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The Final Blog Post (of 2008)

Yes, this is it. My final post of the year 2008. Tomorrow it will be a whole new year. 2009, Here I come! In less than 24 hours we will be celebrating the New Year. At this time of writing, 15 hours left. People everywhere will either gather with their family’s member or their friends. No one wants to be alone on the New Year eve. Me included. I’ve been spending my New Year eve with my family for whole of my life and I never am alone. This time it will be no different. I will be at my uncle house for our family gathering. The typical activities will includes dinner, ‘some’ drinking session and the countdown. Confirm basah ni kana siram, but that is normal. Kana tidak basah kana siram, mimang nda sah tu New Year. Urang bilang buang suey. Don’t know how far the truth is, but since it’s been practices way before I was born, ikut saja lah.

So be prepare for major jam. Bukan traffic jam, tapi Phone network Jam. Selalunya 30 minutes before and after the 12.00 strike. Gerenti. Last year pun lebih kurang.


Everybody has their own yearly resolutions. Some are totally new some are old one. Kira recycle lah. The most common New Year resolutions for man is ‘To Stop Smoking’ and ‘To Stop Drinking’. For girl ‘To Loose Few kg’. I don’t want to comment about girls resolutions but that two commonly use resolutions for man in my opinion is the most used and repeated resolutions in the world. Can it be done? It need self-discipline and supports to achieve that. What about me? Am I using that as my priority of resolutions? Nah… I don’t think so. I’ve once used that as my main resolutions and I failed badly. Nda pun sampai 1 bulan di January, my pledge of stop smoking has failed. Kalau bilang minum tu at least I can control it, but stop… hmmm. It happened way back in 1999. From there I never make ‘stop smoking’ or ‘drinking’ as my main resolutions. It will be my side or mini not-so-important resolutions though! Wekekekeke.

So, one of my resolutions will be, completing all I have not achieve in the year 2008. Ada few lagi need to be completed. Once completed, I will be living in my happy world, and ready to enter a new decade of life in 2010. I wish I could get my hand of a few stuff that has been eluded me since early last year. One of them is my very own dSLR. Next year I will get it and I am 101% sure. One way or another. Then there is the need of a new PC/Laptops. Works has become more and more demanding and my current machine can’t really cope with that. So getting a new machine will be one of the things needed to be done ASAP. Car… Yes… Almost got it this year, until the government decided to raise the oil price and makes me re-arrange my finance. That results me postponing my plan to get it. 2009 will be the year I get my own car. I can see it! What I mean by 'my own' is using my own money, without ever asking from my parents. Malu juga, suda tua pun masi juga mo minta parent. Minta dari banklah… tapi sama juga mo bayar balik, using my own money!

You might be saying, eh… kebendaan saja resolutions si Mark ni. What about other things such as life? Hmm… I do have it and Thank God I do achieve it every year. It has become my main and very important resolutions. But let me keep it between myself only lah.But will reveal some of it lah

HOPE OF 2009 – Life in Overall

I hope I will be improving myself lah. Furthering my studies will be one of my main targets. I don’t want to be doing the same things over and over again until called it a day. Learning new curve of life will make me armed to face this ever challenging world. As I said previously in my post, I love challenges. But sometimes the challenge I face is so damn difficult. I need to be prepare so whenever the challenges come, I can happily says, “Mari lah sini, datanglah kepada ku…” Wakakakaka

As time goes, year’s passes by, I know I’m getting older. Health will prove to be very-very vital in my later life. My (slim) body can’t always sustain the demand of life. So I hope to keep myself as healthy as I can be and fitter as I can.

Money is important in today’s world, where there will be no more free stuff to get. Everywhere you go, need to pays. Masuk toilet pun mo bayar. Successfully managing my own finance will be crucial. Failing to do so will results me having nothing but debts around my slim waist. Wekekekeke

Love… emmm… nda payah cakap lah…

HOPE OF 2009 – My State, My country

I hope for the stability of the political scene in Malaysia. Stop all those nonsense wanting to be this and that. Do what those rakyat. Who has been voting for you, hope you to do. They don’t vote for you to became a ‘jaguh’ in their eyes and do nothing. They don’t vote for you to see you doing things for your personal glory. They vote for you with a rays of hope that one day you can change their life, although not in overall. A Slight change will make people happy and satisfy that they did not vote for nothing. Come on. IMHO, all the politician are just about the same. What makes them different is how they make their decision, how they justify the faith and mandate given by the rakyat.

