Today is 21st Of January 2008

Hi! A lot of you might be asking how was the dinner? For me it was really a great night! Everybody seem to be enjoying their selves that night. Me? Oh Yes!!! Although i'm taking video that night, it didn't stop me to enjoy the dinner and mingle around with all the staff, especially from the branches.

The performance was great, but i personally like our group performance. We did the warrior cry, and we did well. They might be some slack here and there, but the most important thing is we manage to give our best!!! Hope to do that again though!
Oh, my first Annual dinner, i did win a lucky draw! Not bad for a first timer eh... TQ again to SCC for the prize. I like it!

Well, today the 21st January 2008. It is the 2nd month of my 27th birthday. I'm older already. i hope to be much wiser this year... hehehe. Today also i should be celebrating something that would make my life even more complete. But i didn't happen that way. It's okay... I'm currently enjoying my life at the moment. Although i really wish i have "it" but never mind. That time will come, sooner or later. Right now, i want to concentrate my life and look foward to the future! YEAH!!!

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Princess Kathleen said...

apala hadiah ko dpt blanja sa