Sabah Credit Annual Dinner -part 1-

This Saturday, i will be going to my first ever SCC
(Sabah Credit Corporation) annual dinner, to be held at Sutera Habour. I'm not
really in to this kind of event to be frank. Why? it is because of the outfit!
I'm not sure what to wear for this event. There is a theme for this dinner
actually. A dress code to be exact. Black, White & Silver. so far, every dinner event i went was as photographer, event coordinator or as a dj, but that was my problem actually. I don't have any of these
shirts!!! Hehehehe.. As i say earlier, i'm not really into this kind of event, so i
don't shop much for dinner outfit. hehehe.. I will try to find it within this
week... arrrgghhh.. i hope that i would have enough choices of clothes for next
year event

Well, i'm excited actually for this dinner. It is because i was just informed yesterday that i will be part of the group performance for the dinner. What kind of show? Singing? I would love to... but at the moment i am not "fit" enough to sing. Haven't sing for a long time, in front of a crowd recently... hehehehe. Dance? Nah... i'm not a good dancer. The only dance i could do almost perfectly is Sumazau. The rest... It's a joke actually. You will see William Hung version of Dance if i do dance!

But, i will be doing a dance!!! But not any kind of dance! Not the Line Dance, Poco-poco, Cha-cha... no... not that. Would you believe me if i say that i will be doing a HAKA DANCE??? Hehehehehe... Haka Dance made famous by the New Zealand All Black Rugby Team. That What we will be performing! This is SCC Version according to my colleague Jerome, who is my group member and also the choreographer for the Dance. Some of you might ask, what on earth am i doing? Nah... i love challenge! I know i can't do that in a week time, but it worth a try. I will go for it. For all SCC staff who are reading this blog, be prepare to see the "lawak" from me... hahahaha...

KaDuS Bilang:
Hmmm... If only my body besar sikit... then nampak cantik... i hope that time tu, nda lah kana suru buka baju untuk perform... bikin malu beh... bagus kalau cantik body... tulang jak... wakakakakaka... Bah... will update with this later... kalau ada pic, will put it in... wekekekeke

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3 Responses to Sabah Credit Annual Dinner -part 1-

LAi said...

ko ada ikut drg koir ka?? koir drg d scc tu...hehe

markiekadus said...

ada. tapi bukan directly lah... actually masa dinner opening tu smua staff nyanyi nie... so teikut lah prektis... wekekekeke...
Yes, they are good at choir... couldn't say much more lah...

Princess Kathleen said...

ui mark..u jst need to work hard wit the confident..ok me last nite gila2 salah dial no..nasib baik p hp ko...kakkakak...ada crita menarik..ltr i tell u..hehe