SAME Magazine is out!

To the local (Sabahan) entertainment lover, here's the good news. the 2nd Edition of SAME Magazine is out on the market.

It was launch two weeks ago and it has hit the market since... i don't know when, coz i just saw it on the books stand at Donggongon. The 2nd Edition, features Clarice John Matha as the cover and it is price at RM9.00. Not sure at your place lah. All in color so you don't have to worry. It is the first of it kind in Sabah, I mean the magazine. Some of the story are ...

Asmin Mudin (The songwriter of the famous Malaysian Idol song, Gemilang sung by the winner Jaclyn Victor)
**sorry: Asmin Mudin was not the song writer. He was only the lyric writer of Gemilang song. TQ bengodomon for pointing this out to me...

Clarice John Matha (Sabahan equivalent to Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza - (some people say lah))

Reynaldo Paigie (The winner of the Suara Emas Bintang RTM 2007)

... and much more...

Do get your copy fast before it disappears from your place. Cheap only, at RM9.

If you want assistance to get the magazine (only if you're out of the "reachable" area) do not hesistate to contact me at: or you may
visit KaDus Entertainment website at
, to know how you can get your copies of SAME Magazine.
KaDus Entertainment is the official website for SAME Magazine.

Lastly, support your local entertainment industry because if we don't they will be no more of our heritage left in Sabah. It will became history.

SAME Magazine TEAM
KaDuS Entertainment (KE)

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2 Responses to SAME Magazine is out!

bengodomon said...

Not to discount Asmin Mudin's contribution, but to me the most important is the songwriter, in this case Aubrey Suwito. What are other famous songs written by Asmin (not the lyrics, but the melody)?

justvisiting said...

hi, what about kau ilhamku by man bai? song & lyrics was done by Asmin himself.