I won’t criticize anybody, but those who terasa… well since ko sudah temakan lada, ko rasa padas… sindri mo ingat lah… Hehehehe

HOPE OF 2009 – Manchester United

Being one of their loyal supporters (been a Red Devil since 1990), I hope that they will keep on winning. Nothing makes me much happier if they win. Although their winning margin is a bit low for a club like Man. Utd I can still smile and say ‘yes… manang lagi!” Still remember last year, when things not going right for me, I’m feeling so down, and on the same time Man. Utd was up against Liverpool live on TV. When the final whistle in blown, I just don’t give a damn about what is happening at that time cause Man. Utd defeated the kops by 1-0. goal by Carlos Tevez. Hahahahaha… Addicted nie…

So will it be another Manchester united triumph come May? I hope so… Glory-Glory Manchester United!!!

So this wraps up my post for 2008. Some things better be keep within me… So I hope you will have a very enjoyable with your family and friends wherever you are maybe. Happy New Year 2009! Peace & God Bless

KaDuS Bilang:
Bah, this is the last “KaDuS Bilang” for the year 2008. Next year, ni segment tatap ada. Jan susah… Jadi sia harap semua enjoy lah kamu pinya New Year celebration. Enjoy-enjoy juga… tapi agak-agak lah ah… For those yang minum tu, ingat-ingat lah sia. Tapun-tapun… Hahahahaha… Tapi apa yang penting, minum-minum juga… tapi please jaga keselamatan kamu, especially yang driving. You don’t want to start 2009 with tragedies kan… Drive carefully. If you are drunk, don’t drive. Stay a while… sleep a while. Then when you feel freshen up again, continue your journey.

Siapa-siapa yang pasang azam yang kaw-kaw pinya (macam kupi si greg), harap kamu nampak jalan untuk kasi mula come 1st Jan 2009. The easy part of planning it is almost over and the hardest part, to implement it, will begin in a few hour times. Are you ready? Hehehehe

Tomorrow will be a new post. So stay tuned. Bah… okay lah… panjang betul sudah nie… Take care everybody! I Love You All!!! Happy New Year 2009!!!

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Hours left before leaving 2008

Nah... i'm back from my holiday. A bit long lah my holiday this time, starting from the 25th December till yesterday 29th Dec. Ya... i know theres a lot yang take leave until next year, so they will have a much longer holidays than me... Good for them lah. Me, i have to work today and tomorrow, then Cuti on the 1st Jan 2009. After that its New year, new months and new challenges ahead!. Tapi tinggal berapa jam lagi kita akan melangkah ke tahun baru??? At the time of writing, it is about 30 hours left... sekejap ja tu... nda pun sedar nie...

New challenges, means i have to be prepare for everything that might comes towards me. Good thing is, i like challenges. I just Love it. 2008 gave me a lot of challenges and thank God, i manage to faced them all. Masi ada incomplete lah... so kira hutang untuk 2009 lah. So tomorrow, will finalised my planning for 2009.

Oh, sia telupa mo cakap THANK YOU VERY MUCH to those yang wishes ma sia, XMAS Wishes bah. TQ Very much. Have been receiving sms greetings way before xmas. and my credit sampai 2 kali relod to send a reply and sending new sms greetings... Siapa-siapa yang sia terlupa greets via SMS, i am very sorry. Bukan pasal teda credit, tapi lupa number kali... So sorry once again... I've also received sms greetings from number that i am not so familiar with. Whatever it is, TQ very much!

Yang greets di Shoutbox sia... TQ Very Much... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To you Too!!!

And to those yang i didn't manage to wish, via sms, call, fb,fs,hi5,friendster, email,or event jumpa face to face... I hope you all had a Blessed Christmas. Be prepare for the New Year 2009, the year of the OX!!!

Okay... Short updates only... just to inform i am still around! Wekekekekeke.

