Heroes: Confusing but a SUPERB SHOW

People in the USA will know this shows. The advertisement in Our local TV says "Heroes- The Number Show In America." When the advert come out, i thought this is another boring series. I've watch few series that dissapoint me. Mutant X, one of the example. Heroes give me something that i've been missing since i last seen Smallville. Ekekekekeke.

First Episod, which i've forgot how it goes, was actually the best 1st Episod of any shows i've seen! People says, 1st Impression is important, and yes, Heroes does took my attention. Hehehe.
This is the first ever show that make me confuse every episod. It's hard for me to understand the story, what will it be and so on. I've even ask some of my friends about the ending. A potential spoiler for me... Hahahaha. But this is what i like about Heroes. It give you the "question marks" every episod. Kalau lah ada movie di Malaysia buli buat macam nie?...

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