My Celebrities Look-Alike??? wakakakakakaka

This is what happen when i scan my own monkey face using My face recognition. It's fun and see for yourself which celebrities look like you, according to them. Registration needed but it is free. Try it, put it in your MySpace or Friendster Profile or even at your website or blog... Try it, and let me know if you have try it.

For a mean time, have a look at who am i look like... its funny though!

See what was i mean when i say funny...? according to them (My Heritage), 70% of my face looks like Orlando Bloom (Pirate Of The Caribbean's Trilogy, Kingdom Of The Word, Troy and many more). The list includes Jay Chou and Malaysia Diva, (Dat0') Siti Nurhaliza and Kiera Knightley (Bend It Like Beckham, Pirate Of The Caribbean's Trilogy, King Athur and many more).

Its Funny!!! Try it!

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2 Responses to My Celebrities Look-Alike??? wakakakakakaka

AllByNose said...

woi bos, prasan la ko macam orlando bloom (percen paling tinggi)...whakaka..

Markie Marc said...

ekekeke... sia pok ryan giggs bah... tapi Orlando Bloom pla yang keluar. tidak palah... sia minat juga hampir smua movie dia...