SPM - The Decider?

I'm late! i should've wrote this thing on monday but i can't, so i guess still ok lah. Nothing much, nothing really important actually, but i kindda 'attracted' to wrote about SPM. SPM stands for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or Malaysia Certificate of Education (MCE). Hahahahaha. I bet almost everybody who read my blog have already taken their SPM. So how was the result? okay? hangkang? Nah...

My Result? not as i expected. i barely score grade 2. (In my time, SPM result are given in Grade 1, 2, 3, SAP and Fail (9). I actually don't have any idea what the system are now. what i heard is their using the open system where score are written as A, B, C and so forth. Not sure actually. Those time, the forecast result is critical. Much more critical than the real SPM result. Some say, the forecast is used to apply for higher learning institution, i.e. University or College. I don't know if the forecast is still valuable or not.

Back to my result, I almost fail one of my most hated subject (but not the class and the teacher... hehehehehe... ) Moral Studies. The subject that i don't expect to score, i did well, such as Geo and History. And Science. Hahahahaha. And believe it or not, I drop the "confirm lulus cemerlang" subject to "cop mati" subject. I drop the Art (Seni) and took Accounting. Wakakakakaka. Luckily enough i do pass the accounting subject.

Okay, To all SPM 2007 Candidate, All the best for your papers. Do well, and don't forget to pray everytime before you wrote your name on the answer sheet.
Tips? Hmm...Okay...


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One Response to SPM - The Decider?

ben said...

My results not bad, but not top class. Grade 1, 10 units, 7As. Our idol that time was Wan Hekmat who got all A1s at SRP then all A1s at SPM, then all As at A-Levels. I am sure he's earning a fat salary now. Then I made it to JPA's BTU (creme de la creme lah konon) and met groovy (crazy-but-smart) people who scored As and First Classes and went to Oxford/Cambridge like anything while still looking like pop/rock stars.

After all these years, I have come to the following conclusions:
1. education is essential, get as to the highest level possible
2. but it is not the answer to everything.
3. some things can never be taught at schools
4. you need much more than good academic qualification(s) to make it fulfil your potential
5. you dont need a string of degrees or pro certs to be successful
6. be humble. the more you know (or the more intelligent you think you are), the more things you don't know and need to learn.