Christmas Decoration

Like every occasion or celebration held at the office, we will do the decoration for the whole office. FYI, we at SCC celebrate all major celebration at the office. Start with Chinese New Year, Kaamatan, Hari Raya Aidilfitri and now Christmas. Everytime there is an event, we will do things like decorating the office and then do some presentation to the judges. Oh... we compete with other department. Just like the choir competition... Friendly competition lah Hehehehehe.

This time around, i am parts of the short play. I become one of the sheperds. First time i wore this kind of outfits. I am one of the three sheperds who is been told by an Angel (play by Irene G) that Jesus, The Saviour is Born. the two other sheperds played by Shaun V and Ferandi J. Siok ni... This is the 3rd time i'm in a play since i joined this organisation.

the sheperd looking at the star

Hehehehehe. I don't know what will the judges thinks of our presentation. I hope they like it. Tapi what i like the most is our snowman! We did a snowman from last wednesday and complete it by yesterday evening.

Taken using my 'crappy' cameraphone. Baru juga kana kasi turun si Ah Beng ni kemarin petang... I called him Ah Beng because hte name Frosty is too common... Wekekekeke... not the official name though...

KaDuS Bilang:
Hmmm... This is SCC. We do celebrate all major celebrations nda kira apa bangsa and agama. We just do it and we enjoy it. I feel sadden and a bit annoyed when reading Ronney Ajim's blog yesterday. And yes... it is bikin panas...

According to ronney, they spend up their own money just to buy a small, not so big xmas tree as a decoration for their office. But come to their surprise, he was asked to bring down the xmas tree by his superior. No valid reason were given to them. Amazingly, some of the old decoration were still hanging at the hallway of their office. hmmm... Is this fair? Is this the way to promote unity in Malaysians?

Bukan sia mo puji tempat kerja sendiri lah... but here in SCC, i have wore chinese outfit, baju selangor (for hari raya) and i really enjoyed it. The same goes to other staff. I am so proud to see our Datuk GM wear the traditional KadazanDusun costumes (full set lai tu) when it comes to Kaamatan Festival and even wear baju selangor when Hari Raya Aidilfitri comes around.

To ronney, ko sabar saja... Paduli lah apa yang derang buat tu... kamirang sukung saja ko... Derang nda nampak tu sekaramng... nanti kalau sudah samapai time kamu, kamu kasi tinguk lah yang kamu pun pun buli jadi macam kami, macam other department. Buat masa nie... kami kasi bikin panassss saja...!!!! Wekekekeke

That's all for now... Happy weekends...!!!

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4 Responses to Christmas Decoration

Gallivanter said...

Alamak! Frosty jadi Ah Beng! LOL!

markiekadus said...

bro... here at the office, the name ah beng is meant for ghost... since this thing (snowman) look like a ghost so i decided to call him ah beng... wakakakaka... They (my colleagues) like the name too. Wakakakakaka

Nayden79 said...

udui kasian, snowman kana nama ahbeng. anyway,, sy mo wish merry christmas to you and family. and a happy new year too..

jan kama monotos aramaiti, hahhaha..

markiekadus said...

siok tu nama mandak... ko pikir senang-senang sia mo kasi nama dia ah beng./..? wekekekeke....

Bah... same to you... Blessed Xmas and Prosperous New Year!!! Yiiiha!!!!