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Only a few minutes left

Today, the 23rd of December. Less then 48 hours, everybody will celebrate christmas... Well, not everybody lah... everybody except those who ask their staff to remove the christmas tree, when the staff bought the tree using their own money... hehehehe... Bikin Panas...

Well, nobody are in the mood of doing works now... Ramai sudah yang cuti... Jalan raya pun agak lengang uda... No more rush hour going to work, where the road will be jammed, especially from Dambai to Donggongon... Well, if you have three round-about in less (or more) than a kilometre distance, you will get a daily dose of 7 too 8.30am traffic jam. Actually i still don't have any idea why must they build a lot of round-about here in donggongon... Hmmm...

Sambung balik... lots of people, yang sedang bekerja, memang teda mood mo kerja... maybe because their mind is all set to celebrate christmas and hang out with friends and family... bukan DiGi... Ada juga yang mimang sudah sedia cuti samapi tahun dapan... So timbul lah urang cakap... oh... sia cuti samapi next year... mimang pun... some of my colleague pun already taken their leave... leaving me here, cannot take leave... only can take leave on the 26th December... boxing Day... sebab sia tinguk alang-alang juga mo karaja... So i will be back at the office on 30st Dec...

KaDuS Bilang:
Sia mo ambil kesempatan ni untuk mo wish semua a very Blessed CHRISTMAS and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2009!!! For those yang balik kampung, jauh... Please Drive Safely... Yang mo aramai Ti... Kurang-kurangai Aramai Ti... (kecuali sia ada... Wakakakaka). Whatever it is.. Do Enjoy your Holiday... And May God Bless You All


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Campione!!! Campione!!!

Champion of England, Champion of Europe and just last night, Champion of the World! All in one year! Great achievement Manchester United. It’s just like 9 years ago when they won the EPL on the very last day of the season beating Tottenham Hotspurs by 2-1. Then winning the FA Cup beating Newcastle 2-0, and on 26th May 1999, Man. Utd did the unthinkable when they score two very late goal (in the injury time) to win the European Cup for the second time in Man. Utd history. They were actually trailing by one goal to Bayern Munich but two very late goal, first by Teddy Sheringham, followed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer make sure that Man. Utd completed the treble to mark their most successful year in their history. Few months later, they win the Intercontinental Cup by beating Palmeiras 1-0 at Tokyo. 4 Major trophies in a year! What an achievement.

Last night they did it again, although this time, less 1 trophy. They lose the FA Cup semi-final match and eliminated early in the League Cup. This time around, they in the running for all of the trophies offered. They are in the Semi-Final of the League Cup, and in the knock-out phase of the Champions League. The FA Cup hasn’t started yet and the Premier League is still a long way to go. Can they do another remarkable achievement? Can they win it all? I believe they can!

KaDuS Bilang:
Another year of trophies. so what's up for 2009? Susah mo cakap. this time around, teams in the BPL (EPL) is unpredictable. Just look on how Stoke City manage to draw with Liverpool at Anfield and defeated Arsenal. How teams who are doom to relegation slowly climbs the BPL ladder to safety. Man. Utd should be really-really aware of all the threat from the bilis-bilis. Jan tinguk bilis, silap-silap jadi jaws juga. tu yang banyak upset ni tahun. So after a very suffering Saturday evening, without live soccer match, Man. Utd matches i mean, i finally got to see a decent football match on Sunday evening. Puas ati lah... Okay Enjoy!!!

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Christmas Decoration

Like every occasion or celebration held at the office, we will do the decoration for the whole office. FYI, we at SCC celebrate all major celebration at the office. Start with Chinese New Year, Kaamatan, Hari Raya Aidilfitri and now Christmas. Everytime there is an event, we will do things like decorating the office and then do some presentation to the judges. Oh... we compete with other department. Just like the choir competition... Friendly competition lah Hehehehehe.

This time around, i am parts of the short play. I become one of the sheperds. First time i wore this kind of outfits. I am one of the three sheperds who is been told by an Angel (play by Irene G) that Jesus, The Saviour is Born. the two other sheperds played by Shaun V and Ferandi J. Siok ni... This is the 3rd time i'm in a play since i joined this organisation.

the sheperd looking at the star

Hehehehehe. I don't know what will the judges thinks of our presentation. I hope they like it. Tapi what i like the most is our snowman! We did a snowman from last wednesday and complete it by yesterday evening.

