Nanti ko clare... wekekekekeke

Copied this from Clare's Bulletin board at Friendster

1. In one sentence, explain yesterday:
- Tired
2. What made u smile today?
- Dunno, i just love to smile...
3. What were u doing this morning at 8
- tidur, after a 'crazy' night!
4. What were u doing 15 minutes ago?
- Checking my emails
5. Something that happened to u in 1983?
- I was only 3 years old... can't remember a thing!
6. Last thing someone else asked you?
- Ko dari mana
7. What was ur answer?
- Dari belakang mo pigi depan.... SOT Answer!!!
8. Worst thing currently on television:
- Jarang tinguk TV... nda tau!
9. What was in your e mail today?
- Some email from Friendster, Facebook, Gwen Edge... bla-bla bla... Mo Delete tu smua...
10. How many different beverages have you drank today?
- 2. Nescaffe and Sky Juice!!!
11. What is ur favorite part of the day?
- Petang! time go go home!!!
12. Your current To-do list?
- Bagi Mary her wedding card...
13. Where is ur best friend right now?
- Grace - at DBKK, Calvin - Jadi orang kuning (DiGi), Jaine - Buat IC tu... apa sudah tu, Gracey - Chubbs... Where are you?, Karen - Tatap jadi tiang putih, Ujang - Hapilly Married, Usop - Gettin Married uda... The rest... u know where u are...
14. What color is ur toothbrush?
- Orange and green ka tu...
15. What are u wearing right now?
- Maxis Tshirt and tu multipocket pinya seluar. and slipar!!!! yeah
16. Any plans for Friday night?
- Next week not sure... last nite... it was CRAZY!!!
17. Best favorite place to shop.
- Ndada in particular...
18. Last thing you bought?
- Last nite... Gula-gula hacks...
19. Last gift you received?
- Perfume from Barcelona... lupa brand dia...
20. Who gave you that?
- kawan sia.
21. What made you sad today?
- Thank God!!! TEDA!!!
22. What can make you happy?
- Financial Freedom!!
23. Beauty is:
- hte pleasant look from heart ... mangkali lah ...sia nda tau...
24. Describe your key chain:
- Mini pool ball. Number 6. Got it from LUGU
25. Where do u keep ur change?
- u mean change as in money? Dalam shuttle cock pinya tempat.
26. Are u happy with ur life?
- Yesz... THANK GOD!!!
27. What are u thinking of now?
- $$$! Mana mo dapat ah?
28. Person u trust the most?
- My Self!
29. What day is it today?
- Saturday yang mo ujan
30. What are you going to do after this?
- Jumpa si Mary, bagi dia pinya card.

KaDuS Bilang:
Kalau teda idea nielah sia tulis... wakakakaka... still feeling a bit hangover nie... karaja si Clare. Adakah pigi tuang Label 5 dalam sia pinya beer, then suru sia tius lai tu label 5 teda campur coke and ice. mulau!!!! Wakakakaka... nanti ko clare...

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Zehan Jawid said...

Something that happened to u in 1983?
none..cause i wasnt born yet...hehehe...i was born 1986...

Zehan Jawid said...

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