Once Listened To: Timmy Thomas - Dying Inside To Hold You

Ever heard of this song? This song was a hit during early 90's. I've just started my secondary school by then. It was my cousin who listens to this song first and played it over and over again till i get the tune in my head... Hahahahaha... Well, i guess she (my cousin) still loves this song though. I still listen this song too, whenever i feel down. I have it on my pc, in my mp3's collectionslah. Dunno about you, but this songs, really reminds me of my early secondary school days...

Wonder what was Timmy Thomas doing now with his music. Well, its time to go back to the old school and listen to this once a hits songs! Enjoy!

It's turning out just another day
I took a shower and I went on my way
I stopped there as usual
had a coffee and pie
when i turned to leave
i couldn't believe my eyes

standing there i didn't know what to say
without one touch
we stood there face to face

(And) i was dying indside to hold you
i couldn't believe what i felt for you
dying inside i was dying inside
but i couldn't bring myself to touch you

you said hello then u asked my name
i didn't know if i should go all the way
inside i felt my life have really changed
i knew that it would never be the same

standing there i didn't know what to say
first time looked away when i whispered your name

one hello changed my life
i didn't believe in love at first sight
but you've shown me what is life
and I now i know my love (i know it's coming right)

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5 Responses to Once Listened To: Timmy Thomas - Dying Inside To Hold You

Gallivanter said...

Cool song!

markiekadus said...

kinda in my hit list that time...

ben said...

Very good song - it was everywhere in 1993 if I remember correctly.

I read up on Timmy Thomas and discovered a few things:
- he's best known for another, much older song "why can't we live together" (1972).
- He rerecorded that song, "Dying inside to hold you" + some other and put them together in the LP "Glad to be back". "Dying inside" became a major hit and not "why can't..."
- the album was released in Europe and "why can't..." topped the charts in Germany.
- "Somehow" the LP made its way to SE Asia.
- "Dying inside" became a no.1 hit in Australia, M'sia, Philippines, Indonesia + some other countries in Pacific region.

- I've listened to "why can't..." and IMHO, it will never top the charts in SE Asia like "dying inside" did.

Lesson learnt:
- Asian/Pacific music fans have different musical tastes than European/American ones.
- Songs like "dying inside" are destined to be all-time favourites in this part of the world, while "why can't..." perhaps cater more for "more sophisticated" ears.
- that's why the kind of music that Michael Learns To Rock plays is most popular in Asia and not the US or Europe.

Just 2 cents from a music lover :-)

ben said...

As usual, tribute must be paid to its songwriters (they seem to be Belgian):

Danny Van Passel, Eddy Van Passel, Gyle Waddy and Hans Weekhout.

markiekadus said...

agree ben!

this regions music taste were much more different with the like of Europe and US.

Never heard of that songs (why can't we live together) before, but will try to search for it.

TQ ben for the Info!