Hours left before leaving 2008

Nah... i'm back from my holiday. A bit long lah my holiday this time, starting from the 25th December till yesterday 29th Dec. Ya... i know theres a lot yang take leave until next year, so they will have a much longer holidays than me... Good for them lah. Me, i have to work today and tomorrow, then Cuti on the 1st Jan 2009. After that its New year, new months and new challenges ahead!. Tapi tinggal berapa jam lagi kita akan melangkah ke tahun baru??? At the time of writing, it is about 30 hours left... sekejap ja tu... nda pun sedar nie...

New challenges, means i have to be prepare for everything that might comes towards me. Good thing is, i like challenges. I just Love it. 2008 gave me a lot of challenges and thank God, i manage to faced them all. Masi ada incomplete lah... so kira hutang untuk 2009 lah. So tomorrow, will finalised my planning for 2009.

Oh, sia telupa mo cakap THANK YOU VERY MUCH to those yang wishes ma sia, XMAS Wishes bah. TQ Very much. Have been receiving sms greetings way before xmas. and my credit sampai 2 kali relod to send a reply and sending new sms greetings... Siapa-siapa yang sia terlupa greets via SMS, i am very sorry. Bukan pasal teda credit, tapi lupa number kali... So sorry once again... I've also received sms greetings from number that i am not so familiar with. Whatever it is, TQ very much!

Yang greets di Shoutbox sia... TQ Very Much... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To you Too!!!

And to those yang i didn't manage to wish, via sms, call, fb,fs,hi5,friendster, email,or event jumpa face to face... I hope you all had a Blessed Christmas. Be prepare for the New Year 2009, the year of the OX!!!

Okay... Short updates only... just to inform i am still around! Wekekekekeke.

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GregChai said...

Happy New Year :)