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Linux (Lee-Naks)???

Linux was something new to me. Been studying Linux for 2 weeks now. By the way, what is the right pronounciation of LINUX? It is:
a) Lai-Naks (LINUX)
b) Lee-Naks (LINUX)
c) Lai-Nuks (LINUX)
d) Other

Hahahaha. Tapikan according to the creator of Linux, Linus Benedict Torvalds, The right pronounciation of LINUX is b) Lee-Naks. Tapi masi ramai yang sebut a) & c) & other. Tapikan apa saja orang mo sebut ni linux nie, yang penting it's go to one place. The original Linux that was created by Linus Torvalds. Ahaks

We seem to argue a bit in class about what is the right pronounciation of LINUX. But bukanlah begaduh sampai mo betumbuk pun. Cakap-cakap saja lah. Even in our outing in Poring, pun kami masi argue pasal ni. Especially with my friend FELIX. Ok bah kalau ko felix.

This is For You Felix:

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Be (EXTRA) Carefull

I've read my newspaper this morning (local one lah... can't afford to buy the national daily...) when i stumble upon a news that one Senator in Malaysia urged the goverment to take action against the Bloggers who wrote about goverment and leader that meant to spread false rumours. Have'nt seen one yet, but people nowadays knows how to use the internet as a tools to express themselves and to write about almost anything they feel.

Not sure what kind of action does the Senator want the goverment to take against those "pedas" bloggers. ISA detention? Jail Term? Internet ban? Those action would make the "controversial" bloggers to learn their lesson of not to talk bad about the country or the leaders.

i am a blogger myself and i do sometime see some blogger using their blog to tell how much they hate this and that leader. It's up to the bloggers themselves wether to continue writing in a "controversial" way or not. The only thing i hope is that i can still blog about everything i like, whenever i want until i say stop.! Hahahaha...

So to the everybody... BEWARE!!! BLOGGERS IN FRONT
to the bloggers... BEWARE!!! GOVERMENT IN FRONT

NEXT POST: The Clawless Tiger.

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My MCP Pre Test!

Finally i've passed my pre-test of the Microsoft Certified Proffesional or MCP. 3 times, i failed. Ahaks... The last time i took the test, i pass with 909 out of 1000 marks. But it is because of some help from my friend. Today without any help, i berjaya untuk mendapatkan markah yang bulilah... atleast i've pass lah! i tell you, this MCP is not an easy stuff, if you see it for the first time. Hahahaha... i hope i would get certified by microsoft!


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The Sumandaks! Marysia, Siti SALEHA, Yanti, Maizattul

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Where the hell is my pic??? Ahaks... i'm the one taking the pic!

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Congratulation To REY!

Congratulation To Reynaldo Pagie For Winning the Suara Emas Bintang RTM 2007 Singing Competition. Apart From from winning the main prize, Rey also won "Most Popular Votes" via SMS. Again, you make us, the Sabahan Proud and you prove that we the Sabahan are not lack of talent when it come to singing!

Hmmm... Should I say more! He's the best!

KaDuS Bilang: Bah... maan poh topbinai. Yang penting ko telah berjaya. Siorang disini akan buat yang terbaik dari kamirang, iatiu menyukung ko punya kerjaya seni di peringkat kebangsaan yang telah pun bermula!!! Buli bah kalau ko!!! KaDus Entertainment akan sama-sama menyokong kerjaya seni anda!

Pic: Courtesy of RTM

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