Ice Cream Day

Went out to KK yesterday for a function at the Imperial International Hotel. It was a press conference of Unduk Ngadau Gala Night to be held at KDCA Hall on 29th May 2008. I've been actively involve with this since last year and since the day after 29th is a public holiday, wouldn't miss a chance to attend that. Oh, for the record, I'm not involve with organizing committee of the Unduk Ngadau but I am one of the official photographer assigned by KDCA to cover the event. Hehehe. So it was okay lah... Oh, I will also be covering the official launching of the State Level Kaamatan at Beaufort. Funny also when I get myself an Official invitation to attend the function. Hahaha. Tapi okay lah juga... Hmmm... kenapa sia banyak pakai ayat "official" ni ah?

Left the hotel at about 3.30 - 4 pm trus pigi di Warisan Square. Actually sana-sana juga bah that. Then my friend Harry says to me "Why don't we have our self a cup of Ice Cream at Veda Blue?". I said "why Not". Lama suda nda makan ice cream nie. Haven't been to KK for quite a while, maybe ages!!! Dulu selalu lah, time ada "kawan" lai... now with works and other commitments, a bit susah lah.. Banyak outlets yang sia nda tau kewujudan dia... Tapi i'll be going to kk next week to buy some gears for my mount climbing trip though... Oh, back to the ice cream story, Harry asked me to pick a flavor. Would love to try some other flavor rather than the "usual" one (ie Vanilla, Choc... bla bla bla...). Then I saw the Raisin & Rums Ice Cream (with Alcohol)... Rums? Biar betul? Said to myself, why not? Bila lai mo try eskrim ada alcohol?

Veda Blu - Raisins & Rums Ice Creams

Sedap pula... I can feel the rums. Never tasted a rums before, rasa macam lihing
pun ada, whiskies pun ada. Tapi sedap. Lupa brapa harga dia coz my friend yang bayar dia. I might go and buy that ice-cream when I got a chance to go to kk again. It's a must... Sampai rumah, trus knock out (tidur). Bukan pasal that
rums lah. Sikit ja bah kana campur tu. Maybe because of tiredness coz been very busy in this past weeks. Started from last Monday to Friday been so busy as my colleague is out on a staff trip to Bandung, Indonesia. Tapi it's good for me juga lah, coz it make me not so busy thinking about other things other than job. I don't know lah, but in this past few weeks I've been thinking about things
that I shouldn't be thinking again. A past things yang suddenly bothering my
mind. Luckily I'm so busy last week and I don't have time to think about that.

That its for today... ciao!

KaDuS Bilang:
Time makan ice-cream tu, trus sia teringat tu ayat Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of The Carribean. "Why is the rums has to go???" Wakakakaka...

Because the Rums is being used to make this ice-cream. Sedap punya... Mo makan, just go to Warisan Square. wekekekeke

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2 Responses to Ice Cream Day

LAi said...

bah jadi...buli laini ikut ko kan masuk2 backstages mau ambil gambar unduk ngadau...buli ka>??yg final...

Zehan Jawid said...

I love ice cream.....
i ever went to scoop at warisan square...the ice cream there are delicious...i like vedablu, haagen daz and baskin robbins also...hehehe