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It's Back To Haunt... AGAIN

What is back? what is embarrassing? It's the corruption

in soccer, especially here in Malaysia. I hate to talk about this to be frank,
but this is the thing that is happening and it is like a pandemic like it has no
cure whatsoever. Hairan, macam mana this people could wear their club jersey and still dare to took bribe to sell any game. Really immoral lah in my point of
view. If you wear your club jersey, you must wear it with pride! Ko tau yang ko
bawa nama club ko, so why must ambil rasuah? Kenapa mo jual game?

I don't know when Malaysia football were originallyaffected by this disease, tapi yang i remember in 1995 (13 years before) ithappen and it really affected the standard of soccer in Malaysia and it's league. More than 100 players and coaches were call on by the ACA (AntiCorruption Agencies) to facilitates investigation and a lot of player "kena buang daerah" or negeri. I thought after this kind of events, Malaysians would learn their lesson well and never repeat that kind of act again, tapi sayang, blum pun sempat mo naik balik, sudah buat lagi. Bila lah mo insaf? Sia pun tidak tau. So anybody would like to blame me for not enough support for my own National Team or National League? This is the answer! why should i support a league that is full of dishonest people who would rather sold their club just for the sake of money? Oh, so ada money problem? Nda kana bayar gaji? That was not an excuse to be honest lah...

When Malaysia soccer were badly hit by this pandemic, the number one reason, according to them lah, was tidak kana bayar gaji. I know, when you become a full time player, your rice bowl would be playing soccer and get paid. Tapi takanlah sampai mo jual tu game and drop all the dignity and trust that the fans put on you and your team? Is there no other option kah sampai mo ambil bribe? Nama profesional player, tapi tidak pun kasi tunjuk tu professionalism. Gosh... really don't know what there are thinking of.

Tidakkah derang sedar yang Soccer standard in Malaysia sudah jatuh pigi tahap yang paling rendah, selama sia idup. I still remember duuuuulu... tidak tau bila tapi adalah... Malaysia were ranked among the top 100 team in the world... now, kalau sia nda silap, numbur 170 sudah... jauh betul ketinggalan dengan team yang Malaysia selalu kasi kalah, says South Korea and Japan. Tu pun masi belum sedar... I don't know what these people are playing for? Nda kah derang ingin mo rasa yang Malaysia soccer standard sebaris dengantop league in Asia and buli attract players import yang lebih bagus untuk tambah kasih naik nama M-League? I don't think lah...

I'm here bukan mo condemned berabis those people involve (although some people might says, biarlah derang rasa). I'm here to express my feeling towards this immoral and really embarrassing things that happening in our country. Sia aware, i am a Sabahan and there were time that my state team were really badly affected because of the bribery. To beat Sabah that time was a satisfactory result for any team. Sabah were among the top team in Malaysia that time, but due to bribery and corruption, they become they lowest team with no hope of going back into the main league. Currently Sabah were in the Premier League equivalent to 2nd tier league in other country. A lot of Sabah player were either suspended or punished. Now although no Sabah player reportedly arrested so far, Sabah neighbor Sarawak were among the team where players has been questioned.

Solution? Well for me, kalau file system in a pc is reportedly corrupted and it affect the performance of my pc, i will try to repair it. But if the problem re-occurs, it leaves me with no others choice but FORMAT and re-install! No guarantee though, that the problem will not repeat, but with excellent care, i believe it will be save until, well sampai bila-bila lah... begitu juga dengan ni corruptions. FAM sepatutnya sudah sedar and tau apa mo buat, based on past experience. Buat dengan tegas, and of course adil. Bagus juga kalau kasi legalised to Betting, tapi sia tidak tau berapa ramai yang setuju. Kalau ada yang buka cadangan pasal legalised betting, i think belum pun sempat kana tabled di parliment, mimang sudah kana protest. So carilah cara lain... I only wish to see clean and quality football. Pandai-pandailah kamu...

