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Oh mula suda pula...

Sia nda sedar oh... last nite, after taking my bath, i went to sat at our living room chair and watch the tv. Knowing me, i keep on changing the channel if there is no good show. When i click on ch104, RIA, trus i ternampak AF Diari... Wha! Already started ka!!! i tot belum lai...? Tapi yalah... i am cool from af now... macam teda feeling sudah sia dengan af nie... Hehe...

Well for the sole Sabahan(I heard la) yang di sana tu... all the best... hope you can become the champ!!! Yeah...

Tapi yang paling penting is Manchecter United... nda kisa lah AF kah apakah... yang penting iaalah MANCHESTER UNITED!!!

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Yeah Yeah Yeah

"Accept Me For Who I Am..." simple words but it's really hard maybe for some people to do it... dunno why... maybe in their mind already set that... no need lah... yeah... hello again...

Macam tajuk lagu, but it's not... i'm happy bah. dunno why. Hahahaha... just come back from my brainstorming session at kundasang, and it was really storm my brain! Hope to have another event like this. This is the chance to meet with my colleague from all the branches and changing toughts on how we could improve works... hehehehe...

Playing with Photoshop now. But still can't do anything about it... Hmm... i need to learn more and more... Oh, our new boss is willing to teach me about scripting (bourne shell). It is really cool as i really like things that have to do with programming. Hahahaha...

Photography? well, been playing with the camera for almost a year now. And i am improving especially on the technique. I really have to thank gogds for this. Bro, without you, i don't know if i could ever had a chance to learn new skills. Hehehe...

Last, sorry for the late update, been busy now, as i don't have an internet connection at home... If have, wah... i scared that i will not sleep and become a human zombie! oh kalawar? or whatever lah... wakakakaka... Later people tuduh lai i buat benda yang bukan bukan...

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this song ah...

aku memang tak berhati besar
untuk memahami
hatimu disana

aku memang tak berlapang dada
untuk menyadari
kau bukan milikku lagi

dengar dengarkan aku
aku akan bertahan sampai kapanpun
sampai kapanpun

wow.. wow…

maafkan aku
yang tak sempurna tuk dirimu
usailah sudah kisah yang tak sempurna
untuk kita kenang

andai aku dapat merelakan
setiap kepingan
butiran kenangan indah

andai aku sanggup menjalani
setiap detik
dan waktu mendatang

KaDuS Bilang:
Have been listening to this song for quite a while... i did not notice this last year... only dis year... especially whe Bro Janry sang this song at Pusakag. Really "menusuk" my heart... wekekekekeke... well... nothing lah... cuma this is for you... TQ...

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