correct me if I’m wrong. Music pun macam banyak kosong. Kosong maksud sia, teda kana isi part yang atleast bleh simpan string, sax or apa saja lah. Sia kesian tinguk tu peserta, they have the talent, tapi derang nervous. Tambah lai music arrangement macam tu??? Gosh… Sorry to the music director, but I prefer Sham Kamikaze pinya arrangement… Sia bukan mo underestimate the current music director but, The first concert you should make an impact, tapi len impact yang keluar…
This is my sincere opinion, nda pun sia kasi libat sepa-sepa… kebanyakan orang yang sia tanya cakap the music yang sound bida. So sorry for me being sincere. You want to know the truth rite??? So if you don’t like what I’m saying “TOLONG TUTUP TELINGA” (Please Close Your Ears), well in this case tlolong tutup mata (Please Close your eyes). Ahaks..
This is the end!!!

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Thank You!!! Henrik Larsson

It is really sad to see one of the greatest striker in European Football leave Manchester United after a successful 3 Months Loan deal from Helsingborg. Larsson arrive and score his debut goal at Old Trafford and score his final goal also at Old Trafford. Larsson score 3 goals in 13 apperances during his short stint at Manchester United.
Personally, i wish Henrik Larsson sign for Manchester United early on. Whatever it is, i wish Larsson the best and Thank you for the service at Manchester United. Larsson a trully great player even if he's 35 years old!!!

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My 1st Online Income!

Finally i've got my payment for submitting a link on my blog. Thanks to Mr. Ben from UK for everything. I am new to this sort of things but i never stop trying. Although the fund was "not to be considered as much" amount, still its a good start for a newbie for me. Now who says internet is bad for you? Ahaks...

The only problem that i would be facing now is HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO GET THE MONEY??? Nowadays a lot of "internet biz-man" tend to used paypal as their system of payment. The only problem for Malaysian user is, Malaysia was not listed as a country that allow you to withdraw your fund directly to your local bank account. It is really disspointing when i really need to withdraw this money but i can't. There is a solution though that can be found easily on the net. If you want to find an e-books about how to withdraw money via Paypal or Clickbank, you can always visit Gobala Krishnan (Hopefully i spell this right) site. There is a lot information about online marketing and bussiness.

For me, i will used a method that i recently find on the net. i would give it a try first then i will post the result here. As for now... ahaks... have to wait lah. No other way... Anybody with a simplest way to withdraw this fund, please contact me... TQ!!!

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Mari Kita Klik-klik!!!

Hallo! Apa kabar smua... buring bah nie... ni sia jumpa dalam website KaduS Entertainment lama uda, tapi baru juga sia join. Menurut si gogds, program macam ni mimang bagus. tapi nda tau lah keberkesanan dia... sia cuma mo men try saja... bah apa lai... mari lah kita klik... Trima kasih...

(Click juga lah tu link di atas kio... yang google adsense tu... Wekekekekekek)

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Liverpool Vs Man Utd! Game Of The Season???

Do i want to miss this game? Do i want to change everthing for this game?? NO I WONT! This is the game that i/ve been waiting since last year. And i wont allow anything to distract me from watching my favourite team in action. Manchester United!!!

Who might Sir Alex Ferguson field this time around?
Making a wild guess lah...
GK: Definately Edwin Van der Sar. The on-form keeper has been playing brilliantly in the last two matches for Man. Utd.

Defender: Gary Neville should be back in the right back after 2 games absent. Same goes to Nemanja Vidic. I would say, Ferguson will opt for Patrice Evra in the left side of the defend instead of Gabriel Heinze.

Midfield: Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs should have kept their place in the flank. Leaving Michael Carrick and Paul Scholes to marred the midfield. They will have the support of Park Ji-Sung, Darren Fletcher and maybe John O'Shea in the subs bench.

Striker: It's obvious that Wayne Rooney will start this match alongside Henrik Larsson. But Ferguson might want to bring some tactical changes and might opt for Luis Saha to started.

Predicted Line-up:
GK: Edwin van der Sar
RB: Gary Neville (capt)
LB: Patrice Evra
CB: Rio Ferdinand
Nemanja Vidic
LW: Ryan Giggs
RW: Cristiano Ronaldo
CM: Paul Scholes
Michael Carrick
ATT: Wayne Rooney, Henrik Larsson (or Luis Saha)

Hopefully Man.utd Will win this match and hope they will open a 12 point lead before Chelsea play against portsmouths.
My Prediction: Another nail-bitting win for Man Utd.

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