Linux (Lee-Naks)???

Linux was something new to me. Been studying Linux for 2 weeks now. By the way, what is the right pronounciation of LINUX? It is:
a) Lai-Naks (LINUX)
b) Lee-Naks (LINUX)
c) Lai-Nuks (LINUX)
d) Other

Hahahaha. Tapikan according to the creator of Linux, Linus Benedict Torvalds, The right pronounciation of LINUX is b) Lee-Naks. Tapi masi ramai yang sebut a) & c) & other. Tapikan apa saja orang mo sebut ni linux nie, yang penting it's go to one place. The original Linux that was created by Linus Torvalds. Ahaks

We seem to argue a bit in class about what is the right pronounciation of LINUX. But bukanlah begaduh sampai mo betumbuk pun. Cakap-cakap saja lah. Even in our outing in Poring, pun kami masi argue pasal ni. Especially with my friend FELIX. Ok bah kalau ko felix.

This is For You Felix:

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One Response to Linux (Lee-Naks)???

drizad said...

Try Ubuntu Linux Live-CD.
Kalu tak pun Knoppix.
Sure terpikat ngan Linux punye...