The Final Blog Post (of 2008)

Yes, this is it. My final post of the year 2008. Tomorrow it will be a whole new year. 2009, Here I come! In less than 24 hours we will be celebrating the New Year. At this time of writing, 15 hours left. People everywhere will either gather with their family’s member or their friends. No one wants to be alone on the New Year eve. Me included. I’ve been spending my New Year eve with my family for whole of my life and I never am alone. This time it will be no different. I will be at my uncle house for our family gathering. The typical activities will includes dinner, ‘some’ drinking session and the countdown. Confirm basah ni kana siram, but that is normal. Kana tidak basah kana siram, mimang nda sah tu New Year. Urang bilang buang suey. Don’t know how far the truth is, but since it’s been practices way before I was born, ikut saja lah.

So be prepare for major jam. Bukan traffic jam, tapi Phone network Jam. Selalunya 30 minutes before and after the 12.00 strike. Gerenti. Last year pun lebih kurang.


Everybody has their own yearly resolutions. Some are totally new some are old one. Kira recycle lah. The most common New Year resolutions for man is ‘To Stop Smoking’ and ‘To Stop Drinking’. For girl ‘To Loose Few kg’. I don’t want to comment about girls resolutions but that two commonly use resolutions for man in my opinion is the most used and repeated resolutions in the world. Can it be done? It need self-discipline and supports to achieve that. What about me? Am I using that as my priority of resolutions? Nah… I don’t think so. I’ve once used that as my main resolutions and I failed badly. Nda pun sampai 1 bulan di January, my pledge of stop smoking has failed. Kalau bilang minum tu at least I can control it, but stop… hmmm. It happened way back in 1999. From there I never make ‘stop smoking’ or ‘drinking’ as my main resolutions. It will be my side or mini not-so-important resolutions though! Wekekekeke.

So, one of my resolutions will be, completing all I have not achieve in the year 2008. Ada few lagi need to be completed. Once completed, I will be living in my happy world, and ready to enter a new decade of life in 2010. I wish I could get my hand of a few stuff that has been eluded me since early last year. One of them is my very own dSLR. Next year I will get it and I am 101% sure. One way or another. Then there is the need of a new PC/Laptops. Works has become more and more demanding and my current machine can’t really cope with that. So getting a new machine will be one of the things needed to be done ASAP. Car… Yes… Almost got it this year, until the government decided to raise the oil price and makes me re-arrange my finance. That results me postponing my plan to get it. 2009 will be the year I get my own car. I can see it! What I mean by 'my own' is using my own money, without ever asking from my parents. Malu juga, suda tua pun masi juga mo minta parent. Minta dari banklah… tapi sama juga mo bayar balik, using my own money!

You might be saying, eh… kebendaan saja resolutions si Mark ni. What about other things such as life? Hmm… I do have it and Thank God I do achieve it every year. It has become my main and very important resolutions. But let me keep it between myself only lah.But will reveal some of it lah

HOPE OF 2009 – Life in Overall

I hope I will be improving myself lah. Furthering my studies will be one of my main targets. I don’t want to be doing the same things over and over again until called it a day. Learning new curve of life will make me armed to face this ever challenging world. As I said previously in my post, I love challenges. But sometimes the challenge I face is so damn difficult. I need to be prepare so whenever the challenges come, I can happily says, “Mari lah sini, datanglah kepada ku…” Wakakakaka

As time goes, year’s passes by, I know I’m getting older. Health will prove to be very-very vital in my later life. My (slim) body can’t always sustain the demand of life. So I hope to keep myself as healthy as I can be and fitter as I can.

Money is important in today’s world, where there will be no more free stuff to get. Everywhere you go, need to pays. Masuk toilet pun mo bayar. Successfully managing my own finance will be crucial. Failing to do so will results me having nothing but debts around my slim waist. Wekekekeke

Love… emmm… nda payah cakap lah…

HOPE OF 2009 – My State, My country

I hope for the stability of the political scene in Malaysia. Stop all those nonsense wanting to be this and that. Do what those rakyat. Who has been voting for you, hope you to do. They don’t vote for you to became a ‘jaguh’ in their eyes and do nothing. They don’t vote for you to see you doing things for your personal glory. They vote for you with a rays of hope that one day you can change their life, although not in overall. A Slight change will make people happy and satisfy that they did not vote for nothing. Come on. IMHO, all the politician are just about the same. What makes them different is how they make their decision, how they justify the faith and mandate given by the rakyat.

I won’t criticize anybody, but those who terasa… well since ko sudah temakan lada, ko rasa padas… sindri mo ingat lah… Hehehehe

HOPE OF 2009 – Manchester United

Being one of their loyal supporters (been a Red Devil since 1990), I hope that they will keep on winning. Nothing makes me much happier if they win. Although their winning margin is a bit low for a club like Man. Utd I can still smile and say ‘yes… manang lagi!” Still remember last year, when things not going right for me, I’m feeling so down, and on the same time Man. Utd was up against Liverpool live on TV. When the final whistle in blown, I just don’t give a damn about what is happening at that time cause Man. Utd defeated the kops by 1-0. goal by Carlos Tevez. Hahahahaha… Addicted nie…

So will it be another Manchester united triumph come May? I hope so… Glory-Glory Manchester United!!!

So this wraps up my post for 2008. Some things better be keep within me… So I hope you will have a very enjoyable with your family and friends wherever you are maybe. Happy New Year 2009! Peace & God Bless

KaDuS Bilang:
Bah, this is the last “KaDuS Bilang” for the year 2008. Next year, ni segment tatap ada. Jan susah… Jadi sia harap semua enjoy lah kamu pinya New Year celebration. Enjoy-enjoy juga… tapi agak-agak lah ah… For those yang minum tu, ingat-ingat lah sia. Tapun-tapun… Hahahahaha… Tapi apa yang penting, minum-minum juga… tapi please jaga keselamatan kamu, especially yang driving. You don’t want to start 2009 with tragedies kan… Drive carefully. If you are drunk, don’t drive. Stay a while… sleep a while. Then when you feel freshen up again, continue your journey.

Siapa-siapa yang pasang azam yang kaw-kaw pinya (macam kupi si greg), harap kamu nampak jalan untuk kasi mula come 1st Jan 2009. The easy part of planning it is almost over and the hardest part, to implement it, will begin in a few hour times. Are you ready? Hehehehe

Tomorrow will be a new post. So stay tuned. Bah… okay lah… panjang betul sudah nie… Take care everybody! I Love You All!!! Happy New Year 2009!!!

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3 Responses to The Final Blog Post (of 2008)

Nayden79 said... baru mo letak, 'lose few kg' in my resolution tp tida jd..but true, mcm jadi kemestian pula tu azam every year pdhal tida pernah tercapai.

anyway sy mau wish HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to u and family. mudah2an apa yg ko suda rancang for this new year akan tercapai.

best of luck in everything.

markiekadus said...

wakakaka... mandak... sia rasa-rasa saja bah tu.. yang girl selalu mo buat 'lose few kg' pnya resolutions sebagai main azam derang... tapi betul.... kalau stangah jalan saja... mimang nda jadi tu azam tu...

TQ mandak... same to you... U, ur family sama si boifren... wekekekeke... HAPPY nEW YEAR 2009!!!

tya said...

thx for this post...