I'm getting forgetful... Why Ah...

1: Who was your last call to and what was it about?
- My Dad. asking me to pick some stuff to for my colleague.

2: Is there a member of the opposite gender on your mind?
- Yesz... sumone...

3: What do you wish you were good at?
- I wish i am good at singing (coz i sucks at it!) and taking photo!

4: Have you told anybody you loved them?
- Yesz...

5: What mood are you in?
- Currently, i'm confuse about something...

6: Do you miss anyone?
- hmmm....

7: Are you growing apart from someone close?
- I guess no...

8: What would you do if your ex rang you?
- jawap ja lah... takan nda mo angkat...

9: Where was your default pic taken?
- At Pusakag Cafe.

10: Have you ever liked anyone on your top friends?
- was...

11: Do you have a facebook?
- Yesz

12: Do you do drugs?
- Ubat kira drugs juga bah kan, cuma terkawal... Yesz! Some painkiller

13: Is there anybody you wish you could kill?
- Why must i kill? mo tambah dosa lai? apa lah ko...

14: What will you be doing at 8 tonight?
- Reinstalling my pc maybe...

16: What is your favorite sport?
- Soccer!!!

18: Do you have a best friend rite now?
- A lots!

19: Are you dating the person you text the most?
- Was...

20: Is there anyone you hate?
- hahaha... frankly speaking, ada...

22: Do you like country music?
- Okay juga. Kinnda into ballad...

26: How much are you on the phone daily?
- More than RM10

28: Are you in a good mood?
- Currently, yesz...

31: Do you love your life?
- Off course!

33: Who cleans your room?
- Sindri lah... but lately macam utan belukar uda nei...

35: What kind of house you wished to live in?
- Macam yang sana Cyber City tu...

36: Who is your number one?
- God

38: Do your parents like your number two?
- They are my number two!

39: Who do you trust with EVERYTHING?
- God!

40: Are you living a lie?
- I'm just a human being prone to makes mistake, including lies... :(

41: Sometimes, do you wish you were someone else?
- ya... but i love who i am, and i wish other would accept me as who i am...

42: Who was the last person that left you a comment?
- in FS, Jess, new friends from Tambunan. FB, not sure, to many place (wall) to post comments... wekekekeke...

43: Did you kiss or hug anyone today?
- no...

44: Got any nicknames?
- KaDuS (in web), kadut (named by Ritut, Olumit and Kiloyt)

46: What will you be doing in 3 hours?
- Di opis lah... mana lai... takan escape?

47: What were you doing at 1AM?
- Tidur! Takan mo jadi burung antu

48: What is your background on your phone?
- KaDuS Entertainment Logo.

49: Would you date anyone on your whole friends list (not only your top)?
- Yesz... i would...

50: What color are your eyes?
- cikulit

51: What would you do if you won the lottery?
- wooohooo... pay all my debt and do something taht would make the money grows... biznes...

53: Who were you with last night?
- Alone in my bedroom

54: What's outside your window?
- nda tau. kali lipas, tikus... no idea... antu pun ada kali... nda tau lah...

55: What are you doing this weekend?
- maybe meeting with one friend i never meet before...

KaDuS Bilang:
Nowadays, i'm gettin really forgetful especially when someone ask me to do something or some task. I don't know what happen to me... even though i have a planner, tapikan, i still forgot it... because i forgot to view it lah... wakakak... so apa yang sia buat sekarang is filling survey... survey i get from friends or just found it from somewhere... wekekeke... here it is.. another survey i tapau from one friends dari fs... wakakakakaka. Kalau mo isi, just copy...
P/S: Zehan... nanti aku isi tagged ko ah... panjang betul tu... wakakakaka

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Anonymous said...

kajenn...mau tua la bah apa lgi wkakaka