Taken using my 'crappy' cameraphone. Baru juga kana kasi turun si Ah Beng ni kemarin petang... I called him Ah Beng because hte name Frosty is too common... Wekekekeke... not the official name though...

KaDuS Bilang:
Hmmm... This is SCC. We do celebrate all major celebrations nda kira apa bangsa and agama. We just do it and we enjoy it. I feel sadden and a bit annoyed when reading Ronney Ajim's blog yesterday. And yes... it is bikin panas...

According to ronney, they spend up their own money just to buy a small, not so big xmas tree as a decoration for their office. But come to their surprise, he was asked to bring down the xmas tree by his superior. No valid reason were given to them. Amazingly, some of the old decoration were still hanging at the hallway of their office. hmmm... Is this fair? Is this the way to promote unity in Malaysians?

Bukan sia mo puji tempat kerja sendiri lah... but here in SCC, i have wore chinese outfit, baju selangor (for hari raya) and i really enjoyed it. The same goes to other staff. I am so proud to see our Datuk GM wear the traditional KadazanDusun costumes (full set lai tu) when it comes to Kaamatan Festival and even wear baju selangor when Hari Raya Aidilfitri comes around.

To ronney, ko sabar saja... Paduli lah apa yang derang buat tu... kamirang sukung saja ko... Derang nda nampak tu sekaramng... nanti kalau sudah samapai time kamu, kamu kasi tinguk lah yang kamu pun pun buli jadi macam kami, macam other department. Buat masa nie... kami kasi bikin panassss saja...!!!! Wekekekeke

That's all for now... Happy weekends...!!!

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Anugerah PERTISA 2008 - A Popularity Contest

I actually don’t want to write about this but I feel that I am free to give my comments on what’s happening in and around Sabah. So please (whoever you are) don’t say I am harshly criticizing you as me myself want to see our local music industry is on the very highest of quality! Yah, I’m referring to the PERTISA Award, held on 6th December 2008 at the KDCA Hall.

First, a big hand of applause for coming up with this event. I think the time has come for our entertainment industry to have this kind of award show. We have gone far from that old ukulele sound to the more sophisticated kind of music equipments. Emmm… I still love that ukulele sound though! Well, this is the second time that PERTISA organized the award show. I didn’t attend the first one (which also held at KDCA way back in 2004) for a reason that I already forgot. Hehehehe. So can’t make a benchmark on the improvement or decline in quality of organizing this event. This is the first time I attend the Award show where I was appointed as an official photographer. Hmmm… Asal event KDCA, kalau involves misti photographer… Wakakaka… Well I like it… at least I will know what to do, instead of sitting there doing foolish things… Wakakakaka

The event held was ‘buli lah’ in my point of view. Maybe I was used to take photograph in a larger scale of event and in a very sophisticated (twice uda used this word) environment. Better more, I’ve once involved in organizing a Mega Concert which proved to be very-very though. So maybe juga my expectation is too high for this event. Tapi nda lah sia expect yang sampai macam American Grammy Award (AMA) or Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) gitu. But at least doing it to be just like those awards show (AMA, AIM) pun okay sudah lah.

I’ve notice few things lah. Maybe people will disagree with me, but this is my view only. First, is the audio quality and the lighting. Really not up to what I’ve been expecting for an event of this scale. Come on lah... Others maybe okay, but my mood of taking picture really ruined by both the audio and the lighting. I’m confused with the lighting. Maybe because I am not so ‘pro’ in taking picture, I might don’t know the right setting for the camera. I admit most of my photo quality is not good. Not even good to publish it here. So that is my fault lah… maybe… But what about the audio? I know it’s hard to get a good audio quality inside a hall, except if you record it directly from the mixer it self… Maybe lah… Tapi for me, the audio was… adeh… apa macam mo cakap ah? Senang cakap, bikin sakit telinga sia mo dengar. Make me feels dizzy! Much dizzier than reading books… wakakakaka…

As I said earlier, my expectation for the awards show might be a bit high than what I’ve seen that night. I was actually hoping that there will be a place at the backstage where the winner of any given award will pose with their winning trophy. Sadly there were no such things. I went to the backstage to find the artist as it would be great if I could take their picture with their trophy. What I found was a group of dancers getting ready for their next performance. Where were the artists?

