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Flush Em' All!!!

For the past few weeks, reading the newspaper was not really a good thing to do for me, especially the first few pages. I bought newspaper on a daily basis to read about the happening in and around the state and the world. But, as I said earlier, it was not a pleasure at the moment as I have to endure reading all the political things. Especially the ‘internal contest’ held by party’s in the country. He, should become this and that, he shouldn’t contest him for the post, bla-bla-bla… Spoil my mood, early morning have to read those stories. Some friends realized my habit of newspaper reading, which is reading from the back, and they knew that I won’t read till the front except there is breaking news… I would rather read about sports news rather than have to endure the suffering of reading the political news which is not so relevant to me… it’s getting bored day by day to tell the truth…

But this few days, I’ve been reading about the major operation to ‘flush’ out all the illegal immigrants that have been staying here in Sabah for ages. PTI (Pendatang Tanpa Izin) or PATI (Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin) as they’ve been called will be send home upon caught by the relevant authorities. Well the have to be screen first lah, then send to temporarily detention centre before being send home to their respective country. A good move by the government actually, but it seem that it has been sooooo long overdue!!! Should’ve done this move long time ago. 10 to 20 years before. Now the PTI’s have lived here most of their live and some of them might have married the locals. They’ve like a pandemic which will hurt us in long runs. Their populations might have double or maybe triple up since they first arrived here. Not sure about the figure written in the newspaper, whether it is true or not, but I know there are many out there. A lot of them.

It’s hard to differentiate them nowadays as they’ve blend in well with the locals. Don’t be surprise if they knew to speak our local dialect now. Scary? Take this, as being said, their population is going up and no sign of reducing at the moment, and soon there might own a kampong and might have their own village chief… That’s SCARY!!! So I totally in favors with this move to ‘flush’ out all the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. Reading the newspaper section of crime, almost 90% of the crime done by these PTI’s and it contribute to the percentage of crime rate here in the state.

After saying this, I hope that the leaders that have been appointed by the rakyat, YES YOU the MP and ADUN, will stop for a while all the bulls*** of going to contest here and there and start thinking on how to help reduce the ever-growing population of the PTI here in the State. You people have been given all the votes and all the mandate by the rakyat and it’s time to show them what you are capable off. Again, this should be done earlier, not now when the political situation here in the country is currently not as good as we’ve been hoping for...

KaDuS Bilang:
Hahahahaha… Hopefully after going through this exercise of flushing all the PTI here in Sabah, the people of Sabah will live happily ever after… wakakakakaka… SAY NO TO PTI!!!
Pulang lah bah kamu di tempat kamu… apalah kamu buat lama-lama sini? Tau lah sini banyak ‘peluang’ untuk kamu tapi kalau kamu pandai, di tempat kamu pun kamu buli makan bah… bukan mo kasi susah lai sini. Kmu piker sikit kah tu duit kana belanja mo buat operasi besar-besaran begini. Sudah lah time sekarang ni harga minyak naik… nanti banyak lai duit mo pakai untuk mo tangkap kamu tu… Sindri mo ingat lah…

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Weird But True

What is your first impression after viewing this pic? Len macam kan...

Funny bah this pic... I actually don't know what kind of flower is this, but it's look like a breed or family of cactus... dunno lah... Kenapa lah stail dia macam nie... wakakakaka... Berurat-urat lai tu...WAKAKAKAKAKAKA Anyway, i took this pic from budak hutan blog... as i found this pic very intresting. So anybody, who have any idea about the exact name of this flower, tell me... i need to know!!!

KaDuS Bilang:
Nda dapat bilang... bingung saja... wekekekekeke

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Sabahan Blogger Gathering

Am i too late on posting this stuff? i hope not. Hehehehehe... I was told about this since May 2008, but forgot to put it here as requested... sorry gallivanter. Okay... It's almost there... The next Sabahan Blogger Gathering!
To be held at the Imperial Hotel, KK. At warisan Square bah that. Depan dengan Center Point. Been there last May for the Unduk Ngadau 2008 Sodop Pintutunan. I was appointed as the official photographer for the Kaamatan 2008, which include the Unduk Ngadau and the Sugandoi. Actually me and gogds, together with pirut and bambangan.

