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Today, the 31st of August 2008 marks the 51st aniversary of Malaysian Independence. 51 years... phew... long journey. I was born after the independence and after the formation of Malaysia. So i know little about the struggle to gain independence from the British Goverment. But nowadays, info are easy to find. Books, internet, newspaper... Everywhere there is information. Even time kita belajar sejarah di sekolah dulu ada juga information tentang kemerdekaan. This is what i've read from the BBC website at the "ON THIS DAY" Section...

1957: Malaya celebrates independence

The Federation of Malaya is now independent. The handover of power from Britain took place at midnight.
Thousands of young members of the Malay, Chinese and Indian parties, which form the government, stood in darkness for two minutes at midnight to mark the official handover.
As the new flag of independence was raised they called "Merdeka" (freedom) seven times.

Tunku Abdul Rahman, the prime minister-elect, who led the negotiations with the British for handover of power, was hailed as the Father of Independence.
Malaya will stay in the Commonwealth - and, as midnight approached, prime ministers of the member countries sent messages recorded in five continents.

The British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan said he hoped 31 August would long be remembered as a great and happy day in the continuing development of Malaya and the Commonwealth of Nations.
In his speech delivered at midnight, Tunku Abdul Rahman said it was the greatest moment in the life of the Malayan people. A new star had risen in the eastern sky - a star of freedom for yet another Asian people.

The new prime minister was educated at two British schools and graduated from Cambridge in 1925. Soon after World War II he went back to Britain to study law.
On his return to Malaya in 1949 he found a country eager for independence but also struggling with communist extremism.
He founded the Alliance Party in 1952 which brought together the ethnic Malay, Chinese and Indians. The party won the 1955 general election with an overwhelming majority.
The Tunku became Chief Minister and ended the state of emergency - introduced after a wave of attacks carried out by mainly Chinese communists on mine-owners and plantations - and granted an amnesty to communist terrorists.
Last year he led the negotiations with the British which paved the way for independence.
The new Malayan head of state, Tuanku Abdul Rahman, will be officially installed on 2 September. He was chosen from among the rulers of Malay's nine hereditary states.
He will hold the post of head of state for five years when his successor will be elected.
The installation ceremony will be witnessed by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester who are flying in to represent the Queen.

Again... it's a long journey....

So, to my fellow Malaysians, Happy Independence Day! May we live in harmony.

Looking foward for the Malaysia day on 16th of September, as it was the day that Malaysia was Born... The day where All the state including Sabah and Sarawak united under the flag of Malaysia...

KaDuS Bilang:
Sabar kamu ah... PS. kalau mo tinguk tu pic, tinguk dulu sana Facebook... wekekekeke... Enjoy!!!

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Update lah mangkali

When you are feeling alone like no one cares, read this cuz its absolutely true: Every night, someone thinks about you before they go to sleep.
At least fifteen people in this world love you.
The only reason someone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you.
There are at least two people in this world that would die for you.
You mean the world to someone.
Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.
When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.
When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look.
Always remember the compliments you've received.
Forget the rude remarks.

I like this words... Got this from YM message, i guess mass message, dunno when it was send, but i guess when i was still on holiday. Read it, understand it.. trust it, up to you...

KaDuS Bilang:
Ada juga kamu tanya kali, apa crita sia pinya holiday... well, i will post it here, with pic,.... so just wait lah ah... still in the middle of adapting back my old life, because SIA TLAMPAU ENJOY SANA!!!! Wakakakakaka... Update

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Realized that number? Bukan 4d? Bukan 8d, manada 8d! Bukan jg 20 juta. Its yesterday date. 20th August 2008. Or we normally wrote as 200808. Tapi klu kana tulis full, jadi la 20082008. Repeating! Baru-baru tu 080808. Well, the number 8, people say to be a lucky number. Dunno about dat la. Not really that superstitious about number. Tp mmg lawa la dis number. I'm a bit chossy jg klu numbur jersi terutamanya... Is that made me superstitious? Haha...

What happened yesterday, in this so called 'lucky' day? Mcm teda ja. At the office, life is like usual. Hmm, my personal life, mcm besa saja. Nothing much change. Urang bilang, 'iri om iri'... Nothing much la.

My foot is still in the process of healing though. The swollen has gone down but i still feel the pain la. Sumtime it hurts when i walk, but kena tahan saja la... Not so comfortable to walk, hantam ja. This mean i can't play futsal or badminton for atleast a month. Duh... Confirm my fitness will drop this, n i will have a bigger task to regain it back. Hmmm...

Will be going for a trip on friday, n i have yet to change my money. Arggh! Hope to change it by today. Again the word, antam saja la.

Ok, that sums up everything 4 yesterday. Nothing much. 20082008 is just another date 4 me. Nothing more. Any good story 4 me about dis day?

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia rasa nanti 090909 or 20092009 ada lai tu. Tp x tau la klu ada effect ma life sa... Harapla. Ok, time 4 sumting cool! CSI!

