Anugerah PERTISA 2008 - A Popularity Contest

I actually don’t want to write about this but I feel that I am free to give my comments on what’s happening in and around Sabah. So please (whoever you are) don’t say I am harshly criticizing you as me myself want to see our local music industry is on the very highest of quality! Yah, I’m referring to the PERTISA Award, held on 6th December 2008 at the KDCA Hall.

First, a big hand of applause for coming up with this event. I think the time has come for our entertainment industry to have this kind of award show. We have gone far from that old ukulele sound to the more sophisticated kind of music equipments. Emmm… I still love that ukulele sound though! Well, this is the second time that PERTISA organized the award show. I didn’t attend the first one (which also held at KDCA way back in 2004) for a reason that I already forgot. Hehehehe. So can’t make a benchmark on the improvement or decline in quality of organizing this event. This is the first time I attend the Award show where I was appointed as an official photographer. Hmmm… Asal event KDCA, kalau involves misti photographer… Wakakaka… Well I like it… at least I will know what to do, instead of sitting there doing foolish things… Wakakakaka

The event held was ‘buli lah’ in my point of view. Maybe I was used to take photograph in a larger scale of event and in a very sophisticated (twice uda used this word) environment. Better more, I’ve once involved in organizing a Mega Concert which proved to be very-very though. So maybe juga my expectation is too high for this event. Tapi nda lah sia expect yang sampai macam American Grammy Award (AMA) or Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) gitu. But at least doing it to be just like those awards show (AMA, AIM) pun okay sudah lah.

I’ve notice few things lah. Maybe people will disagree with me, but this is my view only. First, is the audio quality and the lighting. Really not up to what I’ve been expecting for an event of this scale. Come on lah... Others maybe okay, but my mood of taking picture really ruined by both the audio and the lighting. I’m confused with the lighting. Maybe because I am not so ‘pro’ in taking picture, I might don’t know the right setting for the camera. I admit most of my photo quality is not good. Not even good to publish it here. So that is my fault lah… maybe… But what about the audio? I know it’s hard to get a good audio quality inside a hall, except if you record it directly from the mixer it self… Maybe lah… Tapi for me, the audio was… adeh… apa macam mo cakap ah? Senang cakap, bikin sakit telinga sia mo dengar. Make me feels dizzy! Much dizzier than reading books… wakakakaka…

As I said earlier, my expectation for the awards show might be a bit high than what I’ve seen that night. I was actually hoping that there will be a place at the backstage where the winner of any given award will pose with their winning trophy. Sadly there were no such things. I went to the backstage to find the artist as it would be great if I could take their picture with their trophy. What I found was a group of dancers getting ready for their next performance. Where were the artists?

They (the organizer) did charge an entrance fee for those who didn’t want to be in the dinner table. I was told that the entrance fee was RM3 per person. It was announced on a Radio station too. So I told a few friends to come and witness this event. Suddenly they sms me and said that I am a liar. I was shocked… I asked them why do they say that to me… They answered that the ticket price for the gallery seating was not RM3 but RM10! Whoa!!! How come the ticket price could increase so sudden? Just like the harga minyak… Tiba-tiba naik… tapi pandai turun pula… not like the ticketlah… where some people has to fork out extra RM7 just to give support to this event… Duit juga bah tu… pikir senang kah mo cari RM7?

I don’t want to talk about the results lah. Since the awards recipients is decided by voting, so it is the voters right to vote who they think is the most popular. They will choose from a list of candidate, and pick their choice. Just like the elections lah.

But sadly, in one week, I’ve been listening to talks from people in and around KK saying that the result is somehow funny. They thinks, It (the result) didn’t give the ‘right’ picture on who is the most popular in the state. But again, it is the voter’s rights. They can choose whoever they like to win this or that’s awards. I definitely don’t blame the winner or the organizer. Hence, no one should be in the firing line for this. If the organizer decides that they want to use this method of voting, it’s their rights!

"Is Era FM to be blamed? Rich and Estranged won an Award of which the result was decided by online voting."
Then, timbul pula the most interesting talks about individual who win it by bulk voting. What I mean is, say I was one of the candidates and I buy a lot of voting sheet to vote for myself. Seriously, is there any wrong in that? The title is The Most Popular… POPULAR! Hello! I want to be popular, so I have to do anything and everything in my power to get myself noticed by the public or in other word: POPULAR! Even if I have to sacrifice a lot of money to do that, I will do it. So I guess there is no problem is this individual win this or that award via own bulk voting. The voting form did not state that only one vote from any person… It is an anonymous vote.

One of the most sensitive things that have been ringing through people mind was the result. It is pure, honest, and transparent results? Whoahahahaha… I am not in a good position to comment on this. So I won’t comment any of this. What I can see is the working committee has been working hard to count all the votes that comes, took them days to complete the voting. I was actually asked by one of the committee member to help on the votes counting process, but due to my position in KaDuS Entertainment™ and other commitments, I have to decline it.
So if there is any inquiry about this, don’t ask me! Ask the main organizer. Hehehehe…

Overall, I’m quite satisfied lah… As I said before… Buli Lah… It can be improved in the future. To all the PERTISA members, keep up the good works… I and KaDuS Entertainment™ will supports you people, as what we’ve been doing for the past few months. Critics do come. So view it in a positive and constructive ways. Don’t take all critics as negative, it won’t help you. It will ruin you in a long run. I’ve read and love the comments made by Mr. Ambrose Mudi at his blog, He even comes up with ideas and ways to improve PERTISA. Also a blog from a friend of mine, who happen to be a local Artist and also PERTISA members, Guadik Ansiw. He can be found on his blogsite at, See, there’s a lot of thinker in and around our local music industry. Even in PERTISA itself.

KaDuS Bilang:
Bah, If anybody feels hurts by what I wrotes here, I’m sorry, but for me I am just expressing views from my head. As I said earlier, seeing our local entertainment industries grows in my main priority. That’s why I started KaDuS Entertainment™ way back in 2005. So don’t think we are a threat. Sama-sama lah bah kan… Again… Sorry, Siou, Tui Pu Chi and apa-apa bahasalah kalau ada yang tersinggung dengan post nie… To all the winners and award recipients, congratulations. Enjoy…

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