Just Writing To Update

It's Tuesday, the 16th of September 2008. It also marks the 45th aniversary of the formation of Malaysia. Yep, Malaysia, the country i live and most of the readers of this blog live. The formation of Malaysia which includes Sabah & Sarawak falls on 16th September 1963. There's been an argument wether Sabah & Sarawak gains independent from British goverment. Any celebration??? As a respect to fellow muslim friends (who are fasting at this moment)all celebration for this day was postponed to 11st October 2008.

What in store for me??? Well, i'm trying to find a day for me to rest after a very Tiring week, last week. As most of you might know, My grandpa past away rather peacefully last weekend and there is a seven day of mourning, where we can't turn on any entertainment device (tv, radio), can't sleep... Have to follows all the rules, or else will be scoled by the elder. Just imagine, 7 days of not enogh sleep, makan nda teratur... hmmm... I need a rest... i really meant it. But when? It is so terrible to lost someone that is sooo close to you, but i knew he (granpa) will go in peace). God Bless Him.

Another thing that happen last week was the defeat of Manchester United against Liverpool. Hmmm... Same as last year where they start off soo badly, that let some pundits around the world to declare that the seasons was over for Manchester United... Tapi, Man. Utd prove everyone wrong when they retained the BPL title and even more, winning the Champions League. We have the last laugh!!! So to others, keep on laughing now, and see who will have the last laugh come May 2009.

Well, have to go now... don't have any idea whatsoever to write here as i am still blur after a very tiring week. One of my friend says to me yesterday... "Alang-alang juga ko datang karja. Bisuk cuti juga"... Yakan, why don't i think of that??? tapi thinking back, I am out for one whole week and i'm blur yesterday... kalau sampai lai hari tiga sia cuti, makin lah blur... Hahahahaha..

KaDuS Bilang:
Ada bah sia tebaca mo tukar kerajaan lah, crossover lah itu lah ini lah... tapi sia blum mo cakap banyak... takut nanti apa yang sia tulis kana manipulasi oleh urang len, end up me being detained by ISA. Wekekekeke... Not ready for that. Tapi i just like to see what will happen. Will it be through, will it not. Will he rule, will he not... Hmm... Ask me what i want? well, i just want to live in a peaceful country where there is no racial tension. I just want PEACE!!!

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