I never been to any official blogger gath. Even during those MIRC time, where we used to organized a gathering for the chatters from all over Sabah... (kk maybe). But only one gathering i manage to join. Don't remember which and when lah... Melbie, u could help me on this... wekekekeke. I normally join the gath by forummers from a web portal, such as, FAFC, Guritom (now Socmedia) and my very own KaDuS Entertainment.

So sad that i can't join you all on this gath, because i had something to do on that day. Have another function to attend. Really wish i could attend that one... hmmm... maybe next year. So again, to Daniel Franklin, Thanks For Inviting... but have to pass this time around...

For those who wish to come, you may get info by visiting,

I heard that the registration are still open... so be fast. The first 100 person quota has already been filled up... but still you may come lah... but don't forget to register first lah...

KaDuS Bilang:
Another gath i missed. Arrrggghhh... hope you guys will have funs ya... don't forget to post some picture, cause i'll be lurking to your blog to see it... See Ya!!!!

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Recent Update

Been a while... Been very busy with works and daily activities. Hehehehe... but i am happy with it. Macam mana penat pun, i still manage to smile, cuma some event i have to put aside lah... what to do. I missed Two weekends trip to Tenom because of my tight schedule. Sorry Olumis (kajen). Maybe next time. Saw the pic at Nels blog, wah... so enjoy you all ah... tapi tu tajau yang bikin takut tu... hahaha... Siopon. The last time i taste siopon was at Tom Kurus Engagement Party. Black out trus... never going to try that again!!!

Last week been my week without any sport activities. Have to come home early as i want to sort out some family matters. Normally on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, we went to play badminton here at the office badminton court. On Wednesday, i will join my office Futsal Team playing at Penampang Futsal. So most of my evening, i like to spend on sports. Only that two sports lah... no other... Oh we've already got our jersey, simple tshirts lah, but i just like it. Colour - orange. Hmmm... so i think my boss (Audit Department), Mr Charles M, will love it as it is their group (Passion) Official Colour... yalah tu boss... hahaha... i've requested my own number, tapi nda tau kana approve ka tidak... wekekekeke.. Team name, undecided yet... Still playing under the name SCC Futsal Team lah.

Cakap pasal futsal, it related directly to soccer. Next month will be yet another opening of the EPL season... Yeah. My Favorite team, MANCHESTER UNITED, as everyone have knew about it will be defending their EPL title won last season. Oh and yeah, the European Champions League... The only uncertain things is the future of Cristiano Ronaldo. Will he stay or will he goes. What decision will he made? I just don't know. So far no transfer move made by Sir Alex Ferguson, but most of the newspaper are speculating about the transfer of Dimitar Berbatov of Totenham Hotspurs to Man. Utd. Will he come? Only time will tell.. Alex Ferguson has said that he has made a bid to one player, but didn't revealed who. So Who will it be? Is it going to be Dimitar Berbatov? or Maybe other player, or a new unknown player to be groomed as the new Cristiano Ronaldo? Won't know until the start of the new season... Other team has started their transfer activities.

That's All lah...

KaDuS Bilang:
Can't wait for the new season to start. also can't wait for the sport and recreational club of our office to organised the Futsal Tournament. Hope to be selected For our team to compete in the Futsal tournament organise by the ministry of Finace. Cross my finger nie... wekekekekeke... nanti lai sia update lah...

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Sleepy post...

God, im sleepy, but still can't manage to sleep. Thinking about something (maybe someone). Nah... I just can't sleep la... Raining jg, so very hot in here. Turn the fan speed to the max, n still sweating...

Tommorow is wednesday, 16th July. Wont be able to goes online as my pc's is used for training. So if there are things need my urgent attention, give me a call la...

Ok, better i try to close my eyes. Manatau manage to sleep... Yaka? Dunno la. Well i hope i will have a very good day tomorrow n hope everything will be fine...