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It's Back!!! The EPL Season 2008/2009

Yeah... its back... No more 'silent' weekend, no more sitting in the room doing nothing, no more sleeping at 9 pm on Saturday Night. NO MORE!!! The EPL is back! 3 months of suffering finally ended! Yah, the EPL kick off last night with Arsenal opening their 2008/09 account with a win over West Brom. 1-0 win, scored via Samir Nasri, a new recruit for Arsenal. Other result Boro (Middlesbrough) defeated Tottenham Hotspur by 2-1, Bolton 3 - 1 Stoke City, West Ham 2-1 Wigan, Everton losing at home 2-3 to Blackburn Rover. Shock result for me was Hull City, newly promoted team from the Championship side win against much fancied Fulham, 2-1. Liverpool needs a Fernando Torres goal to snatch a win against Sunderland. The Kops wins by 1-0.

What an opener, there is shock result, there is unexpected performance and few wonder goal!. I saw the Everton vs Blacburn last night, where i witness one really brilliant goal by David Dunn. Harap ada lai goal macam ni for tonight match.

The EPL has add the number of subs to be named by team manager from 5 to 7, thus giving the manager more option to pick at the game. So no wonder i witness a lot of new player from the Everton bench last night.

What's in store for Manchester United in tonight games against Newcastle??? All player are available for selection except for the injured Cristiano Ronaldo and Louis Saha. They will welcome back Captain, Gary Neville and will have Wayne Rooney fit for this clash. Last season saw Man. Utd trashed Newcastle on two occassion (home & Away) with atleast 5 goals!!! Can They repeat that feat? I don't know? The last time my beloved Man. Utd plays a competitive match was against Portsmouth in the Charity Shield match. United win the Shield but their finishing is what i am concerned about.

Been supporting Manchester United for the past 18 years now (since 1990), and as a fan, i really wish they can achieved what the did last season, or atleast win the premier league to equal Liverpool record of having won the league the most time. 17 title for Liverpool, 16 for Man. Utd!

Bah, apa lai... GLORY-GLORY MAN. UTD!!!

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia bayar astro di rumah, so sia ada right mo tinguk apa yang sia mo... so nobody will seat at my seat starting from 8.00pm... Wakakakaka... kejamnya sia!!!

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Lagu Doraemon

konna koto ii na
dekitara ii na
anna yume konna yume ippai aru kedo

minna minna minna
kanaete kureru
fushigina POKKE de kanaete kureru
sora wo jiyuu ni tobitai na

(hai! takekoputaa!)

tottemo daisuki

shukudai touban shiken ni otsukai
anna koto konna koto taihen dakedo

minna minna minna
tasukete kureru
benrina dougu de tasukete kureru
omocha no heitai da

(sore! tototsugeki!)

tottemo daisuki

anna toko ii na
iketara ii na
kono kuni ano shima takusan aru kedo

minna minna minna
ikasete kureru
mirai no kikai de kanaete kureru
sekai ryokou ni ikitai na
(ufufufu... doko demo DOA!)

tottemo daisuki

tottemo daisuki

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia pun nda tau kenapa ni lagu tiba-tiba buli ada dalam kepala sia... kali pasal suia dengar tu budak-budak nyanyi tadi pagi, and time one of my office mate terpasang secara tidak sengaja ni lagu... wakakakaka... enjoy lah...

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Injury again

apa lah nasib sia nie. I've just recovered from my 3-in-1 sick and now i injured my right leg. All because of Futsal. akculi dari monday lai sia pinya kaki nie suda 'kana'. Sia kana sipak oleh one of my friend masa men on Monday. tepelanting juga lah sia... sudalah sia slim begini. Wakakaka... The effect, sia susah mo jalan, tapi masi buli main lah...

But the worst is yesterday. I was about to shoot when my friend come from no-way and try to clear the ball. so, instead of kicking the ball, i kicked his feet... Punya lah sakit... tapi sia lari-lari lai sekejap. Tahan saja lah sakit... Still manage to play on the second game, and still manage to score one goal... Poacher goal lah... Sia nda selesa mo belari sakit saja sia rasa... So bila dia pinya sakit memuncak, and my thigh is starting to give me problem, i've decided to stop playing. Takut makin teruk. Come to my surprise bila sia buka kasut and my socks, my foot sudah bengkak! Adidididi...

Malam gitu, after i've returned home, here's the result.

Went for checkup today, because sia takut ada fracture sama metatarsal bone sia. ada juga kana xray lah. Tapi macam tiada... huh... Thank God. Maybe urat lah... Sebab kuat bah tu impact sia shoot. Even my friend Bandy pun masi rasa sakit. Tapi he's okay lah... Sia saja yang nda okay... Jalan pun tempang2 nie... nda siok btul jalan...

Nda la sia tau, macam mana nie? I hope it will be fully healed by next week as i'm going to Bali. Takan lah mo pigi melancong mo timpang2? Tak sesuai... Wakakakaka. Kalau konfirm bukan fracture, i am happy coz its a chance for me to play in the MOF Futsal tournament to be held in October. Harap bukan fracture, coz i will be out for atleast six month oh... no chance to play futsal, even badminton... hmmm... palis-palis...

