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Man. Utd 7 – 1 AS Roma: Magnificent 7!!!

Believe it! Manchester United scored 7 goals against AS Roma of Italy to reach the Semi-Final of the UEFA Champions League for the first time in 5 years. The final aggregate was 8-3, as Roma won the last match at Olimpico Stadium by 2-1. Who would have thought The Devils would win such a big margin of goals. I do expected Man. Utd to win but I never expected them to win with 7 goals! Winning by big margin was a magnificent feat but scoring seven against a team from Italy, known for their tight defence were even astonishing. The biggest ever win by Man. Utd in a European competition at Old Trafford was way back in 1956, when they defeated Anderlect of Belgium by 10-0.

Manchester United started off well and Michael Carrick start the goal rout by shooting from outside the penalty area. Alan Smith then added the second goal after receiving a diagonal low cross from Ryan Giggs. Giggs orchestrated the third goal, again from a low cross that found Wayne Rooney in the box. Manchester United make sure they finished the 1st Half high as Cristiano Ronaldo low shot found the net in the near post of Roma goal.

Ronaldo then started the second half exactly as he end it in the first half when he tapped in a low cross, again from Ryan Giggs. Michael Carrick then scored his second of the night, and again from outside of the penalty box. Roma do get their consolation goal when a brilliantly taken volley by Daniel De Rossi found Man. Utd goal. Patrice Evra scored the final goal of the evening after receiving a low cross from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and shooting low, from outside Roma’s penalty box.

The best game I’ve seen by Manchester United throughout this season at Old Trafford. It was a sweet victory given all the trouble Man. Utd get last week. Losing to Roma and Portsmouth with the same scoreline, 2-1. For the record, Man. Utd started the game without their first choice player, captain Gary Neville (Right Back), Nemanja Vidic (Central Defender), Paul Scholes (Midfielder) and Louis Saha (Forward) because of injury and suspension. They also miss the service of Mikael Silvestre (Left Back/Central Defender) and Park Ji Sung (Midfield) due to injury. Amazingly the so-called fringe player, such as Wes Brown, John O’Shea, Darren Fletcher and Alan Smith did play well. Credit should also be given to Roma, although they were 6 goals down, they still try to attack and if not the brilliant display by their defence, Man. Utd should end the night with even greater margin.

My idol, Ryan Giggs did not scored but still manage to assists on three of Man. Utd goals. Overall Man. Utd play magnificently as a team and I think they could beat any team with that kind of performance, including Chelsea! I do hope they will win their next match against Watford in the FA Cup Semi-final at Aston Villa ground, Villa Park this Saturday.

The Team:
GK - 1 Edwin van der Sar (7/10)
DF - 4 Gabriel Ivan Heinze (8/10)
- 5 Rio Ferdinand (8/10)
- 6 Wes Brown (8/10)
- 22 John O’Shea (7/10)
MID - 7 Cristiano Ronaldo (9/10) (2 Goals)
- 11 Ryan Giggs-capt- (8/10) (3 Assists)
- 16 Michael Carrick (9/10) (2 Goals)
- 24 Darren Fletcher (8/10)
FW - 8 Wayne Rooney (8/10) (1 Goals)
- 14 Alan Smith (8/10) (1 Goals)

Subs - 3 Patrice Evra (8/10) (1 Goals)
- 20 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (7/10)
- 23 Kieran Richardson (7/10)

Glory-glory Man. Utd!!!

Final Score:

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A (lots of) Shocking Weekend

Last weekend full of shocker. Ngam kah nie? lantaklah... Penuh dengan kejutan. Sia mulakan dengan kekalahan My Beloved Man. Utd di Rome, then crowd problem at the Olimpico Stadium, Then the elimination of 3 yes THREE participant in The Akademi Fantasia, Shocking defeat of Man. Utd in the hand of Portsmouth, and... thats all i think. The only things yang buat sia rasa sedap hati is Sabah Won lawan PDRM and McLaren Mercedes team finished 1-2 at the sepang F1 GP. Yeah!!!

Akademi Fantasia:
I didnt expect anything actually, since sia nda personally support sepa-sepa. Cuma since the last concert there were no elimination, sia expect yang maybe this week ada dua elimination. SEkali tinguk tiga, and for the first time, 2 Sabahan being eliminated in one concert! Shocking? For me yeah! Fatin, Farha and Noni jadi peserta seterusnya yang tersingkir dari concert AF baru-baru nie. Based on the performance of the participant, rata-rata sia tinguk everybody did their very best. For me, the best was Aizat and Ebi. Vocal maybe ada lari-lari tapi their showmanship was a CLASS ACT!!! The rest besa-besa saja. Effort for smua, mimang class lah. Vocal dissapointment for me goes to Rizal. Ketara tlampau yang dia 'terseksa' btul bila nyanyi lagu tu. Muka yang 'agak weird' dari pengamatan sia. Tapi satu sia salute Rizal ni is dia TRY. So sia nda nampak banyak sangat masalah lah. For the girl, Heliza yang sia nampak nda selesa dengan lagu yang dia bawa. It's my Favorite song, Torn By Natalie Imbruglia. Tapi sama juga, dia menampakkan yang dia try. As for Candy, for me it was not her best but not the worst either. Sayang bila opening uda macam tegelinjir, lambat pickup. Then the idea untuk ubah-ubah tu lagu, ada kureng sikit. Tapi vocal capabilities from Candy mimang powerlah.
As for the elimination, kalau based on performance, Fatin nda patut keluar. Farha 50-50 while Noni, sorry to say, Not her best at all. Tapi tulah undian di tangan pengundi, lantaklah... Cuma satu yang sia mo tau... kenapa trus men kasi keluar sampai tiga sekali gus??? apa relevan dia... mimang sia tekejut babun.

Man. Utd:
Two defeat in one week??? ist at Rome, going down to Roma 2-1 at the Olimpico Stadium. The loss was marred by the crowd trouble that caused few fan seein' bleeding. The defeat was followed by another defeat away from home. This time it was against Portsmouth at Fratton Park. The same scoreline 2-1 defeat. The defeat to Pompey saw Man. Utd lead at the top of the EPL table was cut to 3 points and The Red Devils still have to face a 'tricky' match at Everton and Manchester City and offcourse the 'title decider' match against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. 4 goals conceded in 2 match, something that no Man. Utd fan want to see. Especially when 3 of the 4 goals conceded were all come from the mistake of Edwin Van der sar. Especially the own goal by Rio Ferdinand.
In my opinion, Man. Utd lacked the attacking power and midfield genious. They should do something and i hope they will win the match against Roma at OT. Glory-Glory Man. UTD!!!

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E-Gold Is Down???

I, haven't been able to do any transaction using e-gold, due to some problems, not known to me. Anybody out there, please tell me what has happen to E-Gold???

Just don't know wether i am the only one who can't access the website at the moment or all people in the world. Please help. TQ

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