Realized that number? Bukan 4d? Bukan 8d, manada 8d! Bukan jg 20 juta. Its yesterday date. 20th August 2008. Or we normally wrote as 200808. Tapi klu kana tulis full, jadi la 20082008. Repeating! Baru-baru tu 080808. Well, the number 8, people say to be a lucky number. Dunno about dat la. Not really that superstitious about number. Tp mmg lawa la dis number. I'm a bit chossy jg klu numbur jersi terutamanya... Is that made me superstitious? Haha...

What happened yesterday, in this so called 'lucky' day? Mcm teda ja. At the office, life is like usual. Hmm, my personal life, mcm besa saja. Nothing much change. Urang bilang, 'iri om iri'... Nothing much la.

My foot is still in the process of healing though. The swollen has gone down but i still feel the pain la. Sumtime it hurts when i walk, but kena tahan saja la... Not so comfortable to walk, hantam ja. This mean i can't play futsal or badminton for atleast a month. Duh... Confirm my fitness will drop this, n i will have a bigger task to regain it back. Hmmm...

Will be going for a trip on friday, n i have yet to change my money. Arggh! Hope to change it by today. Again the word, antam saja la.

Ok, that sums up everything 4 yesterday. Nothing much. 20082008 is just another date 4 me. Nothing more. Any good story 4 me about dis day?

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia rasa nanti 090909 or 20092009 ada lai tu. Tp x tau la klu ada effect ma life sa... Harapla. Ok, time 4 sumting cool! CSI!

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melbie said...

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