Browsing through the web, i found some old pic of me and my friends. Taken around 2004, almost 3 years now. we were at the Hutan Lipur Likas in our Student Council (MPP) Courses. Why they called it Hutan Lipur, i don't have any idea. Hahahaha. The place is in the middle of a school, a housing area and a small town... okay... Enjoy the pic.. Laugh if u want to... Ahaks...

They named this pic, AFTER CRAWL. hehehe... after doing the commando crawl, or should i say 'main lumpur'. Really enjoy the day. (Back Row L-R: Donna, ME, Nukley, Christina, Albina, Munah. Squatting L-R: Faizal, Mushie, Ijan, Bobby) Hehehehehe... guys where are you!!!

I Enjoy this activities. TQ Ms Liza! Just look at my leg. Macam baru lepas dari sawah ja.

After the outdoor couses. Feel tired tapi enjoy!!!

Were are presenting something here. but i can't remember what. This pic was taken a day before the outdoor courses. This pic is at Cosmopoint KK!!!

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One Response to Memories

Anonymous said...

dogo ko mark kasi tayang muka bida kita sana!
but feels good tho looking at it..such a sweet memories ;)
misses our frens *hugs*