Goodbye Forever 2007! 2008 Here I Come!!!

I,m back for the first time since 2007. Hehehe... like it's been years since i'm gone. Nahh.. forget it. If i was ask to give a sentence to describe my 2007, the Word will be "WHAT A YEAR!!!". 2007 for me has been full of ups and down (in my case a lots of downs). No real highlight for me. The only things that i learned this year was, There is no Success if there is No Struggle. Here's some not so important milestone from 2007 years for me.

  • Manchester United won back the Premiership title for the first time in 4 years. (and they beat Liverpool again this year at Anfield)
  • I've become a certified Microsoft Professional and a certified Linux Professional (TQ to SSTC, MOST and Alex Ku also Will, Nadia, Andrew and Kak Nuridah)
  • I'm in the SAME Magazine Editorial Team (thanks to Janry)
  • Having my own columns at SAME Magazine (also thanks to Janry and SAME Team)
  • I've learned to take picture using SLR camera (thanks to gogds)
  • Completed the recording process of my songs at RTM and the songs was played on air (although only one time Credits to Sugali, D'Sunset Blues, Michael & Mary)
  • Done my practical training at Sabah Credit Corp. Design the Email logo for SCC webmail.
  • For the first time i've gained FULL ACCESS to entered almost all AREA of KDCA at the State Level Kaamatan Celebration.
  • Back to my PC repairing/servicing biz after few years of absent.
  • Found a lot of new friends.
  • Sang "ITU KAMU" by Estranged at my friends wedding (hehehehehe... Though Song for me)
  • Played Football Manager 08 game for the first time. Guided Manchester United to a Double (Premier League & F.A. Cup) Success. Guided Sabah to promotion from the Malaysian Super League and Won the Malaysia Cup and still running strong at Malaysia Super League. ALL WITHOUT CHEATING! i.e trainer, editor.
  • My favorite singer and Friends Danny F. Malinggi finally released his much AWAITED/ANTICIPATED first solo Album! (Congrats DFM...)
  • ... and a lot more (not so important)

Although it seems that i've achieved almost all that i wanted or dreamed off, there are a lot of failure. My biggest failure was when i still failed to get a full time job. Most of the job i got was either part time, contract or self-employed. Then there is people who looks down on me when this situation occurs. Been in this situation since i learned to manage my own life and finance. Its really hard to convince people what you are capable when you have nothing to proved (according to these people lah...). Then there's come my financial problem. Although it was better than 2006, still failed to get the things that i really wanted. Some family problem that make 2007 a challenging years for me. And to wrapped up my disappointing years, was when i was dumped by my gf. But it was a mutual consent actually. Nothing "big" happened. At first it was bitter to swallow but having thought of it for few days... well i have to accept it, with an open arms and open heart. Someone says this" Cinta Semestinya Memiliki..." and Stevie B. Sang this lyrics once in his song (which happen to be one of my all time favourite, When I Dream About You) "When You Love Someone, You Have To Learn To Let Them Go" Hehehehehehe...

What A year!!! Can i say more? As i say earlier my achievement was overshadowed by my disappointments and failure. Don't wanna blame anybody but would like to say Thanks for letting me to learn how to face the ever challenging days upon me. 2008 will be the year for me to try and changed all my bad lucks. I am not really superstitious person, but already some people predict that i will have a far more challenging years ahead of me in 2008. I am determined to change that. I know there might be some people who love to see me fall but i will try to proved them wrong. I'll let them see me fall awkwardly in 2007 and it will not be repeated (i hope... hehehehe).

Finally, I would like to say few words here...

  • All the reader, visitor of my blog. Thank You for always visiting, giving comment and playing my sudoku widgets. Hahahaha.. You know who you are...
  • To my 1997 batch (form 5), sorry, we failed to organized our 10th anniversary since leaving high school. I know we've been busy ... Hope to make it happen this year!
  • To gogds: TQ for letting me to learn (also used ur camera) the photograph taking technique and be patient to teach me. TEACH ME MORE BOSS!!! Hehehehehe
  • To Janry: Bro: TQ for giving me a chance to become the Editorial Team for The SAME Magazine! I will strive harder to show that you've made a right choice for including me in the Team. and TQ for the Column! Hehehehehe... Ok Bah Kalau Ko...
  • USAL & DFM: Bro, You ROCKS!!! TQ for all the advice you've given me on the singing technique. Nahuuuuu....
  • My Sista' Yan: Sis... TQ for being there always for me. 2007 was a hard year and you were there since day 1! how could i thank you???
  • To YOU, The one i'd LOVED before: TQ for the 1 and the half year of maturing relationship. You changed me a lot. From nobody to somebody. TQ for all your prayer towards me, and i know it was Fulfilled by God! Sorry for all the hurts, embarrassments & wrong doing that i bought upon you and your family. May God Bless You and your journey towards what you've been dreaming off!
  • To all my friends: Happy New Years! You are all my friends till the day i die! Sorry can't mention you all, coz it wont fit this page... so i've treated you equal... hehehehehe...

Hmmm... like giving speech! hahahahaha... Nah... this is the way i like... So to all... Enjoy your New Year. Sorry for Everthing.. May God Bless You all to face 2008!!!

Peace and God Bless

Markie Marc Mojitoh a.k.a. markiekadus

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3 Responses to Goodbye Forever 2007! 2008 Here I Come!!!

Princess Kathleen said...

hey there will always rainbows after the rain ..believe me!

F!oNa said...

gOOD lUCK bRO & INGAT BAIK2 TU AZAM YANG WE PASANG 01/01/08 :).. and one more..I LOVE U BRO..

fROM ;


Andrea said...

Mark...haven't leave any comment in ur blog since sooooo long.. wow, such a long voyage to 2007, indeed.. as princess kathleen said, always be rainbow after the rain.. so cheers!!~

btw, listen to over you. hope it'll make u better...