They (the organizer) did charge an entrance fee for those who didn’t want to be in the dinner table. I was told that the entrance fee was RM3 per person. It was announced on a Radio station too. So I told a few friends to come and witness this event. Suddenly they sms me and said that I am a liar. I was shocked… I asked them why do they say that to me… They answered that the ticket price for the gallery seating was not RM3 but RM10! Whoa!!! How come the ticket price could increase so sudden? Just like the harga minyak… Tiba-tiba naik… tapi pandai turun pula… not like the ticketlah… where some people has to fork out extra RM7 just to give support to this event… Duit juga bah tu… pikir senang kah mo cari RM7?

I don’t want to talk about the results lah. Since the awards recipients is decided by voting, so it is the voters right to vote who they think is the most popular. They will choose from a list of candidate, and pick their choice. Just like the elections lah.

But sadly, in one week, I’ve been listening to talks from people in and around KK saying that the result is somehow funny. They thinks, It (the result) didn’t give the ‘right’ picture on who is the most popular in the state. But again, it is the voter’s rights. They can choose whoever they like to win this or that’s awards. I definitely don’t blame the winner or the organizer. Hence, no one should be in the firing line for this. If the organizer decides that they want to use this method of voting, it’s their rights!

"Is Era FM to be blamed? Rich and Estranged won an Award of which the result was decided by online voting."
Then, timbul pula the most interesting talks about individual who win it by bulk voting. What I mean is, say I was one of the candidates and I buy a lot of voting sheet to vote for myself. Seriously, is there any wrong in that? The title is The Most Popular… POPULAR! Hello! I want to be popular, so I have to do anything and everything in my power to get myself noticed by the public or in other word: POPULAR! Even if I have to sacrifice a lot of money to do that, I will do it. So I guess there is no problem is this individual win this or that award via own bulk voting. The voting form did not state that only one vote from any person… It is an anonymous vote.

One of the most sensitive things that have been ringing through people mind was the result. It is pure, honest, and transparent results? Whoahahahaha… I am not in a good position to comment on this. So I won’t comment any of this. What I can see is the working committee has been working hard to count all the votes that comes, took them days to complete the voting. I was actually asked by one of the committee member to help on the votes counting process, but due to my position in KaDuS Entertainment™ and other commitments, I have to decline it.
So if there is any inquiry about this, don’t ask me! Ask the main organizer. Hehehehe…

Overall, I’m quite satisfied lah… As I said before… Buli Lah… It can be improved in the future. To all the PERTISA members, keep up the good works… I and KaDuS Entertainment™ will supports you people, as what we’ve been doing for the past few months. Critics do come. So view it in a positive and constructive ways. Don’t take all critics as negative, it won’t help you. It will ruin you in a long run. I’ve read and love the comments made by Mr. Ambrose Mudi at his blog, He even comes up with ideas and ways to improve PERTISA. Also a blog from a friend of mine, who happen to be a local Artist and also PERTISA members, Guadik Ansiw. He can be found on his blogsite at, See, there’s a lot of thinker in and around our local music industry. Even in PERTISA itself.

KaDuS Bilang:
Bah, If anybody feels hurts by what I wrotes here, I’m sorry, but for me I am just expressing views from my head. As I said earlier, seeing our local entertainment industries grows in my main priority. That’s why I started KaDuS Entertainment™ way back in 2005. So don’t think we are a threat. Sama-sama lah bah kan… Again… Sorry, Siou, Tui Pu Chi and apa-apa bahasalah kalau ada yang tersinggung dengan post nie… To all the winners and award recipients, congratulations. Enjoy…

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I'm a little unwell

Not Much today. Not feeling so well today, emotionally wise lah. Can't perform well, can;t think well... WARNING!

"I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know, right now you can't tell
But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me"

Right now. Only God knows what/how i feel today. Me myself is confused. Something bothering my mind. Something big, something that make me insecure. Am i sick? Hmmm... My feeling is just like the weather today... it's hot but the sky is dark... Its like going to rain. Like me... i'm smiling but deep down, Nobody's know... Okay... time to go.. i mean lunch. Leave you with dis song... By Andy Lau and his friends... sepa ada MP3 dia... ni? tq...

