See You Next Month

Today, the 30th November 2008 is the final day of my favorite month. Time fly fast. I still think that i just took my offer letter in January, when i've been working here in SCC for almost a year now. Again, how time fly fast. Still too early to describe 2008 for me, coz i still have 1 month more to completed its journey. 2008 journey. So by 31th December 2008 i will post my journey, all the happening, throughout dis year with a different way and content.

Actually nothing much to write today. I think i'm getting sick, yet again. i've just recovered from my 3-in-1 disease last week, and here comes another 'panyakit'. Woke up this morning, i feels pain in my throat. My body temprature has risen up. Fever lagi lah nie. Went out to donggongon to find some 'buang panas' drinks, only ends up drinking another glass of nescaffe. Huh... how addicted am i to this drinks. But since my friends so generous to buy me the drinks, buat apa mo tolak kan... I guess he kena number lah yesterday nie.

Oh, i finally get my FM2009 from my friend, but have yet to try it on my PC. Feels tired yesterday after went out with gogds (and wife) to CP, but before that went to the State Muzeum to send the voting form to Mr. Nars. Now i know why i'm getting sick. The weather is hot yesterday, and i am dehydrated. Mum say to me this morning, "Kau kurang minum air bah tu...".
Went home yesterday, was thinking to install the game. But instead of installing the game, i've ends up listening to Sydney Mohede songs, Ada Langit Biru. Good song, i'll post about this later. So i will try to install it tonight.

What else? Nothing much... So, i guess i see you next month!

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2 Responses to See You Next Month

Gallivanter said...

The end of your favorite month signals the start of my favorite month! :-)

markiekadus said...

whoahaha... so december is your favorite month. must be because of christmas and new year eve kan??? Wekekekeke