KaDuS Bilang:
Bilala sa mo dpt my camera...

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Nanti ko clare... wekekekekeke

Copied this from Clare's Bulletin board at Friendster

1. In one sentence, explain yesterday:
- Tired
2. What made u smile today?
- Dunno, i just love to smile...
3. What were u doing this morning at 8
- tidur, after a 'crazy' night!
4. What were u doing 15 minutes ago?
- Checking my emails
5. Something that happened to u in 1983?
- I was only 3 years old... can't remember a thing!
6. Last thing someone else asked you?
- Ko dari mana
7. What was ur answer?
- Dari belakang mo pigi depan.... SOT Answer!!!
8. Worst thing currently on television:
- Jarang tinguk TV... nda tau!
9. What was in your e mail today?
- Some email from Friendster, Facebook, Gwen Edge... bla-bla bla... Mo Delete tu smua...
10. How many different beverages have you drank today?
- 2. Nescaffe and Sky Juice!!!
11. What is ur favorite part of the day?
- Petang! time go go home!!!
12. Your current To-do list?
- Bagi Mary her wedding card...
13. Where is ur best friend right now?
- Grace - at DBKK, Calvin - Jadi orang kuning (DiGi), Jaine - Buat IC tu... apa sudah tu, Gracey - Chubbs... Where are you?, Karen - Tatap jadi tiang putih, Ujang - Hapilly Married, Usop - Gettin Married uda... The rest... u know where u are...
14. What color is ur toothbrush?
- Orange and green ka tu...
15. What are u wearing right now?
- Maxis Tshirt and tu multipocket pinya seluar. and slipar!!!! yeah
16. Any plans for Friday night?
- Next week not sure... last nite... it was CRAZY!!!
17. Best favorite place to shop.
- Ndada in particular...
18. Last thing you bought?
- Last nite... Gula-gula hacks...
19. Last gift you received?
- Perfume from Barcelona... lupa brand dia...
20. Who gave you that?
- kawan sia.
21. What made you sad today?
- Thank God!!! TEDA!!!
22. What can make you happy?
- Financial Freedom!!
23. Beauty is:
- hte pleasant look from heart ... mangkali lah ...sia nda tau...
24. Describe your key chain:
- Mini pool ball. Number 6. Got it from LUGU
25. Where do u keep ur change?
- u mean change as in money? Dalam shuttle cock pinya tempat.
26. Are u happy with ur life?
- Yesz... THANK GOD!!!
27. What are u thinking of now?
- $$$! Mana mo dapat ah?
28. Person u trust the most?
- My Self!
29. What day is it today?
- Saturday yang mo ujan
30. What are you going to do after this?
- Jumpa si Mary, bagi dia pinya card.

KaDuS Bilang:
Kalau teda idea nielah sia tulis... wakakakaka... still feeling a bit hangover nie... karaja si Clare. Adakah pigi tuang Label 5 dalam sia pinya beer, then suru sia tius lai tu label 5 teda campur coke and ice. mulau!!!! Wakakakaka... nanti ko clare...

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“Mark, Ko di mana?” Or “Kenapa ko menghilang” are some of the words that my friends, nda kisah lah fellow bloggers or someone who visited my blog, this blog... You can read at my kuta teriak also... wekekekeke... Not because that I wanted to quit blogging or what, only that I don;t know what to write. No idea... Well you know, if I talk about current issues, takut juga kana saman. Nanti famous, susah pula. I am so critical to what ever happening nowadays, especially things that I think are wrong but being practice widely! But I know, if I started to write here, those 'eyes' yang meninguk akan mula memantau ni blog... BORING!!!

