It's Been A While

Hai... It's been a while since i last jot a line (or two) in this page. I did notice that the visitor of this page were droping, because of no new updates! Wekekekeke... Been busy for this past one month and will be until the end of November. (Or much longer). I am currently doing a short term course on Open Source Operating Sytem. Trying to became (only the the few in Sabah, According to our lecturer) a Certified Linux Proffesional. Hopefully!
While i'm off the net a lot of things has happen to me and other aspect of my life... haha... The the best thing was MANCHESTER UNITED WON THE PREMIERSHIP!!! Its top all the best thing that i've achieve and covered all those down thing (problems, some disatisfying people towards me and everything else). This feat was due to Manchester United beating Local Rival Manchester City at the City Of Manchester Stadium and Chelsea Failed To beat Arsenal at The Emirates Stadium! A BIG TQ To ARSENAL!!! (Even if they not do that for Man. Utd... Hahaha).

Congratulations to Sir Alex Ferguson on winning The premiership this season. To all The Player and Staff of Manchester United Football Club!!! WE"VE GOT OUR TROPHY BACK!!!

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