KaDuS Bilang:
Sanggup juga jual negeri. Pas ni apa lai mo di jual? ikan basung? Susah juga sia
mo cakaplah... Soro-sorohon noh sondiri, haro oh tutok pakaiyon lah. Bukan pakai untuk buat benda-benda bodo macam nie... Hahahahahaha...

Glory-Glory Manchester United

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Ice Cream Day

Went out to KK yesterday for a function at the Imperial International Hotel. It was a press conference of Unduk Ngadau Gala Night to be held at KDCA Hall on 29th May 2008. I've been actively involve with this since last year and since the day after 29th is a public holiday, wouldn't miss a chance to attend that. Oh, for the record, I'm not involve with organizing committee of the Unduk Ngadau but I am one of the official photographer assigned by KDCA to cover the event. Hehehe. So it was okay lah... Oh, I will also be covering the official launching of the State Level Kaamatan at Beaufort. Funny also when I get myself an Official invitation to attend the function. Hahaha. Tapi okay lah juga... Hmmm... kenapa sia banyak pakai ayat "official" ni ah?

Left the hotel at about 3.30 - 4 pm trus pigi di Warisan Square. Actually sana-sana juga bah that. Then my friend Harry says to me "Why don't we have our self a cup of Ice Cream at Veda Blue?". I said "why Not". Lama suda nda makan ice cream nie. Haven't been to KK for quite a while, maybe ages!!! Dulu selalu lah, time ada "kawan" lai... now with works and other commitments, a bit susah lah.. Banyak outlets yang sia nda tau kewujudan dia... Tapi i'll be going to kk next week to buy some gears for my mount climbing trip though... Oh, back to the ice cream story, Harry asked me to pick a flavor. Would love to try some other flavor rather than the "usual" one (ie Vanilla, Choc... bla bla bla...). Then I saw the Raisin & Rums Ice Cream (with Alcohol)... Rums? Biar betul? Said to myself, why not? Bila lai mo try eskrim ada alcohol?

Veda Blu - Raisins & Rums Ice Creams

Sedap pula... I can feel the rums. Never tasted a rums before, rasa macam lihing
pun ada, whiskies pun ada. Tapi sedap. Lupa brapa harga dia coz my friend yang bayar dia. I might go and buy that ice-cream when I got a chance to go to kk again. It's a must... Sampai rumah, trus knock out (tidur). Bukan pasal that
rums lah. Sikit ja bah kana campur tu. Maybe because of tiredness coz been very busy in this past weeks. Started from last Monday to Friday been so busy as my colleague is out on a staff trip to Bandung, Indonesia. Tapi it's good for me juga lah, coz it make me not so busy thinking about other things other than job. I don't know lah, but in this past few weeks I've been thinking about things
that I shouldn't be thinking again. A past things yang suddenly bothering my
mind. Luckily I'm so busy last week and I don't have time to think about that.

That its for today... ciao!

KaDuS Bilang:
Time makan ice-cream tu, trus sia teringat tu ayat Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of The Carribean. "Why is the rums has to go???" Wakakakaka...

Because the Rums is being used to make this ice-cream. Sedap punya... Mo makan, just go to Warisan Square. wekekekeke

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Un-Planned Candle Light Dinner

took my dinner last nite alone with 1 stick of candle, that i found in the kitchen drawer. Lama nda beli candle coz lama uda teda masalah karan di sana uma kalau malam... hoho... went back from the office at about 6.30 pm, buy some stuff for myself, and lepak at kedai kopi near my office while waiting for van to go home... it's raining juga but not heavy lah... at about 6.45pm, matilah karan. minum dalam gelap... so i decided to go home lah... coz sia rasa ndada apa-apa lai yang sia mo buat disini...
Reaching home, i tot ada karan lah. normally kalau donggongon teda karan, at home must ada... but it seem that almost all penampang blackout... Tunggu lah... maybe in a couple of hours ada suda... tapi teda pula... if im not wrong at about 9 ada datang sekejap, but only sekajap... nda samapi 5 minutes then mati lai... hmmm... luckily i didnt switch on my pc. So i went to sleep lah... since i'm not feeling well... with my cough and my fever... why must all this come in one package??? wekekekeke...
Woke up at about 1 am... then baru ada karan, hmmm... most of the time i balik-balik terbangun because of my cough... When i found out, almost whole sabah was affected by the blackout because of some problem in sepanggar kah where taht. Patut pun... hopefully bukan masalah sabotaj lah...
Hopefully today the electricity is good enough.

