The Controversy Never End… (In AF)

I went to check on the net yesterday, the day after the AF5 Weekly Concert ends, to check my mail and news as well as moneymaking opportunity. While surfing, I stumble upon one of the famous Malaysian Blogger that blog about general Malaysia entertainment industry, focusing on AF. In the last concert, there have been two big issues that surround the AF this time around. One is the condition of two sick contestants, namely ASWAD and FATIN. Aswad is down with measles while Fatin was treated with a skin problem. Both of them were quarantined outside the Academy to prevent infection to the other student. This issues caused controversy among the fan, the management and the media, should they perform or not or just send them home.
The other issues was about Zana who pulled off from the competition in the very last minute (before the weekly concert). She claimed that she were so stress out during her 1-week spell at the Academy. The voting code for Zana had been closed during the beginning of the concert. This is the first time such thing happens in AF. It happen in American Idol before when one of the contestants pulled-off from the competitions due to the reason that not known to me.
While reading the blogger comment, I saw a link to another website that stated Zana Exposed in his (the blogger) chatbox. So following my instinct, I click on the link, and saw some naked photo of a girl that some people claimed to be Zana. I could not see who was really on the picture, because of the size. Some people say that maybe that was the main reason why Zana pulled off from the competitions. Is it true??? Again same case with the American Idol competition this year where Antonella Barba's nude picture was spread on the Internet. Surprisingly she manages to control the situation and give her best during her performance.

Back to Zana case, I can’t say whether it was really her in the picture or other people who look like her. Id saw the photo (really) but I wont post it here. Same goes to the website that host those photo. I will never put the link here. So anybody out there who wish to asked me the URL or the copy of the photo, JUST FORGET IT. I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE & WHERE YOUR FROM, I WONT TRADE ANYTHING TO GIVE YOU EVEN THE LINK. This is to avoid any misunderstanding, because I really can’t confirm whether the picture was her or not. Well, I’ve deleted the photo and I forgot the link to the website as it is too long.

KaDuS Say:
I didn’t mean to offend anyone by posting this issue in my blog. The main thing is that I NEVER confirm that the picture was Zana’s. So please don’t say that I know everything and you can ask anything to me. Because I know nothing. Hehehehehe

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