Fuel Prices Further Drops, But…

Petrol, Diesel down 15 sen today

Kuala Lumpur: Petrol and diesel will be sold 15 sen cheaper today following the government’s decision to lower fuel prices in tandem with the downward of global oil prices.”

This was at the front page of the local newspaper. The one I bought lah, dunno about others. Actually I’ve listen to it juga at our local radio, early in the morning. I guess most of us have been expecting this news, especially those who are using their own car to go to work. Me? I’m using public transportation, but I am one of many consumers affected by the recent fuel price hike. This is when traders simply hike up all their goods prices, with a very simple reason… “Aiyah, minyak naik lor… tu barang bukan pandai datang sendiri sini. Mo pakai kereta juga. Kereta mo isi minyak bah.” Well, think about it, LOGIK JUGA LAH! The goods wont fly to the shops from the factory.

What about services offers by transportation industry? Busses and taxi for example. They will give a very logical answer when you ask or even say, “Aih… Mahal Juga!” So Don’t even bother to ask or say that to them as their answer will be, “Ko pikir ni kereta jalan pakai air kah?” or something like that lah.

So Mr. Trader and Mr. Driver, Wassup…? Would that be a good news for you all? The fuel price has gone down again. 5 times already this year. So what are you waiting for? Now the petrol is priced at RM2 per liter. Diesel will be at RM1.90 per liter. So? Bila? Are you just want to stick with all the prices and reaps all the benefits of cheaper fuel, just by yourself? Oh our TPM also said this:

Najib hoped traders would also lower prices of goods and services following the reduction in fuel price to enable the people to reap the full benefits of cheaper fuel

But I guess, no one is listening lah. Maybe the want to cover up all their loses, when the government decided to raised the fuel price drastically. Nda ingat sudah bila, but I guess before June this year. Maybe some of their profit went down as the have to stick with the current prices while the cost of transportation and everything else has risen up. When they’ve start to raised the price, to cover their loss, the government slowly reduces the oil price. Hmmm… Can’t blame the traders juga. But this is about the trader, who depend on the goods, delivery cost and transportation cost.

What about when their services are 100% on transportation? Bukankah their services is also 100% dependable to the oil prices? I can’t blame them 100% juga for rising the fares. Tapi since now the fuel prices has been reduce, why still stick with the high bus fares? I used to go to the city for only RM0.90 one way… Now the cost to go to the city is RM2.00! The minimum fare is RM0.80 and that would only get you to a 1KM destination.

From what I heard, the fares was recently hiked up due to the (according to them) high fuel price. Oh, for the record, the old fare was at RM1.50 one way to the city. For the record juga the hike up the fare AFTER the government decided to reduce the fuel price for the fourth time this year. So since they (the government) decided to further reduce the fuel prices, wouldn’t it be appropriate for them (the bus operators) also reduced the fare? Untuk kebaikan bersama? Hmmm… Sia rasa ada sebab derang stick with the old price. But can’t seem to see what should be the cause of that.

Well, mimang macam tiada effect saja sama sia bila the government say, TURUN LAGI HARGA MINYAK. Bukan saja sama sia, sama urang lain juga. Hard for me to explain cause I am not the one who drive the bus nor the one who decide whether to reduce or not the oil prices. But IMHO (wah!), the fare should be reduce lah! Time dia naik sampai mo dakat RM3 nda pula kamu kasi naik, now, bila uda kana reduce, u people simply hike it up pula.

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia pun nda tau apa mo cakap sudah… Well, I really hope to see that things will come back to normal. I’m not expecting that all the the prices will go down, like the good ol’ day that I used to buy a lot of thing just by using RM50. Even save some for tomorrow usage. At least the price is reasonable for everyone lah. Not only for those people yang kaya raya. But also people like me yang nda seberapa nie. Gaji bukan basar sangat. Okay lah!

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5 Responses to Fuel Prices Further Drops, But…

Gallivanter said...

Did you know that the government has already removed the subsidy with the new price reduction? :-)
The actual price for fuel now is RM1.72, so we are now subsidizing our govt instead of other way around.

Girllyen 'TM' said...

Hurm.. susah bah juga.. mau juga sya turun lagi tu minyak..

markiekadus said...

Daniel -> i didn't know that!!! So instead of experiencing the "so-called" cheap fuel prices, we are actually paying on behave of the government? So clever lah they all to get the rakyat money...

Girllyen -> ko nampak juga tu.,... Actually no effect juga tu fuel price turun... Wekekekeke

The Dusun Aroma said...

Yabah. I want to blame my self but I don't find any good reason.

Minyak naik kah turun.. harga barangan tetap naik!! zzzz

lama lama yang dibawah pon nda mo naik sudah ^.^

markiekadus said...

DA -> kalau yang di bawah nda mo naik sudah, tu sia nda buli bantu sudah... masalah negara sudah tu... wakakakakaka

Nda payah mo blame diri sindri... bukan salah kita... bukan kita yang buat ni harga minyak naik... wakakakakaka