Rare Goal From Spurs Goalkepper

The last time i saw a goalkepper score was by Peter Schmeichel, the former Manchester United goalie, dubbed as "The Great Dane". Not to forget the freekick brilliant of Jose Luis Chilavert, the former Paraguayan number 1 goalkepper and of course, Jorge Campos, the Mexican former goalie who can play as a striker and keep on using the number 1 jersey.

Recently, in an English Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspurs and Watford, another goalie score from about 75 yards of a freekick. I thought that the kepper, Paul Robinson was trying to aim to his attacking line, but the ball went on passed the attack and Watford defend, bounce on the ground and went directly into Watford net. Quite an embarassing moment for Ben Foster, the number 3 choice goalkepper of England National team, and on-loan from Manchester United. You may see the goal below. By the way, Paul Robinson is the current number one goalkepper for England National Team and due to represent his country in the next European Championship Qualifying match against Israel and Andorra.

What do you think? how many time does you see a goalkepper score a goal, off a freekick, from 75 yards? Its was far better than Jose Luis Chilavert normal goal, but as good as David Beckham's wonder goal against Wimbledon, way back in 1996. I do adore this goal as one of the great goal in EPL and one of the worst blunder made by a goalkepper! Hahahahaha, Pity for Ben Foster.

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