Sabahan Blogger Gathering: TONIGHT!!!

Well, the day has come, the waiting has ended. It's on... well in a few hours time lah, at the moment, its just past 3.15pm. If i don't have plan tonight, i would like to go, tapi... what to do... agian i miss it. this is the second time i received such invitation and has to reject it as i already have things in store to do...

Lot of my friend and fellow blogger are going lah... Kalau nda silap, derang pelangi and the gang also going tu... with bobby, and a lot lai lah... Well, hope you enjoy ur day tonight... Me, well i wish i could attend. Tapi nda pa... u all just post all the happening in your post, and i am sure to lurk into your blog to see all the happening from your camera lense...YEAH!!!

KaDuS Bilang:
Mimang siok ni malam nie... tapi nda palah... enjoy ah!!!

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2 Responses to Sabahan Blogger Gathering: TONIGHT!!!

melbie said...

c mark tipu! hahahha

lumiz said...

haha rugii ko kajenn nda datang...sgt rugi!