This make me laugh early morning at the office.

Reach the office at about 7.45. After singing, when back to the office (we sang at our gym area), and start the daily briefing. I chaired the briefing this morning, but that was not make me laugh. Wekekekeke... Suddenly my colleague laugh... wonder why? Then she asked me to read the email she received from our other colleague at the branches... It reads like this...

Chinese farm girl was visiting New York , went into a worldwide message
center wanting to send an urgent, important message to her mother in
China .

The Italian guy at the counter told her it would cost around US$100

She exclaimed,
'I don't have that kind of money, but I will do anything
to get a message to my mother in China !'

The Italian smiled, arched an eyebrow and asked, 'Anything?'!

'Yes, I promise...anything!' she said.

With that, the Italian said, 'Follow me.'

He led her to the next room and said, 'Come in and close the door.'

'Get down on your knees!' he ordered. She did.

Unzip me!' he said.

She did.

Then he said, 'Go on...take it out..'

She did and grabbed it with both hands excitedly.

The Italian closed his eyes and then whispered, 'Go ahead girl, what are
you waiting for ?'

Ms China girl slowly brought her lips closer and said loudly,

'Hello....hello Ah Mah!!!.. Can you hear me??'

Wakakakakaka... This story really makes my day... from a very moody tuesday to a tuesday yang gila. Wakakakaka... Okay... This is it for today

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8 Responses to This make me laugh early morning at the office.

GregChai a.k.a. teekay said...

kah, kah, kah, kesian the italian guy.

urang ranau said...

sikit lagi ter pingsan sia ketawa..hahahaha "you'll do anything?".. chinese girl: "ya anything"..lepas tu kena bikin mic pula itu si kawan punya #$%^ hahahaa..lucu and lucah la..

markiekadus said...

greg -> mimang kasian... wekekekeke... dia pun ter'blur' nie... wekekekeke

joy -> Hallo, Ama? wakakakaka... Farm Girl kan... Nda tau apa-apa kunu... wakakakaka

cLaiRe said...

haha..sot jg ni..kalau nyanyi lagi kasi tambah blur..haha

ReNo said...

Adui kebingungan la tu Italian tu kan? kekeke nice lawaksss... I like :D

LeoFantasia a.k.a LEO said...

Markie....nasib ja tu amoi cina inda cakap "TESTING..TESTING...TESTING MIC 1 2 3...." wakakakakakakaa....nice joke anyway...!!

markiekadus said...

claire -> ko mo nyanyi? wakakakaka... sia yang blur...

reno -> mimang dia bingung... Lain dia 'expect' len yang dapat... wakakakakaka

Leo -> lama nda nampak... ya... nasib dia nda cakp begitu... wekekekeke... Trus pingsan kali tu italian... wakakakaka

Mary_Lea said...

hahahahahahh....patah sia katawa ooo..trus sia buli imagine..time tu pmpuan ckp..helo..ama..hahaha