How come i forgot to include this video ah??? (1402)

KaDuS Bilang:
I'll add more picture in my next post.. maybe tomorrow... Stay tune... To kuai... ko mo gambar curi juga kah? wekekekeke

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Finally!!! RGiP Pic (by Me) is out

I know, i know... i am the last to upload this pic. Ya... but for me kan... Better late than never. Wekekekeke. I am not a very good photographer as i am just learning to uses it. So expect a simple-simple pic lah... wekekekeke. But this pic untuk tontonan semata-mata. Tiada kena mengena dengan yang mati atau idup or purak-purak pengsan... Wekekekeke...

Event: RED Is Glam Charity Party
Place: D' Junction
Date: 7hb Dec 2008 (lama sudah kan)
Organizer: O2Cfamily (bravo guys!)
Attendees: O2C's Members, Bloggers, Celebrities and KaDuS Entertainment Admins.

Pic: Tinguk bawah.

Presenting The Sumandaks that nite...

Urang sibuk mo masuk si sumpit sibuk mo keluar

Olumis and Girllyenn - Glamour

Something makes them smiles... what ah? (Greg, Kuai & Zi)

they are here too

...also them

...and them too

Camera's nowadays do comes in many size and style.

Ada dua ekor kura-kura... Jiaja Lead Singer and Guitarist

3 Gals and a... (Olumit, sumpit, kuai & zi)


Si kuai jadi model kepada greg and gidong

Actually i'm blur with this pic... Greg kenapa tu???

They all are promoting Jiaja, except for Girllyenn who maybe testing her cam... or dia nda sedar gambar dia kena ambil... How i loved taking candid photo...

Ritut & Kiuluman - Grand sungguh gelas ko ritut... Tapi isinya...

Macam di paksa ja posing nie... jan kama ko marah sia

Greg Chai - At this time kami bertimbak sudah.

Mr. Tomm & Malvin

Dari paling depan: Sumpit (gaya macho mangkali), bossing (dengan pose muka maut), kiuluman (yang nda nampak kamera) & ritut yang posing sono ujung...

KaDuS Bilang:
Finally! I've uploaded some of the pic. The rest i might upload at FB. So enjoy. Abis uda utang sia. Those yang ada pic... jan marah... and those yang teda pic... i'm sorry... will add more in my FB. But not now... wekekekekeke... Okay... Enjoy the pic...

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Short update

Nah, it's been a while since i last update my blog. Mo dekat satu minggu juga lah... Nothing much happen last week. It's a normal working days for me... Only that since tuesday, i had difficulties of waking up in the morning... Padahal awal juga tidur.

Emm... nothing much to update for now. But i will upload all the picture i promised after this... after doing some works lah... So have a nice day... and Enjoy!

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Will Update Soon

I'm really busy this past few days. That's explain why there is no update here... will update you soon. But here's some brief update on what has been happening last week.

Works as usual. Nothing special recorded. Only some news making the headlines. One is the 'tanah runtuh' in West Malaysia. hmmm... My prayers and thoughts goes for the family victims. Next quite bizarre news. It is about a man killed at a karaoke in Sandakan. Reasons: Mic! (Mikrofon bah). The victim is so reluctant to hand over the mic after he sing his songs. (Normally they rotate table by table bah). But this fella' thinks that, maybe i should runs the show tonite and be a star. Prove to be wrong!!! He was stabbed by those who (maybe) feels irate. Well, if i am in that situation, i will be annoyed too. Tapi nda lah sampai mo menikam. So i do agree when a plain cloth policeman goes to any pubs or karaoke to do a spotcheck. To ensure no trouble will arise lah...
(This is For Bobby: Ini Adalah Pemeriksaan Rutin... Sila Keluarkan Kad Pengenalan Anda dan berikan Kerjasama Sepenuhnya!!! Hehehehehe)

Anugerah PERTISA 2008
This event held at the KDCA building and organised by PERTISA (Persatuan Artis Tempatan Negeri Sabah). Great event though. I was assigned as the official photographer for the night with gogds, pirut, gonit and bambangan. Luckily we used to cover this kind of event, so not much problem lah. Two things bothering my concertration was the audio quality (which not really up to my ears standards) and the lighting (really confusing when i want to take picture nie.) But overall the event was good! Hope to see more event like this in the future... Hey our Local Sabahan music industry is going into the right direction... SUPPORT US!!! We may not be able to become the best music industry in Asia, we can truly be the Best In Malaysia!!!

