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Still no idea what to blog about, but since i got this "rare" tag from Blossom, I've decided to do this tagged lah... Of all the tagged or survey I've done, this is by far the weirdest tagged I've got... But still it is fun... This tag is about car. My 7 Favorite Dream Car... (or car i like but never going to get it. Hehehehehe)

Nissan GTR 2008

Mitsuoka Orochi

Honda Civic Type-R

Ford 2008 FPV GT

2008 New Volkswagen

Mitsubishi Lancer GTS02

Ford Ranger SORV

2. Add a link to the person who tagged you
-It's Blossom.
3. List your 7 dream cars (preferably with pics of those cars)
4. Tag at least 7 other bloggers
- dunno who to tagged lah... Not really into tagging,... but i guess, i'll tagged few people lah... Si Webber sama si Vister. juga si Olumis and Si Girllyen. And oh, si Adora juga... tapi sia rasa dia nda blogging sementara waktu... so kira utang lh... So yang dua tu, whoever feels like to do this, JUST DO IT!!! Yeah!!!

KaDuS Bilang:
Well, this probbaly the list of car that i will only get in my dream. I personally like the Honda civic Type-R. Can't find the blue one... so Red pun i guess okay lah... Have to work hard to get those car lah... But at this very moment, and with the current economic situation, and the fuel price lai.

Oh, talking about the fuel price, i heard the fuel price has drop 15sen again today. Good news lah kan... but what really annoyed me was the bus fare (to KK) naik lagi... Hmmm... What is the reason? Macam teda effect saja goverment kasi turun harga minyak. I think it is because the goods price is still not reduced lah... So bila lah mo murah semua harga nie?

i guess, still okay lah if no car... Tapi future, its a must lah... having a car...

Okay... That's All

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3 Responses to Tagged Kereta...

Gallivanter said...

Hmmm, I only seem to be OK with the Orochi, but I dislike the name.

Nayden79 said...

New Volkswagen.... I likeeee~

Nanti sy buat ah Mark, telampau banyak suda sy utang tag ni tau... Sy membaca blogggg ja ni skrg. Hehe. Btw, kutak teriak ilang sekali lg..

markiekadus said...

Daniel -> ya, weird name... hehehehe... but i like the car design also...

madpie -> Sia paham ko sedang bercuti nie... wekekekekeke./... tu lah sia state awal-awal sana... utang... wekekekeke