Sooo Iritating! Sooo koinggorit!

Hahaha... kanapa ah?
Hot, annoyed, dunno... A simple matter happen to me when i least expected! Happen to me around monday to friday... What would you do, when you've done your work with the best you can... then came your friends who is in your group, edited it, and become much worst than what you've done? I just can't imagine my work, do it accordingly to the real format, being edited and become a work just like a form 3 student works...
Bukan mo cakap apalah... sia rasa macam sia-sia saja kerja... Mo tegur pun susah... tahan saja lah... Apa pun, we've presented our work and i don't think that we've done great. Just hope it will be okay lah...

Hahaha... no idea what to wroe on... it's seem that i've bee "Missing In Action" from this blog for quite a while. The reason know to some of you. So nanti-nantilah... kalau ada masa baru sia update betul² ni blog... nanti lah.. iwas thinking of changing this blog skin (AGAIN!!!??). Macam lama suda tidak tukar baju...

Bah... Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan
-To our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (who support Man. Utd Tour in Malaysia), Selamat Pengantin Baru!
-To Marylyn J. Arik, Congratulation On You Wedding Day! (Sorry I can't come... So tired after 1 week work at KDCA, I'll meet you later)
-To Mary J. William (Congratulation on your engagement. I hope you've listen my pason at Sabah VFM. Hehehehe... Sorry also, can't come. But i'll promise you i'll come on your wedding day!!!)
-To the visitor of this blog... sabar-sabaron pendeh...
- To Elviena a.k.a. Yan: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???
- To my Beloved koupusan: I Love You... Wekekekekeke

(Dunno why, suddenly become a dedication like post... hahahahaha)

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