My Phone Number

Some of my friends will be irritate when they read this. Sorry lah... I just want to tell you what number (phone number! not 4d or 6d ah) that i've been using now. A lot of my friends has been asking me this, everytime they meet me. and when i tell them my number, the tipical word... "Aiyahhh... Tukar lagi kah???"
Actually, my current DiGi number, the one yang start 016-802**** tu, is only my second number in my whole life. My first number was 016-8386680, but i've lost it in 2002 (or 2003, didn't remember it.). Back then, the were no "keep your number if you lost your simcard" service, so i have to change to a new number, my current DiGi number... 016-802****. The 016-8386680 is own by someone in Papar (maybe).

So to all my friend, especially those who still searching for my current number, let me update u k.

  • 016-802****

Not Use Anymore:

  • 016-8386680 (Own by someone in Papar...)
  • 012-8354355 (My first Maxis number. Did not use anymore)
  • 019-5857380 (Suddenly my line and my gf line been cut of without any notice...)
  • 014-2823500 (Using it only a short while...)

So to all of you... sorry for the trouble. And yes i still use my old DiGi number. NOT my first DiGi number. Ala... if anything just email me lah!!! TQ...

P/s: Gayo... i've lost your phone number. If you read this, please sms me. TQ
P/s: This post meant for those who know my number before. TQ again.

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