It's Back!!! The EPL Season 2008/2009

Yeah... its back... No more 'silent' weekend, no more sitting in the room doing nothing, no more sleeping at 9 pm on Saturday Night. NO MORE!!! The EPL is back! 3 months of suffering finally ended! Yah, the EPL kick off last night with Arsenal opening their 2008/09 account with a win over West Brom. 1-0 win, scored via Samir Nasri, a new recruit for Arsenal. Other result Boro (Middlesbrough) defeated Tottenham Hotspur by 2-1, Bolton 3 - 1 Stoke City, West Ham 2-1 Wigan, Everton losing at home 2-3 to Blackburn Rover. Shock result for me was Hull City, newly promoted team from the Championship side win against much fancied Fulham, 2-1. Liverpool needs a Fernando Torres goal to snatch a win against Sunderland. The Kops wins by 1-0.

What an opener, there is shock result, there is unexpected performance and few wonder goal!. I saw the Everton vs Blacburn last night, where i witness one really brilliant goal by David Dunn. Harap ada lai goal macam ni for tonight match.

The EPL has add the number of subs to be named by team manager from 5 to 7, thus giving the manager more option to pick at the game. So no wonder i witness a lot of new player from the Everton bench last night.

What's in store for Manchester United in tonight games against Newcastle??? All player are available for selection except for the injured Cristiano Ronaldo and Louis Saha. They will welcome back Captain, Gary Neville and will have Wayne Rooney fit for this clash. Last season saw Man. Utd trashed Newcastle on two occassion (home & Away) with atleast 5 goals!!! Can They repeat that feat? I don't know? The last time my beloved Man. Utd plays a competitive match was against Portsmouth in the Charity Shield match. United win the Shield but their finishing is what i am concerned about.

Been supporting Manchester United for the past 18 years now (since 1990), and as a fan, i really wish they can achieved what the did last season, or atleast win the premier league to equal Liverpool record of having won the league the most time. 17 title for Liverpool, 16 for Man. Utd!

Bah, apa lai... GLORY-GLORY MAN. UTD!!!

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia bayar astro di rumah, so sia ada right mo tinguk apa yang sia mo... so nobody will seat at my seat starting from 8.00pm... Wakakakaka... kejamnya sia!!!

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4 Responses to It's Back!!! The EPL Season 2008/2009

melbie said...

Nda sadar² oOOo kan... start sudah EPL lagi ... capatnya itu masa berlari... ceis!

Tapi apa pun.. sia happy juga pasal hopefully this season, Chelsea lagi best! Muahahha

Markie Marc said...

Yah bah kan... macam baru kemarin MANCHESTER UNITED LIFT THE EPL CROWN AND THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE CUP, top=top mula sudah lai... Wakakakaka...

Sia sekiwa sikit, tapi biasanyanya United, kalau permulaan buruk, ending dia high tu... macam last season!!! Yeah!!!

melbie said...

apa² pun.. sia tatap biru.. ko tatap mirah... jadi kita tingulah sampai end of the season kan.. hehhehe

gade d great said...

ya sia setuju tu melbie... kita tgu sampai abais... baru kita tau.... go3 liverpool... "YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE"..

'WE' will support "YOU"!!!!!