Apa lai yang sia mo tulis? Pasal minyak? Urang smua naik muak suda kalau mo cakap pasal minyak nie... Everywhere minyak. Then harga barang naik... As saw in the newspaper cartoon few days ago, ada cakap ”Minyak Naik, Harga Naik, Barang Naik, Darah Naik”. Hahahahaha... I do agree! Smua pun barang naik! I mean harga barang naik. So apa lai mo di cakap. The truth is out there. See for yourself and analyze it. Here and there people come up with some idea on how to save cost. I am saving cost. I don't have a damn car, not even a motorbike, basikal adalah, tapi teda brake... wekekekeke. I used public transportation to go to work. I don't have to pay a parking fee, thank to the ADUN here. Lot of saving kan... Tapi I have to pay more when I buy things at the shop, supermarket, megamarket, flea market , whatever market lah. Even makan. Itu saya, yang tiada kereta. So how about those yang ada kreta? Bukankah derang lebih banyak expenses? Don't they have to spent more and more nowadays? So tell me what formula we can have to save cost? Car pooling? Good idea... tapi macam mana dengan makan? Takan mo bayar pakai bulu mata? Tapau dari rumah... yeah... Another Good idea... tapi bukan kah bahan-bahan yang mo di beli tu pakai duit juga... sama juga kan... So someone, enlighten me! How to save cost kalau keadaan macam nie... seakan-akan Keluar dari mulut buaya masuk mulut harimau saja. Kami juga yang di bawah nie suffer. Tapi adakah sem,ua rakyat Malaysia Suffer? Are you sure... Think Again...

Pa lai? Yesterday newspaper Sabah Times, the front page, reads... A man cheated twice in a day. This is about these two mangkuk tingkat manage to cheat a man of his money worth RM12k sumting. The tactic, senang ja... “Sia kena numbur bah, RM1 juta. Tapi sia nda buli ambil sebab sia pendatang, teda IC. Mo ada IC baru buli ambil. Jadi sia minta tolong ambil, nanti sia kasi ko RM100k kalau ko tolong sia”. Dengan bangganya si kawan ni pun berkata, “buli bah”. Trus ni mangkuk tingkat pun cakap, “Tapi ko kasi dulu sia RM5k. Bukan sia nda picaya tapi jaminan bah. Laipun ko dapat lkebih banyak bah nanti...” ni si kawan pun setujulah... “Ko tunggu sana kadai XXX, nanti sia kasi ko tu tiket, then ko pigi claim. Sia tunggu ko sini, nanti kita kasi bagi tu duit...” bilang ni mangkuk tingkat. So si kawan pun cakap “BAH!”

So when si kawan come to the promise place and waited for few hours, he then realized yang sang kancil kana tipu...Pintar sungguh mangkuk tingkat dua urang nie... The lesson, Never believe when somebody approached u and say sia kana numbur, buli tulung ambil??? Thats BULLS***!!! BUDU! Actually I was once approched by this kind of mangkuk few years ago at Asia City. I was on my way to class when this mangkuk stop me and tell me that he need my help. I asked what, and he says almost the same things as above. Only his winning amount was smaller lah...dia bilang RM100k lah. Want to give me RM3k if I help him to get the money. I asked why not go yourself, the same answer, no ic, no passport. FOOL!!! Berani juga ko jalan teda passport!!!! These conversation cost me 5minutes of my class, I am late!!! So to end the conversation, I told him that I have a cousin working at the immigration department and I am willing to help him if he get cought. But he have to give me more than RM3k. To my surprise he just say, nda pa lah... need to go already.” so simple? Adididididi... not even a tq... Wasting my time and on top of that i'm late for my class!!! Budu Siot!!!

So, I repeat lagi... NEVER EVER BELIEVE when somebody APPROACHED YOU and say, “ble tolong claim tiket yang sia kena” PALA UTAK DIA LAH!!! Tell your friends and Family so that they can be very extra careful! Jan pula, few months akan datang ada lai kes macam nie di front page of paper... Jan kana umpan dengan RM semata-mata or you'll end up losing all your RM! Think again!

Okaylah... sia ilang idea uda... my nest post will be some survey yang sia “curi” from my friendster friends yang amat rajin betul menjawap survey... so until I have another idea... babai!!!!

KaDuS Bilang:

Ni ari teda apa- apa... hahahahaha Sia lapar!!!!

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