It's Back To Haunt... AGAIN

What is back? what is embarrassing? It's the corruption

in soccer, especially here in Malaysia. I hate to talk about this to be frank,
but this is the thing that is happening and it is like a pandemic like it has no
cure whatsoever. Hairan, macam mana this people could wear their club jersey and still dare to took bribe to sell any game. Really immoral lah in my point of
view. If you wear your club jersey, you must wear it with pride! Ko tau yang ko
bawa nama club ko, so why must ambil rasuah? Kenapa mo jual game?

I don't know when Malaysia football were originallyaffected by this disease, tapi yang i remember in 1995 (13 years before) ithappen and it really affected the standard of soccer in Malaysia and it's league. More than 100 players and coaches were call on by the ACA (AntiCorruption Agencies) to facilitates investigation and a lot of player "kena buang daerah" or negeri. I thought after this kind of events, Malaysians would learn their lesson well and never repeat that kind of act again, tapi sayang, blum pun sempat mo naik balik, sudah buat lagi. Bila lah mo insaf? Sia pun tidak tau. So anybody would like to blame me for not enough support for my own National Team or National League? This is the answer! why should i support a league that is full of dishonest people who would rather sold their club just for the sake of money? Oh, so ada money problem? Nda kana bayar gaji? That was not an excuse to be honest lah...

When Malaysia soccer were badly hit by this pandemic, the number one reason, according to them lah, was tidak kana bayar gaji. I know, when you become a full time player, your rice bowl would be playing soccer and get paid. Tapi takanlah sampai mo jual tu game and drop all the dignity and trust that the fans put on you and your team? Is there no other option kah sampai mo ambil bribe? Nama profesional player, tapi tidak pun kasi tunjuk tu professionalism. Gosh... really don't know what there are thinking of.

Tidakkah derang sedar yang Soccer standard in Malaysia sudah jatuh pigi tahap yang paling rendah, selama sia idup. I still remember duuuuulu... tidak tau bila tapi adalah... Malaysia were ranked among the top 100 team in the world... now, kalau sia nda silap, numbur 170 sudah... jauh betul ketinggalan dengan team yang Malaysia selalu kasi kalah, says South Korea and Japan. Tu pun masi belum sedar... I don't know what these people are playing for? Nda kah derang ingin mo rasa yang Malaysia soccer standard sebaris dengantop league in Asia and buli attract players import yang lebih bagus untuk tambah kasih naik nama M-League? I don't think lah...

I'm here bukan mo condemned berabis those people involve (although some people might says, biarlah derang rasa). I'm here to express my feeling towards this immoral and really embarrassing things that happening in our country. Sia aware, i am a Sabahan and there were time that my state team were really badly affected because of the bribery. To beat Sabah that time was a satisfactory result for any team. Sabah were among the top team in Malaysia that time, but due to bribery and corruption, they become they lowest team with no hope of going back into the main league. Currently Sabah were in the Premier League equivalent to 2nd tier league in other country. A lot of Sabah player were either suspended or punished. Now although no Sabah player reportedly arrested so far, Sabah neighbor Sarawak were among the team where players has been questioned.

Solution? Well for me, kalau file system in a pc is reportedly corrupted and it affect the performance of my pc, i will try to repair it. But if the problem re-occurs, it leaves me with no others choice but FORMAT and re-install! No guarantee though, that the problem will not repeat, but with excellent care, i believe it will be save until, well sampai bila-bila lah... begitu juga dengan ni corruptions. FAM sepatutnya sudah sedar and tau apa mo buat, based on past experience. Buat dengan tegas, and of course adil. Bagus juga kalau kasi legalised to Betting, tapi sia tidak tau berapa ramai yang setuju. Kalau ada yang buka cadangan pasal legalised betting, i think belum pun sempat kana tabled di parliment, mimang sudah kana protest. So carilah cara lain... I only wish to see clean and quality football. Pandai-pandailah kamu...

KaDuS Bilang:
Sanggup juga jual negeri. Pas ni apa lai mo di jual? ikan basung? Susah juga sia
mo cakaplah... Soro-sorohon noh sondiri, haro oh tutok pakaiyon lah. Bukan pakai untuk buat benda-benda bodo macam nie... Hahahahahaha...

Glory-Glory Manchester United

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