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Ronal DO It Again!

Cristiano Ronaldo saved the best until last to down his old club for the second time this season and secure a top seeding in the Champions League knock-out phase for Manchester United.

After his one-man mission to inflict more damage on Sporting Lisbon appeared certain to end in frustration, Ronaldo stepped up to drive home a 25-yard free-kick in the second minute of stoppage time. The Portuguese outfit must be sick of the sight of the man they nurtured through his formative years. It was Ronaldo who settled the previous meeting between the sides in September and his sixth goal of United's European campaign will offer Sir Alex Ferguson some much-needed breathing space in his team selection for the final 'dead-rubber' against also-qualified AS Roma in a fortnight.

Given the potentially explosive trip to the Stadio Olimpico comes just five days before a blockbuster Premier League encounter with Liverpool at Anfield, Ferguson wanted his side's Champions League status wrapped up.

(Read the rest of the story HERE)

Great!!! After that shock lost at Bolton last Saturday, They bounce back, although the scoreline was a tight one.
(hehehehe Arsenal LOST though to Sevilla)

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I WAS TAGGED ... Again... (this time by bobby)

Ko mimang bah bobby, macam teda urang len suda ko mo pigi tagged... sia juga... Molisau btul bah ko nie... macam ko lah... sia tepaksa pikir 8 perkara and 8 urang untuk di tagged balik... 8? weiii bagus nie numbur nie... anyway, here it is... (This is the second time i was tagged!!!)

The Rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs

8 (not so important) Random FACTS About Me

1. I'm Addicted to NESCAFFE. Can't live a day without it.
2. My Favorite game is Championship Manager. Currently managing my beloved Manchester United to a record 5th consecutive Premier League title(in the game, NO CHEAT AHHH)
3. I've been blogging since 2005. My first blog was this and the second was
4. I've created KaDus Entertainment in 2005 and later joined by gogds and sumandak (my love)
6. I am a Certified Linux Profesional (by NOVELL) and Microsoft Certified Profesional but still don't know a thing about this two stuff.
7. I Design my own blog header/banner (ala... tu yang di atas tu ba)

settle... wekekeke... as i say earlier, i was tagged before, way back in 2006. July to be exact. em... Here's the link... TAGGED ME? Okay... now is the time to find some victim... the next victim... Okay... who ah...?

Next person to tagged:
1. Davelynn (Because you are my girl and i like to tagged you... wekekekeke)
2. KathleenHalena (You're tagged... again...)
3. linsayhi (for so rajin visiting my blog. TQ Very much)
4. Elviena (for being my jajaliest sista in the world)
5. kupi (because you are so cute...)
6. defoo (you make us proud)
7. Danny F. Malinggi (because you are my fav singer and my friend)
8. jusdy (hehehe... saja mo tagged ko)

Finally!!! Okay... TQ For wasting your time... and tq bobby for tagging me... wakakakaka... molisau betul bah ko nie...

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SAME Magazine is out!

To the local (Sabahan) entertainment lover, here's the good news. the 2nd Edition of SAME Magazine is out on the market.

It was launch two weeks ago and it has hit the market since... i don't know when, coz i just saw it on the books stand at Donggongon. The 2nd Edition, features Clarice John Matha as the cover and it is price at RM9.00. Not sure at your place lah. All in color so you don't have to worry. It is the first of it kind in Sabah, I mean the magazine. Some of the story are ...

Asmin Mudin (The songwriter of the famous Malaysian Idol song, Gemilang sung by the winner Jaclyn Victor)
**sorry: Asmin Mudin was not the song writer. He was only the lyric writer of Gemilang song. TQ bengodomon for pointing this out to me...

Clarice John Matha (Sabahan equivalent to Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza - (some people say lah))

Reynaldo Paigie (The winner of the Suara Emas Bintang RTM 2007)

... and much more...

Do get your copy fast before it disappears from your place. Cheap only, at RM9.

If you want assistance to get the magazine (only if you're out of the "reachable" area) do not hesistate to contact me at: or you may
visit KaDus Entertainment website at
, to know how you can get your copies of SAME Magazine.
KaDus Entertainment is the official website for SAME Magazine.

Lastly, support your local entertainment industry because if we don't they will be no more of our heritage left in Sabah. It will became history.

SAME Magazine TEAM
KaDuS Entertainment (KE)

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Rain, Rain and Rain...

