Recent Update

Been a while... Been very busy with works and daily activities. Hehehehe... but i am happy with it. Macam mana penat pun, i still manage to smile, cuma some event i have to put aside lah... what to do. I missed Two weekends trip to Tenom because of my tight schedule. Sorry Olumis (kajen). Maybe next time. Saw the pic at Nels blog, wah... so enjoy you all ah... tapi tu tajau yang bikin takut tu... hahaha... Siopon. The last time i taste siopon was at Tom Kurus Engagement Party. Black out trus... never going to try that again!!!

Last week been my week without any sport activities. Have to come home early as i want to sort out some family matters. Normally on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, we went to play badminton here at the office badminton court. On Wednesday, i will join my office Futsal Team playing at Penampang Futsal. So most of my evening, i like to spend on sports. Only that two sports lah... no other... Oh we've already got our jersey, simple tshirts lah, but i just like it. Colour - orange. Hmmm... so i think my boss (Audit Department), Mr Charles M, will love it as it is their group (Passion) Official Colour... yalah tu boss... hahaha... i've requested my own number, tapi nda tau kana approve ka tidak... wekekekeke.. Team name, undecided yet... Still playing under the name SCC Futsal Team lah.

Cakap pasal futsal, it related directly to soccer. Next month will be yet another opening of the EPL season... Yeah. My Favorite team, MANCHESTER UNITED, as everyone have knew about it will be defending their EPL title won last season. Oh and yeah, the European Champions League... The only uncertain things is the future of Cristiano Ronaldo. Will he stay or will he goes. What decision will he made? I just don't know. So far no transfer move made by Sir Alex Ferguson, but most of the newspaper are speculating about the transfer of Dimitar Berbatov of Totenham Hotspurs to Man. Utd. Will he come? Only time will tell.. Alex Ferguson has said that he has made a bid to one player, but didn't revealed who. So Who will it be? Is it going to be Dimitar Berbatov? or Maybe other player, or a new unknown player to be groomed as the new Cristiano Ronaldo? Won't know until the start of the new season... Other team has started their transfer activities.

That's All lah...

KaDuS Bilang:
Can't wait for the new season to start. also can't wait for the sport and recreational club of our office to organised the Futsal Tournament. Hope to be selected For our team to compete in the Futsal tournament organise by the ministry of Finace. Cross my finger nie... wekekekekeke... nanti lai sia update lah...

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