Today Is Sunday

Yesterday i wrote about i'm going to take the Linux Examination in a "not-so-prepared" situation and that i will miss the Man. Utd game Live on TV because of the exam time. the exam start at about 5.45PM (about 3.45AM USA time) clashes with the match that start at about 7.45PM. The live show start at 7.00PM. Now here's the update...

The exam went smoothly and thank God that i passed. Luckily the connection to the US server was good enough for me to do the exam without any problem especially the good ol' lagging problem. (The exam connected directly to the US server via the Internet) I hate lagging. I've been experiencing the lagging problem for a long time ago especially when i started to "play" with the mIRC. Still remember mIRC? When the server lag, you have to "ping" it. That was the first time i heard and used the word ping, and now, i'm using it back, not in the mIRC environment, but in LAN environment. Hehehehe... Last resort, change to a nearby server... Adeh... out of topic oredi. I think i should write about this in the near future... hehehehe..
Oh... The internet connection was good yesterday though!

To add the icing to the cake, My beloved Man. Utd won their game against Everton (Liverpool Mersyside Rival...) at Goodison Park. Nemanja Vidic was the scorer of the only goal of the match which ended 1 - 0 to Man. Utd. Great! I didn't saw the whole match so i don't know who's starting the game. Only saw the remaining 25 min of the match. Manage juga lah to catch the goal as it was score in around the 80th minute of the game. Although Man. Utd can't seem to get past the 1 goal in a match curse so far this season, they are doing really well in that match. By the way, if we win, say for 20-0, there are only 3 points to grab! Tapi, yala... at the end of the day, there comes a time when goal different will play their part on the standing of the team in the league. COME ON YOU REDS!!!. For the record, Man. Utd played 6 times with 3 wins (in a row!!!), two draws and 1 defeat. They score 4 goals and conceded just 1 goal so far. The only time that they fail to score was against Reading (0-0) and in their defeat against city rival, Man. City (0-1).

Ok lah.. Tomorrow is Monday. Holiday kunu. So no need to woke up early to go to work... i mean my practical. But can oso be considered as work lah... Lot a thing to do. Learn and learn until i can't learn anymore... or should i say die or disable. Hohohohoho. Finally got certified as a professional in Linux from Novell (NCLP). Last month, i've passed and become a certified professional for Microsoft (MCP)..But for me, my learning curve has not ended. Having all the certification doesn't mean that i am good enough. Still a lot to learn, and i am willing to learn. Hahahaha... enogh about me... later some people would say i am bragging about something that i don't know. Tapi kan... i will learn the thing that i don't know, sooner or later!

KaDuS Bilang:
The key word for today is LEARN! Wakakakakakaka (and oh... Man. Utd win... AGAIN... with 1-0... AGAIN!!!)

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