It's been raining since what? 1pm last nite? nda sedar coz sms with my koupusan... then suddenly tertidur. Was feeling tired yesterday. It's been like almost a week nda hujan macam nie... Funny when people start complaining hujan, when the other say, the are complaining about the hot and humid weather and wish for a rain. Now it's raining and still complaining and wanted for a sunny day... Don't get me wrong coz i am the one who complained... hehehehehe

This was what my uncle say to me just now.
Me: Haiya!! ujan lai oh...
Uncle: Bah, musim dia sudah kan.
Me: Basah lah baju, rambut smua lah basah... Malas sia kalau ujan nie...
Uncle: Apa yang kau mau nie? Itu hari panas ko bising, bilang panas lah, peluh lah. sekarang hujan kau masi juga bising. Kau mau apa? Salji?
Me: ... (tidak dapat jawap lah..)

Then i ask my uncle to buy me a cup of nescaffe. Which he did. Haahahahaha..

What did i want? i don't want snow, i'm not the type of person who can stand extreme cold. Nanti karas... bukan apa yang karas... jangan kuning tu utak. I wish for "not so hot, not so cold day". Yang sedang-sedang urang bilang. 50% panas - 50% ujan. Atleast seimbang sikit. bukan lah yang panas mo 1 minggu, teda ujan and then ujan mo satu minggu teda matahari. If kemarau, peluang untuk tempat kami teda air is tinggi. and kalau ujan ja, peluang untuk banjir juga tinggi. So sedang-sedang...

But whatever it is, i am thankful for what God has gave us. I know complaining shouldn't do much help. So I thank you God for giving me the Sun and The Rain...

Don't get me wrong ah...

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IGB HD in the 70's

Ever seen a 1GB HD in the 70's? Ever wonder how it's look like? Hehehehe. I'm not sure wether this is the looks of the 70's 1GB HD. It weighed so much it had to have a special floor and case to be mounted in. It's case looked like a refrigerator. This is what it looks like then...

Nowadays, 1GB is equivalent to a floppy disk. Mainly use as a portable space or storage. USB Drive, etc. Me myself using this...

Haven't have enough money to upgrade it to 2GB or even 4GB or some say 8GB. hahahaha. Imagine i live in the 70's and i have a 8GB portable drive? hoho...
Other 1GB storage are as follows.

Used commonly in HandPhone, Digital Camera and etc. How fast technology change... can we catch up?

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SPM - The Decider?

I'm late! i should've wrote this thing on monday but i can't, so i guess still ok lah. Nothing much, nothing really important actually, but i kindda 'attracted' to wrote about SPM. SPM stands for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or Malaysia Certificate of Education (MCE). Hahahahaha. I bet almost everybody who read my blog have already taken their SPM. So how was the result? okay? hangkang? Nah...

My Result? not as i expected. i barely score grade 2. (In my time, SPM result are given in Grade 1, 2, 3, SAP and Fail (9). I actually don't have any idea what the system are now. what i heard is their using the open system where score are written as A, B, C and so forth. Not sure actually. Those time, the forecast result is critical. Much more critical than the real SPM result. Some say, the forecast is used to apply for higher learning institution, i.e. University or College. I don't know if the forecast is still valuable or not.

Back to my result, I almost fail one of my most hated subject (but not the class and the teacher... hehehehehe... ) Moral Studies. The subject that i don't expect to score, i did well, such as Geo and History. And Science. Hahahahaha. And believe it or not, I drop the "confirm lulus cemerlang" subject to "cop mati" subject. I drop the Art (Seni) and took Accounting. Wakakakakaka. Luckily enough i do pass the accounting subject.

Okay, To all SPM 2007 Candidate, All the best for your papers. Do well, and don't forget to pray everytime before you wrote your name on the answer sheet.
Tips? Hmm...Okay...


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Update... Lagi dan lagi

Haven't have a chance to update my blog. i've been sooo busy this while. arrrhgggghhh... dunno what should i do to make my self unbusy anymore. tapi it's good juga la to became bz. hahahaha.

I'm sick. Like there is something in my tummy. dunno why? and since the the aircond here in the office is sooo cold, i am down with fever and flu i think. Luckily starting tomoro is a long weekend for me... a holiday. hahahahahha...

i'm getting sick... can't stand it any more. got to go... hey, tq for reading. yes you... thank you.

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