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Do i know myself better?

Can't believe i'm writing my blog for the second time in a day. Hahaha... it is because of a posting i found from my fellow blogger Grace. Follow the self test quiz link and aswer a few question. The verdict? read below...

Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.
-i do listen stories from two side. wont make any judgement if it only come from one sided.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.
- "You don't judge a book by its cover" i like the sound of this coz this is what i've been doing. Funny though when we don't judge people on the first look, other seem to do that to us. It happen to me... hehehehe

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.
-seriously, am i that ready? I don't know, but if "right" time has come, i wont ruled it out!

The seriousness of your love:
You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?
- Serious enough, i guess. About the admirers thing... i have no comment. hehehehe

Your views on education:
You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.
- what does it mean by unusual job? i probably disagree with this as i still have the desire to study... i'm learning new things everyday at my work place... wekekekeke

The right job for you:
You have plenty of dream jobs but have little chance of doing any of them if you don't focus on something in particular. You need to choose something and go for it to be happy and achieve success.
-I've got my my job and i'm happy with it...

How do you view success:
You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.
-100% AGREE

What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.
- I do agree with this... some kind of a virus in my head and i hate it...

Who is your true self:
You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.
-this i have to agree...

Hmm... this quiz didn't reflects the true me. although some are true... knowing me is to really knows me, not based by quiz or first look appearance ngam kah... ok... anyone wish to try this quiz may go or click HERE. (TQ Grace...)

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Raining Day

How to start ah... Raining again, and it seems that it's been raining every afternoon, after 2pm lah... Luckily i didn't paly soccer every evening uda. Kalau dulu, asal petang misti main, but have to tahan kalau raining, although i like playing soccer in the rain. Hehehe... I still remember, when i was in school, i always plays soccer while it is still raining. Tapi when i go home... conform kena scoled by my mum, because of my baju yang... hmmm tidak payah cakap lah... sooo kotor. After dat, if my anti-body tidak kuat, conform lai sakit... God ol time... now can't do that. Few reason, i don't have a team or a good word is, nda kana pakai uda... I believe it is not because i'm not good in soccer but there is people much better than me in my team i guess. Hehehe... then come works. i left the office everyday at almost 7pm except i have somewhere or something to do. Then there is FUTSAL where we play nda payah pikir wether it hujan or panas, malam or siang... wekekekekee...

Now i'm sick. Got my self some cough problem. Baru 3 days... last saturday i kena fever, but okay oredi, tapi datang pula nie cough yang really menggangu my day. Hard to talk, sing or do whatever pleases me... arrgghhh... and it almost 9hb May 2008. We are going to "malakat"(terms used by one special fren to described my favourite outdoor activities - mount climbing) di gunung kinabalu. I don't want to be sick for that day. Must be fit, although i didn't make a preparation for this trip... Can i get to the top? Oh YEAH!!! Harap tidak raining, coz the last time i went to climb the mountain, it was raining heavily.
Okay lah for today update... tidak tau lai bila can update this blog nie...

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April Fool... Ya... Rite

Direct translation of April Fool, APRIL YANG BODO! Hahahahaha... nah... i don't actually know what is the real direct translation of April Fool. 1st Of April has been marked as the "Be Careful" day every year. People seem to be more 'aware' of their friends on that day. Takut kana lah... Some people has marked their personal calender so that they tidak kena.

