Manchester United: Now & Forever Man. Utd!!!

Another dissapointing performance by my favorite Man. Utd. I guess a lot of United fans worldwide especially in this part of the world was "devastated" by Man. Utd recent form. I am one of the dissapointed fans. This would be their worst start ever since 1998. First game, they drew 0-0 with Reading and 1-1 with Portsmouth. Last night saw United lost for they first time this season against their city rival, Manchester City by 1-0. so far United has collected only 2 points from the possible 9, and could be 7 points behind their main title contender Chelsea. To make it worst, they were 7 poinst behind Man. City. (City won their last 3 mathces)

What happen to Man. Utd? It's a question everybody ask including those who support other team. They might be expecting to see Man. Utd doing well in the first few opening fixture. If you ask me, i would definitely say, I DONT KNOW. United, on paper has the strongest assembled squad. The arrival of Nani (Sporting Lisbon) and Anderson (Porto) looks to strengthen United squad. And there was, (for me) the most intresting signing by Man. Utd. Owen Hargreaves (Bayern Munich) and the much awaited signing of Carlos Tevez (West Ham). It's looks like Man. Utd were untouchable this season. Chelsea on the other hand was not the biggest spender. The only significant arrival was Florent Malouda (Lyon) and yes, he announced his arrival by scoring goals, against Man Utd. In my point of view, this is one of the best assembled squad mades by Sir Alex Ferguson during his 21 years at Old Trafford. But what happen? Despite their vastly talented squad, with the attacking flair of Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, they have only manage to score one goal! That was through Paul Scholes. A midfield player! the sign of United slump stated when Rooney was force out of the game against Reading because of injury. That was the turning point. Now without Ronaldo, the problem could not get any better. With only Carlos Tevez as a striker, it's hard for him to shoulder the responsibilities of Man Utd main goalscorer.

For me they were no problem with the way Man Utd plays. Although Rooney and Ronaldo were out, they still show the best they can. Of all the three game, they control almost 70% of the ball posssesion and in the game against Portsmouth, they got 22 shot on goal but only one finds the net. The are playing their normal game actually. From what i see, the opponent seems to know the tactic deployed by Sir Alex. Like they, the opponent can read what was the player thinking. Maybe they all have what Matt Parkman (Cast in Heroes) can do. The ability to read mind. Micah Richards (Man. City) was nothing if he's up against United, but for me he was the man of the match last night. Any through ball, any crosses and passing, he would be there to cut it of. For me, Sir Alex needs to change his tactic. I don't mind if Ryan Giggs has to be sacrifice in order to change tactic. Man. Utd needs to come back, and sir Alex needs anything in his tactic books to do that. Whoever play, as long as it's suit the tactic, i doesn't matter. I really hope Rooney will be back soon. He's the player who can make the diffrent in Man. Utd. Carlos Tevez needs to regain his match sharpness. United must WIN the next two match if there still want to retain the Premiership. By united standard, losing two matches will close half the door to retain the Premiership, although i still have high hope that United will do well after this. Crossed my finger to see the United improvement.

It's really hard to walk around with people around me who supported other team. What make me sick, some of my friends was a Man Utd supporter (Until Beckham sign for Real Madrid and/or when Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea and started to buy a lot of Star player), mocking me when United lose or even draw. I don't know how will my day be today (as this post was written last night). I should count how many people making funs of United recent form to me... hehehehe... that would be much fun.


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