KaDuS bilang:
Sia kana advise oleh doctor untuk ambil leave for two day. Half day lah kira... tapi since my colleague pun kana Red Eye, so sia rasa bagus dia yang ambil sick leave. Bagus-bagus kaki saja, kalau tambah red eye lai? sia yang truk oh... wekekekeke... So tu dokutur suruh sia buat keja ringan, jan banyak bergerak lah... hmmm. Bah okay lah

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3-in-1 Package... Good la...

Bgs oh ni package. Its a good deal urg bilang. Mcm nescaff 3 in 1. No need to mix sugar wit coffe plus the creamer as its all already in one packet. Jimat masa kunu. Satu con dia, x ble agak dia pnya rasa...

Apa lai yg 3-in-1 ah? Oh, mcm dlm opis, i got a good boss, a great mentor n a friend all in one guy. Hehe. Tp dia nda ble kana minum la... Hoho.

Sometime promo mcm ni is used as a marketing tools. Yala, sepa x mo jimat kan. Things nowadays are not cheap to buy. Smua price hike. Gaji? No comment. Im not in the position to comment that. Hehe. So, if ada promo mcm ni, mmg smua urg Pun mo ba. Without shadow of a doubt lai. Haha. 3 stuff in a price of . Cuba la drg jual kupi, gula sama susu pakai satu harga, sa rm5. Laku tu. Wakakaka.

But not all 3-in-1 things come handy. In my case now, its really annoying. Bikin panas bilang c ronney ajim. As i said in my previous post, i am going to sick. N now it has come true! Haha. Not only flu but also fever n cough. 3-in-1 kan! FLU, FEVER & COUGH! How lucky... The whole day today im feeling like an undead walking around d office, with a weak body n red eyes. Ada panda eyes lai tu. I hate it. Like no life today.

I hope i'll be okay on sunday, or atleast on monday, as we will be having our inter pride futsal game. Im dying to pla dat game. Bukan dying 6 feet under... Hehe. Hope this very annoying 3 in 1 sickness will be better by monday.

KaDuS Bilang:
Kenapa sia sakit? Adaka sebab debu/habuk? Or pasal cuaca yg tidak menentu. Adaka pasal keteguran? Dunno... Tp yg pasti, im not comfortable with it.
Puh kiri kanan atas bawah depan blakang, sapat la ko ilang... Hehe

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macam mo sakit oh...

Arrrggghhh... i hate this... i gettin sick... ya.. sick. Leher sia padas-padas rasa dia... I think this is the effect of the two days off rearranging, angkat and kasi bersih our office... gettin a new set of table (and chairs) means that the old table have to be moved away lah... in our case, kena beli by own stuff... Hmmm... i also bought a set, the old Table and chair. It's still in a very goood condition.

Tapi the two days of cleaning, re-arranging all the table, make me breath dust. Not saying that the office was dirty. It's a new office, tapi faham-faham lah the dust from here and there, form underneath the table, store room... hmmm...

now, idung sia almost tersumbat, leher sia sakit... semua ada tanda-tanda mo FLU...Macam mana nie...? Biarlah... just take some pills lah... wekekekeke

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Tidur la ba kamu...

Hehe... Tdur la, becerita pula kamu. Urg mo tdur pun nda senang... Adeh...
My cousin visited ba dis, but i want to sleep... Nothing much to say to them. Lai pun im very tired after a very tiring n stressful day at da office. So after doing some photo editing, ive decided to lay down n try to sleep. But dis cousin makin rancak pla crita. I've been laying down since 11pm and its 50 minutes uda n still unable to sleep.

Some info: i sleep outside of my room. Di 2nd living room. Have my own bed here. Knapa tidak tidur saja dalam bilik? For some reason la. I dont have a fan at my room! Not even a table fan. Panas ba kalau malam...

Have to wake up early lai bsuk... Tomoro they will be a talks about new software vendor, so i guess not so busy la in da morning. Tp evening, have to rearrange our office table as we will be getting a new one. So expect another tiring day tomoro. Paksa kensel my badminton ni... Tp not futsal on wednesday. Mana ble miss. Haha.

KaDuS Bilang:
Selagi drg x berenti crita, salagi tu sa ssh mo tdur. I think my migrane pun katuk2 uda kpla sa. Haha... Tdur la kamu...

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Sabahan Blogger Gathering: TONIGHT!!!

Well, the day has come, the waiting has ended. It's on... well in a few hours time lah, at the moment, its just past 3.15pm. If i don't have plan tonight, i would like to go, tapi... what to do... agian i miss it. this is the second time i received such invitation and has to reject it as i already have things in store to do...

Lot of my friend and fellow blogger are going lah... Kalau nda silap, derang pelangi and the gang also going tu... with bobby, and a lot lai lah... Well, hope you enjoy ur day tonight... Me, well i wish i could attend. Tapi nda pa... u all just post all the happening in your post, and i am sure to lurk into your blog to see all the happening from your camera lense...YEAH!!!

KaDuS Bilang:
Mimang siok ni malam nie... tapi nda palah... enjoy ah!!!

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