I used to be the victim of this pranks when i was in primary school. the most
common tricks i always kena during that time was... "Mark, ko punya seluar tidak kena zip", or "mark button baju ko tidak ngam", or "kanapa baju ko ada itam2 (or kuyak)", ni to name some lah... tapi ada juga yang silap bila cakap. This is the most lame pranks yang sia pernah dapat... "mark, tali kasut ko tebuka" sedangkan i'm using a straped on shoe... tu yang pallas zap tu bah... still remember kah... Whatever... Hehehehe... when i'm in secondary school, the pranks gettin "seram". amat seram sampai ada yang pigi cakap sama sia yang gf sia minta break, or Pengetua mo jumpa pasal hal disiplin... maka-maka teda pun...

I am one of those yang owez berhati-hati when come to 1st of april. Hehehe...
One of the rules of April fools is that kita nda buli marah kalau kana... Yang
sia takut kana yang 'kaw-kaw' punya pranks, yang bikin panas... tapi nda buli
marah... wekekekeke... Sia nda pernah lah kana yang "kaw-kaw" pnya april
fools... tapi sia rasa kena buat preventive measure juga lah... Dulu masa study
di kolej... sia penah nda pigi kelas pasal takut kana april fools. Sebab my fren
di kolej dulu, smua ada utak "kreatif" ni, mo kasi kena urang dengan pranks yang cukup seram, cukup ekstrem and cukup kaw-kaw. Wekekekekeke... sia nda sanggup oh...

Now, still a lot of my friends yang "cuba" mo kasi kena... and yet sia dapat
juga elak... cuma satu ja yang buli sia katakan kena... and satu yang a very
good one but tidak kena... yang sia consider kena, is one of my workmate. Last
saturday i rekomen her a laptop in accordance to her budget... she bought it...
But yesterday (1st April) she sms me tellin me that her laptop tidak buli on...
even with the charger on... Takajut juga lah because as far as i concerned
mustahil bah that laptop tidak buli on while the power still plug on and that
laptop is brand new. Since i scared that she will blame me for telling her to
buy that laptop, i call her... Dia teruskan juga dengan dia pinya story...
sampai sia pun bingung skijap... last-last i smell sumting, but its to late when
she says... "ko ingat kah brapa haribulan nie ari..." arrrggghhh!!!!

But before that, ada bah this newly known fren. She sms me tellin me to go down
to meet her cause she had to come to the nearby bank to pick her money...
mula-mula sia tanya betul or tidak... mo cari kebenaran la... tapi last-last sia
heran... why on earth dia kena datang pigi sini (penampang) sedangkan di tempat
dia pun ada bank yang sama... kalau teda pun, takan teda ATM? Last-last she
admit... hahahaha... tapi i think that was the best attempt i ever had lah...
and i almost kena... kalau i tidak realised cepat... wekekekeke

Well.. April Fool truly bukan budaya kita... infact dia kena import dari tah
negara mana... you can know more about April Fool by searching in the net... or
just go to and type "April Fool" in the search box there...
Every year, sia tinguk the newspaper or news in the internet, misti ada laporan
about april fool punya aftermate... kesan dia lah... ada yang terbreak ada yang
bergaduh, ada juga yang bertikam, ada yang sampai bunuh diri semua pasal kana
april fool... hmm... Yes its a joke.,.. tapi sia harap teda yang suffer sampai
macam tu lah here in Malaysia. Kalau mo buat jokes tu bertempat lah.. bukan saja
on April Fools day, tapi hari-hari biasa... later got people yang rasa very
humiliated gara-gara lawak april fools yang terlalu seram nie... Some people ble
trima,... tapi bukan semua ble trima yang kaw-kaw pinya... Hehehe... So sesiapa
yang kana "lawak seram" bersabar saja lah... anggap tu sebagai sumting yang
besa-besa ja... jan di simpan dalam hati ....Yeah...

KaDuS Bilang:
Huh... luckily i tidak kena yang kaw-kaw pinya... tq juga sama kawan-kawan
kerana tidak kasi kana yang extreme nie... hmmm... tapi kalau sia kena pun i
can't marah... that's the rules... dunno sepa yang pintar btul buat nie rules...
but whatever it is... jan yang over pula lah... wekekekeke

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