O2C's RED Is GLAM Charity Party!
I confirmed my attendance on the very last minute as i was undecided wether to go or not. But after talks with gogds and some friends, i've decided to go. Dan lagi, i've received some SMS mengerikan dari someone that i dont know (at first) then finally ikew who was it. Sebab SMS dia makin lama makin mengerikan...
The event was BRILLIANT and Big kudos to O2C! There were talks, magic show but what i really like is Live Band Show by JIAJA. Finally i've listened the Kura-Kura song live! The song is sooo funny lah... it's about two turtle... Eh nantilah cakap pasal ni lagu... Then i finally meet up with fellow blogger such as Greg Chai (TK), si kuai, girllyen (with her baby, D90) and zi (nda tertegur dia nie... siou). Ada lai, but sia nda brapa ingat. And sia nda nampak si Adora Madpie semalam... mana dia pigi??? But it was a memorable event lah... And on top of that i'm having fun taking picture last night.

So Next update (hopefully) will be with the picturelah... Need to compile dulu all the picture as soon as i got it from tuan gogds!

KaDuS Bilang:

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So You want another event? Here's an event for you out there. This time, while enjoying, you be donating to the needy, and in this event is KASIH (KK AIDS Support Services). O2C, is the main organizer for this event. I might not a member for O2C (yet), but i FULLY support this event! Then again, its doesnt matter wether you in the family or not, if you are sincere to support, you are most welcome... Congrats to O2C for coming up with this brilliant event!

For more information, you may visit O2C's Blog.

KaDuS Bilang:
You may get all the info there (at O2C's Blog) so visit the blogsite. There will be a RM30 entrance fee for every guest. To expensive? Think Again... RM30 will helps those who needed them, especially those suffering with HIV. Today, we helps them, who knows, when the time COMES, when we will be needing others helps, or something like this lah... So helps them... RM30 isn't much compare to how much they need in research on the cure of HIV.

Bah... To create awareness to this program, i'll show one video from Manchester United FC. In fact Man. Utd do have a campaign of their own about AIDS. United For Children, United Against AIDS!!! So Enjoy!!!

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Currently Listening To: Ada Langit Biru - Sidney Mohede

Ada Langit Biru

Saat hujan turun membasahi
Badai datang untuk membanjiri
Ku aman berada disisi Mu
Meski pun ku tahu semua kan berlalu

Saat ku terapung di lautan
Kau yakinkan ku kita takkan berpisah
Ku tau Engkaulah sahabatku
Walaupun waktu pun kan berlaju

Ku memandang ke awan
Ku yakin Kau bersamaku
Takkan pernah tinggal kan ku
Walau ku tersesat
Ku yakin Kau menuntunku
S’lama masih ada langit biru

Setiap kata yang tak pernah terucap
Dan penyesalan yang tak pernah berubah
Ku bawa saat ku bentang sayapku
Menatap hidup yang ada depanku

I first listen to this song at alevate’s blog. He (alevate) did make a review about this song (and the album) before in his blog but I just want to share you the song I currently listen and love at this moment. Didn’t quite get the meaning of this song at first, but after listening the the music itself, I kindda like it. So I went to search the lyric and the song over the net. Glad fully, it didn’t take me a long time to get the lyrics and the song. I found out that this is a gospel song from Indonesia, where the singer (maybe) is Sidney Mohede. He’s a pastor according to my friend.

Personal Opinion: Well looking at the lyrics, I knew that this is a gospel song, but I think it also can be meant for friendship. For me, this song is universal, where it didn’t stick to gospel alone. The music genre is actually my favorite. That’s explains why it is so easy for me to get this song into my head.

I hope you will enjoy listening to this song.

KaDuS Bilang:
Teda apa-apa. Just that, this song brings lots of meaning. Loves the chorus part. Recently got the full album, thanks to gogds.

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