Yup it's been a while since i jot a few lines in this
blogs. Hehehehe... Not that I'm "merajuk" (for what) or something else lah... only that i've been too busy with life and works. Well, i'm enjoying it! Really enjoying every second of my life at the moment and i won't let anybody to ruined it! Hehehehe... But i am missing something... Something that would make my life almost complete. Hmmm... i guess i have to put that aside lah for a while...
Malas mo pikir, make me going loco! Hahahahaha...

I really don't have any idea whatsoever to write here
bah actually. I'm sleepy, but i can't sleep. there's a lot things playing in my
mind now. Tapi later fall asleep juga tu... hahahaha.

Oh, I have some announcement to make here:

- DANNY F. MALINGGI has releasead
his anticipated album. It was a combination of past & present hits. Some of the
songs are "Kada Oku Sindualai", "Okon Koh Winonsoi-Wonsoi" and current hits "Minogivang
Koh Poumandaman Ku", which is one of my favourite number. For those of you
interested to buy this album, KaDuS Entertainment is the Promotion & Marketing agent. You may visit www.kadusmusic.com
to know on how you can get the album. Or you may email me at: markiekadus@yahoo.com . You may also write something in my shoutbox or comment and i am sure that i will reply to you ASAP!

- TO ALL EX-MICHAELIAN batch 1997 (who took their SPM on 1997la). We should be organizing our 10th anniversary last year 2007, but due to some unforeseen circumstances we were unable to do that. I wish whoever from that year who read this, to email me at: markiekadus@yahoo.com ASAP. If possible we could arrange the Reunion this year, since everybody is done with their study kan. We could try to make it this year. This is open to the former 5 SC, 5A1, 5A2, 5A3, 5A4 and Mr. Rollantinus L. For those of you who happen to have your friends, sister, brother, cousin, gf, bf yang study di SM. ST. Michael Penampang year 1997, please foward this message to them! TQ

- Last but not least, Siapa-siapa yang kenal or tau my friend, ESTHER MANDY BOLINGIN, please tell her to contact me. There's something that i want to urus with her. Nothing personal, only bussiness matter. Please ah, whoever yang baca nie and kenal with her, forward this message to her. Email, call, sms, mms, gprs, whatever s la, yang penting i can't get in touch with her, bukan mo touch dia... wekekekekeke. TQ

- Oh... Manchester United Is The
Best! Will always be a Manchester United fans as long as my blood flow in my
body and as long as i breath the air around me! GLORY-GLORY MAN. UNITED!!!

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Zehan Jawid said...

u and ur MAN U...hehehe
ok...updates at my site about graduation day...it's really loooooong...leave cooments k....